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100 You see a guard.
101 You see the gate guard.
102 You see a guard wearing power armor of an unusual design. There is an insignia on the breastplate that you are unfamiliar with.
103 Welcome to Camp Navarro... a civilian! How in the hell did a civilian get on this base! I�ll have someone�s ass for dinner! Get this civilian off government property.
104 Welcome to Camp Navarro... civilians! How the hell did civilians get on this base! I�ll have someone�s ass for dinner! Get these civilians off government property.
105 Wait. I...
106 Well I�ll be damned. I had you escorted off this base and here you are again. I don�t think you�re a civilian after all. More than likely you�re a spy! Sound the alarm and execute this maggot!
107 Well I�ll be damned. I had the bunch of you escorted off this base and here you are again. I don�t think you�re civilians after all. More than likely you�re all spies! Sound the alarm and execute these maggots!
108 Welcome to Camp Navarro. So, you�re the replacement. What's your name, private?
109 Uh... me
110 I�m
111 Oh, lovely. They�ve sent me a mo-ron. Listen closely. You will stand guard at the hangar. This is your duty post. You will go there now and stay on guard until told otherwise. Now move it, soldier!
112 Me go.
113 What was that? Did you forget something, maggot?
114 My name is
115 I am not a Sir. I work for a living, you mo-ron. You will call me Sergeant or Sergeant Dornan. Do you understand me!
116 Yes, Sergeant!
117 Sure, Sarge. Whatever.
118 Outstanding. Proceed on the double to the hangar where you will stand guard duty. You will do a fine job. Do you understand?
119 What am I guarding there, Sergeant?
120 Yes, Sergeant!
121 You mo-ron, you are not to question my orders! When I say jump, you jump! When I say fight, you fight! When I tell you to die for your country, then you will certainly die! Have I made myself clear?
122 Yes, Sergeant!
123 Welcome to Camp Navarro. So, you�re the new replacement... You are out of uniform, soldier! Where is your power armor?
124 Uh... me not have.
125 The base didn�t issue me any. They said it would be issued here.
126 Uh... I wasn�t issued any armor.
127 It so happens that you�re wearing it... I�ll just take it off your dead body!
128 Don�t have any? You expect me to believe that, maggot? The truth is you lost an expensive piece of army-issue equipment. That suit is going to come out of your pay, and you will remain in this mans army until you are five hundred and ten years old, which is the number of years it will take for you to pay for a Mark II Powered Combat Armor you have lost! Report to the armory and have a new suit issued to you, then report back to me, private! Dismissed!
129 Okay. Me go get suit.
130 Yes, Sergeant!
131 Those paper-shuffling jackasses! How the hell do they expect me to run this unit if they keep shortchanging me on supplies! Double-time it over to the armory and get your issue, then report back to me. Dismissed!
132 Okay.
133 Yes, Sergeant!
134 If I like you, you can call me Sarge. But guess what? I don�t like you! Do you understand?
135 Yes, Sergeant!
136 Excellent! You�re in uniform now so I�m going to give you a rare opportunity. We are going to start over as if I never met your sorry ass. Would you like that, soldier?
137 Yes, uh... Sargent!
138 No! Me not care anymore. Me kick you ass.
139 Yes, Sergeant!
140 I don�t particularly care now that I�m wearing this nice armor. I�m going to kick your ass.
141 Soldier, you are still out of uniform. I gave you a direct order to report to supplies and get your issue. Now, get out of my face and don�t come back until you look like a soldier!
142 This is the second time you have come to me out of uniform, Soldier. There will not be a third!
143 Okay! Okay! Me going.
144 Screw this. Me tired of crap.
145 Yes, Sergeant! I�m on my way.
146 Fuck it. I�m not cut out for this.
147 Trooper, what are you doing here? Get back to your guard post!
148 Mo-ron. If I see you away from your post again, it will be the sorriest day of your short life!
149 You are a danger to us all. That will end now.
150 This base is on alert and I don�t recognize you. Show me your papers, soldier.
151 Me not have papers with on me.
152 Me no need papers!
153 I don�t have my papers with me. They�re in my footlocker.
154 Papers? I�ve got your papers right here!
155 Wrong answer, maggot. You are to carry your papers with you at all times and you should know that!
156 Oops.
157 Stay alert, soldier!
158 Good. You�re on the ball. Stay that way!
159 Nothing to report, I see. Stay at your post.
160 If I catch any of you sleeping I�ll make sure you sleep forever!
161 Good! You found your duty station!
162 Stay at your post until you�re relieved, soldier!
163 At your duty post and awake. Excellent!
164 Stay awake, stay alert, stay alive!
165 Alert! Intruders on the base!
166 Guards! Intruders!
167 Who the hell let these bastards through? Guards!
168 Alert! Spies in the complex!
169 Where the hell is that screw-up private?!
200 .
201 , Sir!

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