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100 You see someone in combat armor.
101 You see the commander�s door guard.
102 You see someone in combat armor. There is an insignia on the breastplate that you are not familiar with.
103 Sir! What is your business here?
104 What this place?
105 Uh... me new here.
106 Me here clean.
107 Me not remember. Me go.
108 What is this place?
109 Hi, I�m new here.
110 I�m here to clean the commander�s office.
111 Never mind.
112 This is the base commander�s office. This area is off limits to all personnel. I�ll have to ask you to leave, sir.
113 Me have business with commander.
114 Fine.
115 I have business with the commander.
116 All right.
117 What is the nature of your business, sir?
118 Uh...
119 Shit. Me screw up...
120 Never mind. Me go
121 Well...
122 Uh, we got a call from base security. Seems they�re worried about the tanker passkey getting into the wrong hands. We�re to lock it up.
123 I�m leaving.
124 Sir, this is your final warning. I have to ask you to leave this area.
125 Ok.
126 Oh... Fuck it. Me shoot way in.
127 Fuck it. Going in with guns blazing.
128 What? Oh, I get it. You screwed the pooch and Dornan�s got you on cleaning detail.
129 Yeah... me screw... doggy and... yuck.
130 (speaking to self) Commander. Cleaning detail is here, sir. (pause) Yes, sir. (looking at you) Go on in.
131 Thanks.
132 (speaking to self) Commander. Security detail is here. Main base wants the tanker passkey secured. (pause) Yes, sir. (looking at you) Go on in.
133 Let me see your orders.
134 Thanks.
135 Oh, I didn�t bring them with me.
136 (quietly) You must be lost then. This is the base commander�s office. Nobody�s allowed here unless the old man sends for you.
137 Nobody come here? Ever?
138 Nobody sees him?
139 (quietly) Nobody. Well, just the cleaning crew. They usually come by here in an hour or so. Other than that, this place is off limits. Now, you better head on out.
140 Okay.
141 (speaking to self) Commander. Cleaning detail is here, sir. (pause) Yes, sir. (looking at you) Go on in.
142 You�re early. Come back later.
143 Okay.
144 Then get back to comm center and have them print the order.
145 Okay.
146 You must be looking for the armory. Go back down the hall, turn right, and it�s the first door on the left. You�ll get your issue there.
147 Thanks.
148 Who the hell are you guys... Alert! Intruders!
149 We�ve been infiltrated! Alert!
150 Multiple intruders! Sound the alarm!
151 Security alert! Seal the base!
152 Secure all stations! We�re on alert
153 Intruder alert! Go code red!
154 We�re going to put you under!
155 The Enclave will rule the world!
156 You die so that the Enclave will survive!
160 You're back. Did you bring the order for the fob with you?
161 No, not yet. I'll get it.

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