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100 You see an older woman.
101 You see Rebecca.
102 You see an older woman. Although she appears to have lived a hard life, she has not lost any of her natural beauty.
103 Hi, I'm Rebecca. Can we talk privately, please?
104 What talk about?
105 Why need talk private?
106 Okay.
107 No. Me leave.
108 Sorry, not interested.
109 What do you want to talk to me about?
110 Sure, where can we go for privacy?
111 Why the need for privacy?
112 (whispering) My daughter is missing and I need help finding her. I can't talk about it here, though. Can we go somewhere private?
113 Okay.
114 Why need talk private?
115 No, me go.
116 All right, let's go.
117 Why the need for privacy?
118 No thanks, I don't want to get involved.
119 (whispering) You may think I'm crazy but I get the feeling I'm being watched all the time. It's rather disturbing, and I'm a bit on edge because of it.
120 Okay, we go private.
121 No time for sicky in head.
122 All right; where can we go to talk?
123 Sorry, I don't like the sound of this.
124 Thanks; we can go to my tent.
125 Okay.
126 We should be able to talk here.
127 Okay, what problem?
128 Me got questions first.
129 Okay, so what's so important?
130 I have some questions for you, first.
131 I have a daughter named Chrissy who's a bit of a tomboy. She likes to run around, explore, and pretty much stick her nose into things. Chrissy's a good kid, though. She doesn't cause trouble, she's always home on time and she's shown herself to be a very responsible young lady. I let her do as she pleases most of the time. Last week Chrissy didn't come home. I've asked around, and nobody's seen or heard from her. I tried to find her myself, but Zeke, he's... sort of the mayor here... stopped me. He said it wasn't safe for me to go out looking on my own; he'd have some of his men do it. They couldn't find her, either, and said that maybe the slavers got her.
132 No, not get involved.
133 Need think before decide.
134 Ok, me seem be hero type lately.
135 Sorry, not interested.
136 I need to think about this.
137 All right, Rebecca. I'll try to help you.
138 If I help you, what's in it for me?
139 What do you want to know?
140 What go on here?
141 Who boss?
142 Me try find Vault 13. You know where is?
143 Tell about vault.
144 Tell about Darion.
145 Thanks. We talk you problem?
146 What's going on around here?
147 Who's in charge around here?
148 I'm looking for Vault 13. Do you know anything about it?
149 Tell me about the vault.
150 So tell me about Darion.
151 Thanks Rebecca. Let's talk about your problem now.
152 We call this place the 'Squat' because it was settled by the homeless of many cities. It's not much, but it's all we have. To the west is a city called the NCR. They've known about us for quite some time, and never offered us any kind of help or hindrance. Now, they are suddenly claiming this area as their ancestral home, and they want it back.
153 Okay.
154 What here they want?
155 I see.
156 What is here that they want so badly?
157 Well... there is a vault here; I think it's number 15. They want to loot it for any of the old technology that may still be there.
158 Ah. Me understand.
159 I knew there had to be something here other than the waste-of-flesh inhabitants.
160 Got it.
161 That explains a lot. You've been very helpful. I need to ask some more questions, though.
162 That would be Zeke. He runs everything up here. You can find him in the building over there. ::points north-east::
163 Thanks. Ask more.
164 Thank you. I need to ask you some more questions.
165 I'm sorry, I have no idea. I would ask about it in NCR. They've taken a great interest in vaults lately.
166 Okay, me do.
167 All right, I will.
168 Well... we're not supposed to talk about it, but since I need your help... The vault is being repaired by Darion. He's our benefactor. When it's fully functional, we're all supposed to move in where we'll be safe from raiders, slavers, and such. So far he has the food and water systems up, but that's about it.
169 Me see. Need know more.
170 I need to know more.
171 There's not much to say, really. Darion keeps to himself and never leaves the vault. If he has anything to say, he says it through Zeke. I've only met him once, and he seemed like a nice guy.
172 Okay.
173 Nice guys finish last. I wonder what he's up to?
174 I see.
175 That's okay. You are very helpful.
176 I have nothing to give you other than my undying gratitude.
177 That's more than enough. I'll help you.
178 It'll take more than that to buy my help.
179 What the hell, I'll help you.
180 Thank you so much. I'll never be able to repay you for this. I'll wait here until you bring... Hey, there was someone outside listening to us! I saw their shadow on the tent wall. They just ran off that way! ::points north-east:: They must have heard everything!
181 Me stop, no get away!
182 You no worry, me find girl.
183 Ooops.
184 I'll try and stop them.
185 They won't stop me from finding your daughter.
186 Oh well. Shit happens.
187 Please, just go away.
188 Have you thought things through?
189 Me ask questions.
190 No, still think.
191 No, I'm still considering everything.
192 I want to ask you some questions.
193 Have you changed your mind? Will you help me?
194 Sorry, no.
195 Me help.
196 Yes, I'll help you.
197 You must be the person who saved my daughter. I can never repay you for your kindness.Thank you. Please wait here, I need to talk to Chrissy and then I'd like to talk to you.
198 You saved my daughter. I can never repay you for your kindness. Thank you. Please wait here, I need to talk to Chrissy and then I'd like to talk to you.
199 Okay.
200 My daughter has told me everything. I find it hard to believe that Darion is such a monster after all he's been doing for us. And to think, we've been helping him hide his operations as a raider. I can guarantee you we won't stand for it any longer. I've already talked to Zeke, and he wants to see you. You should go see him now.
201 I find it hard to believe that Darion is such a monster after all he's been doing for us. And to think, we've been helping him hide his operations as a raider. I can guarantee you we won't stand for it any longer. I'll talk to Zeke and explain everything. I'm sure he'll want to see you. You should go talk to him later.
202 Thank you.
203 I hope you find Chrissy soon.
204 Me looking.
205 I'll continue to search for her.
206 Thanks for everything you've done for me.
207 I can't explain why, but I don't believe the slavers took her. I've an uneasy feeling that something else is going on. And then there's this feeling that I'm being followed. I've had it ever since I talked to Zeke about Chrissy. I need someone to help me find my daughter. Will you help me, please?
208 They keep sending people here to try and talk us out of our home, but they don't understand that we have nowhere else to go. We don't have the skills necessary to survive on our own if we leave here.

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