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100 You see a computer terminal.
101 You see the control center computer terminal.
102 You see a standard computer terminal. It appears to be functional and ready for input.
103 The terminal indicates that the security force field at the vault entrance has been activated now that power has been restored.
104 The terminal indicates that all security systems in the vault are off line due to power failure.
105 Turn the force field off.
106 Turn the force field on.
107 Done.
108 You give the command to deactivate the force field.
109 Done.
110 You give the command to activate the force field.
111 Done.
112 The terminal indicates that the field is off by manual override.
113 The terminal indicates that the field system has been compromised.

And even though we might have lost tonight
The skyline reminds us of a different time
This is not the world we had in mind
But we got time

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