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100 You see a short man carrying a book in his hands.
101 You see Doc Jones, the doctor.
102 You see a short man with a book called "So, You Want to be a Doctor."
103 Hello, I'm Doc Jones. You can call me Doc. What can I help you with?
104 Got owie. You fix?
105 Feel icky. You fix?
106 Me gimp, you fix?
107 Got questions. Okay?
108 Sorry, me go.
109 I'm injured. Can you help me?
110 I feel ill. Can you help me?
111 I'm crippled. Can you help me?
112 I wanted to ask you some questions.
113 Just saying hello.
114 Why, certainly. Here, we'll give you a shot of this -- this'll sting a bit -- now a bandage, and there, you're all set.
115 Me thank. Bye.
116 Thanks, Doc. I feel much better.
117 Why, certainly. Here, you'll need to drink this -- all of it, I know it tastes foul. Now, just lie down on the bed over there, and I'll wake you in the morning.
118 Me feel good. Bye.
119 Thanks Doc, that did the trick.
120 I'm sorry, but I don't have the proper facilities to perform surgery. I'd suggest you go to one of the bigger cities and see a surgeon. Try Vault City. It's north of here.
121 Okay. Bye
122 All right. Thanks anyway.
123 What would you like to know?
124 You work Darion?
125 You leave here when want?
126 What you know about Darion?
127 How you be here?
128 You say Darion got doggie?
129 Me go now.
130 Do you work for Darion?
131 Can you leave here if you want?
132 What can you tell me about Darion?
133 How did you come to be here in the first place?
134 You mentioned Darion has a dog?
135 Thanks for the information. I'll be heading out now.
136 Well, yes and no. It's not by choice. I'm a prisoner here. Darion is getting up there in years and he needs a dedicated physician to look after him. The Khans keep me here for his needs. I'd rather be here for the people in the town above. They have no medical help at all, and there is a lot I can do to aid them.
137 Okay. Need know more.
138 Thanks. Bye.
139 That's very commendable of you.
140 I see. I'll be going now.
141 They're squatters! Let 'em die. Get on with your life.
142 No, I'm pretty much trapped here. I can't even leave to refill my medical supplies. Darion sends out for anything I need.
143 Me got it. Go now.
144 Need ask more.
145 I guess you just aren't a trustworthy enough person to be allowed freedom.
146 All right. I'm sorry, but I have to get going.
147 I'm sorry to hear that.
148 Darion is a mental case, plain and simple. He's got more spooks in his head than his dog has fleas. As far as I can figure it, he was a member of another gang called the Khans. They kidnapped this girl, Tandi, and held her for ransom. Her father didn't take kindly to that, and hired some merc to get her back. Darion was the only one to come out alive.
149 Uh... what you said.
150 Got go now.
151 Uh-huh. Well, I'll be leaving now.
152 Wow; I'm impressed with your knowledge.
153 Sounds like my kind of guy.
154 I was kidnapped. I was traveling from Vault City to New Reno for a well-deserved vacation. Went to bed one night and woke up bound and gagged the next morning. A week or so later, I was here. Been here ever since.
155 Ugh.
156 Thanks. Me be leave now.
157 The weak are often the prey of the strong.
158 I'm sorry to hear that.
159 Interesting, but I need to get going.
160 Yeah, he's got a dog. Personally, I think it's the meanest, most vile creature on the face of the earth. It seems to love Darion, though, so I guess it can't be all that bad.
162 Uh, bye.
163 I see. Well, thanks for the warning.
164 Ah. Well, I've got to go.
165 I'll not help someone like you. Go away.
166 Okay, well, you take care, and come back if you need anything.
167 Done.

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