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100 You see an older squatter.
101 You see Zeke, a squatter.
102 You see an older man with thinning, white hair.
103 My name's Zeke, stranger. I'm sorry, but I don't have time to talk to you -- and I don't think there's anything in this town for you, anyway. You should move on.
104 Uh, okay.
105 Me got questions.
106 All right, I'll leave.
107 I just wanted to ask a couple of questions.
108 Well, I think you'll find that we're all out of answers here. Why don't you come back when we get a shipment in?
109 Done.
110 Hello, again. I still don't have any answers for you, stranger. Why don't you take a hint and get the duck out of fodge?
111 Done.
112 Rebecca has told me what you did for her. I want to apologize for the treatment you received here. You certainly didn't deserve it. What can I help you with?
113 Me got questions.
114 Nothing. Wavy.
115 I've got some questions for you.
116 Nothing for now, thanks.
117 What do you want to know?
118 You work for Darion?
119 What you do about raiders?
120 Where vault door?
121 Anything else go on here?
122 Me leave now.
123 Do you work for Darion?
124 What do you intend to do about the raiders?
125 Where is the vault entrance?
126 Is there anything else going on around here?
127 I guess that's it. I'll be going now.
128 Yes, I do. I act as the middle man between him and the people up here. I'm not very happy about the fact, now that I know what he's up to.
129 Okay.
130 I see.
131 Nothing. They have the guns, they control the water, and they control the food. That means they are in charge. Period. We have no skills and no means of support without the backing of Darion. How can we turn against him? We're at his mercy.
132 Hmm. Me think me understand.
133 Hmm. I see.
134 It's behind that door over there, but it's locked from the other side and trapped, too. I don't have any means of opening it... Wait a minute. I found this key card some time ago, and I have no idea what it is for. Rebecca says that you found some sort of door where they were holding Chrissy. Maybe this card will open it. Here, take it.
135 Me thank you.
136 Thanks. I'll give it a try.
137 There's a city west of here called NCR. They claim Vault 15 is their ancestral home and they want it back. They've been sending people here trying to talk us into leaving but we aren't going for it. This is the only home we know.
138 You maybe make deal NCR?
139 Would you consider making a deal with NCR?
140 That all depends. What did you have in mind?
141 Join NCR tribe. Learn from elders. Give NCR you permission enter vault. Both happy.
142 Join NCR, let them annex your territory, and give them access to the vault. In return, they can teach you all the skills you need to survive on your own and offer you their protection.
143 Not bad... I like it. You've got yourself a deal if you can get NCR to agree to it as well. But... Look, someone has to take care of Darion and his cronies. It should be done now before they realize what has happened and have time to prepare for an attack. Why not get this over with and take Darion out now? You'll have the element of surprise on your side.
144 You right, me take care of.
145 Me not sure.
146 Yeah, I guess it has to be done.
147 I don't know.
148 Excellent. Good luck to you, and thank you.
149 Done.
150 Well, take the time to think about it, but know this -- until Darion is out of the picture, I have no choice but to maintain things around here as they are. It's for the safety of everyone concerned. That means no deal and you are still persona non grata. Understand?
151 Okay.
152 Hi. I'm still waiting for a final resolution to our troubles. In other words, kick Darion's ass!
153 Done.
154 You've done it, friend! We're no longer under Darion's yoke. Thank you! I'm ready to accept your deal with NCR now. Just have them send one of their reps by and I'll seal the deal.
155 Done.
156 Thanks for the chance of a new life. We all owe you.
157 Just go away. I have nothing to say to you.
158 Wait, before you go... I found this key card some time ago, and I have no idea what it�s for. Rebecca says that you found some sort of entrance where they were holding Chrissy. Maybe this card will open it. Here, take it.
159 Thanks.
160 What can I help you with?
161 Just the problems with the NCR, but I think the deal you offered will solve that.
162 You've done it, friend! We're no longer under Darion's yoke. Thank you!

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