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100 You see a guard.
101 You see a guard in power armor.
102 You see someone wearing power armor of an unusual design. There is an insignia on the breastplate that you are unfamiliar with.
103 Move along.
104 I�m on duty. I have no time for talk.
105 Keep it moving. Gate�s that way.
106 Better go get your issue.
107 Don�t wander around out of uniform.
108 You�re in the army now. Don�t get caught out of uniform.
109 Intruders at the main gate!
110 Sound the alarm! Intruders!
111 Deploy backup to the main gate. We�ve got intruders!
112 Security alert at the main gate!
113 Secure all stations! Main gate under attack!
114 Code red at the main gate!
115 We�re going to put you under!
116 The Enclave will rule the world!

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