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100 You see a mechanic.
101 You see Kevin, the mechanic.
102 You see a man in a military uniform. Judging by the grease spots you think he is more of a mechanic than a soldier.
200 I can't talk right now. Go see Quincy.
201 Quincy is in charge here. Go see him.
202 I'm just a junior mechanic. You'll want to talk to Quincy.
300 You're out of uniform.
301 You better suit up soldier.
302 You're taking a big chance being out of uniform. You better report to supply.
400 Who the hell are you guys... Alert! Intruders!
401 We've been infiltrated! Alert!
402 Multiple intruders! Sound the alarm!
500 Shit! Get the backups started.
501 Shut down all classified operations.
502 Secure the system and enable all security passwords.
600 I'm a mechanic, not a fighter!
601 Pointy end with the laser diode goes toward the enemy. Then pull the trigger.

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