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100 You see Cameron, a fellow tribesman.
101 You see Cameron.
102 You see a young man with bulging muscles and a very confident air about him.
103 Greetings,
104 . I have the honor of being your final challenge. To continue in your quest you must defeat me in unarmed combat. Shall we begin?
105 Me got questions.
106 Okay, we fight.
107 No, me get ready first.
108 I've got some questions for you first.
109 Sure, let's party.
110 I think I need a moment to prepare for this.
111 What would you like to know?
112 Why we fight?
113 We fight to death?
114 We fight unarmed?
115 Okay, we fight now.
116 Me need get ready.
117 Why do we have to fight?
118 Is this a fight to the death?
119 You say that we are to fight unarmed?
120 Let's get this fight over with.
121 I need a moment to prepare for the fight.
122 The path of the Chosen One is not an easy trail to walk,
123 . You will be faced with many challenges throughout your lifetime, and the most difficult of these will be dealing with your fellow man. There will come a time when diplomacy and tact will prove to be useless and your hand must be raised instead. This challenge prepares you to face another human, look him in the eyes, and know that you may have to kill him.
124 Okay.
125 I see.
126 No, my friend, you need only defeat me. When the time comes, we will end the battle.
127 Me understand.
128 All right.
129 Yes. Weapons tend to distance us from battle and desensitize the effects of our actions against others. When you strike another human being with your bare fist, you both see and feel the pain you cause. Battle becomes very personal and all too real then. This is an important lesson for you,
130 .
131 Me got it.
132 I understand.
133 Very well. Shall we begin?
134 Me ready.
135 No, me get ready first.
136 I'm ready.
137 No, I need some time to prepare.
138 Very well. Return and tell me when you are ready for your challenge.
139 Are you ready for your challenge,
140 ?
141 Me ready.
142 Me not ready yet.
143 I think so.
144 No, give me a minute.
145 Excellent! Your equipment will be kept in the trunk outside of the room. You can get it after the fight. Let the fight begin! Good luck to you
146 .
147 It is good to see you again, Chosen One. How may I help you?
148 Me want visit temple again.
149 Want fight again?
150 Just say hello. Me go now.
151 I'd like to visit the temple again.
152 Hello, Cameron. Ready for another fight?
153 Just thought I'd say hi. See you later.
154 Take the path to my left, Chosen One. It leads to the temple proper. The cave entrance behind me will return you to the last chamber.
155 Okay, me go.
156 All right. Thanks
157 No thank you, Chosen One. I still carry the bruises from our last encounter and will need years to recover!
158 Go bye, Cameron.
159 Ha! Good day to you, Cameron.
160 Chosen One, my ass. I am going to make you the dead one!
161 You have defeated me. You are worthy, Chosen One.
165 I disagree with you. I think that a peaceful solution to any problem is possible.
166 You may be correct,
167 , but not in our current situation. You must defeat me to succeed in your trial.
168 Look, I don't know all of your strengths and weaknesses, and you don't know mine. Accidents do happen, so what if one of us inadvertently kills the other other? Let's just end this now rather than take that chance, okay?
169 Hmm... I see your point. I wouldn't want to be responsible for killing you when all I meant to do was test your mettle. Very well -- you may pass, Chosen One.
170 Hmm... I see your point. However, we must still do battle. I will simply take care not to hurt you too much.
171 Thanks! I'll see you back in the village.
172 I see.
200 I don't seem to remember our last battle, Chosen One. I will always wonder how you managed to get past me.
201 You have a tongue of purest silver, Chosen One. Your skill with words will open many doors for you.
300 And to you as well, Chosen One. May the spirits guid you on your quest.
301 Thanks, Cameron.
302 Chosen One, I could not help but notice that you lack strong combat skills. It has been my experience that you can not always rely on your wits or words for protection. With your permission I will teach you a few things that I think you will find most useful.
303 Yes, you teach.
304 No, me not need.
305 Yes, please teach me all that you can.
306 Thanks, but I think I can handle myself just fine.
307 You learn well, Chosen One. I think you will be able to handle yourself in a fight now. However, remember that even the strongest of warriors must sometimes retreat. There is no shame in living to fight another day.
308 Me thank you, Cameron.
309 Thanks, Cameron. I will remember your words.
310 Very well. Return to me if you change your mind.
311 Me thank you, Cameron.

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