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100 You see the bridge guard.
101 You see Mynoc, the bridge guard.
150 Before you stands a large warrior of your village, holding a spear.
151 [TALK]
152 Hello, Chosen One. Off to find the GECK?
153 Yes.
154 Yes. But before I go, I would like to ask you some questions.
155 Not just yet. I�m going to look around a little bit more.
156 Well, may the gods watch over you.
157 Thank you, goodbye.
158 What do you want to know?
159 What can you tell me of the men who trade with our village?
160 What can you tell me about this object I have from a vault?
161 Nothing, never mind.
162 Very well, but don't waste too much time. Without the GECK, we're doomed.
163 I know, don�t worry -- I�ve got it all under control.
164 Why?
165 I must be going. Goodbye.
166 The traders? They come from Klamath about every two months. There won't be another here for a month or more, but Klamath's only a few days east of here.
167 Thank you. Goodbye.
168 What can you tell me about this object I have from the sacred vault?
169 Looks like a metal water gourd. Maybe the vault sent it to us as an omen.
170 Can you tell me who brought this item to our village?
171 Thank you. I must going. Goodbye.
172 I hope you do.
173 Your overconfidence makes all of us suffer! Goodbye!
174 Goodbye.
175 Why? Look around you -- our village dies. The gardens wither and every day children and old ones collapse. You must bring Eden to us before it is too late!
176 And I will take care of it. Goodbye.
177 I am the Chosen One -- I "must" do only as I please. Goodbye.
178 I don't remember his name, just that he was old and loud -- too loud for proper manners -- but he knew many things. He was from Klamath, east like I said.
179 Thank you, goodbye.
180 Are you still here? You must go find the GECK. Staying here doesn't help us.
181 This bridge is all you need to worry about, friend. I can take care of myself.
182 I was just heading out. Goodbye, my friend.
183 I will speak to you no longer, insubordinate pig!
184 I would like to ask you another question.
185 That was quick! Have you found the holy Vault 13?
186 Yes.
187 No, not yet.
188 You have? Wonderful! Did you bring back the GECK?
189 No.
190 No. I haven�t spoken to the people of the vault yet.
191 I don�t believe that�s any business of yours, my friend.
192 No? Chosen One, three old ones have died since you left. You must not waste any more time.
193 I�ll find it, don�t worry.
194 I�m getting sick of your constant nagging.
195 Well, why are you talking to me? Talk to them, and get the GECK.
196 I will -- all in good time, my friend.
197 I�m getting sick of your constant nagging.
198 What news of the GECK, Chosen One?
199 I have found the vault!
200 I have not been able to find Vault 13.
201 Well, look, it's the Chosen One.
202 Hello.
203 Shut up.
204 Can I ask you a question?
205 No, I've no time for you.
206 Whatever. Good bye.
207 Oh well. See you around.
208 Go die.
209 Greetings, dull one! See bridge? You cross, you be careful. Bridge dangerous. You not want to fall. Okay?
210 Umm... Hunh?
211 Wretch! You have failed the village!
212 You betray us. For that you'll die!
213 You are a traitor to your own people.
214 Why do you do this?
215 The Elder was wrong. You are evil.
300 My father taught me how to make stronger blades than most. Get me a piece of flint and I'll fix your spear, too. You'll need it in the wilderness.
301 Where would I get some of this flint?
302 They say your aunt Morlis has been hoarding a piece. She's so ill-tempered I don't think anyone's asked her. Of course, the witch will want something in return.
303 Thanks. Goodbye.
304 Did you talk your aunt out of her flint?
305 Yes, I have some right here.
306 Not yet.
307 It's a good piece. Give me your spear.
308 Here you go.
309 I guess I don't have one.
310 Now, you put the pieces like so...
311 The Chosen One without a spear? Well, you'll have to take one of mine. Now, let's get to work...
312 Here is your new spear.
313 Thank you, my friend -- this will help a lot.
314 Yes, but I was wondering about your spear. It looks a little different.
400 Welcome home, Chosen One! Did you find the vault? Have you returned with the GECK?
401 Me not find yet.
402 No, I haven't found it yet.
403 I'm not in the mood for your questions. Goodbye.
404 Things are not going well, Chosen One. The drought is getting worse and our crops are sure to fail. We are trying to salvage what we can to build up our food reserves.
405 Why no trade with other village?
406 Me doing best me can. Me find GECK. Me return.
407 Why can't we trade with other villages for the food we need?
408 I'm doing my best. When I find the GECK I'll return with it.
409 We are a simple people and have little to offer in trade. The few towns that we have contacted while you were away have shown no interest in helping us.
410 Me see.
411 I see.
412 You are our hope, Chosen One. Please do not fail us!
413 It is good to see you, Chosen One. How fares your quest?
414 Me still look.
415 I'm still looking.
416 I don't want to talk about it.
417 You must hurry. Things are getting worse here at home. Soon there will be little food and the Elder speaks of rationing what we have. I fear for the future of Arroyo.
418 Chosen One! Please tell me that you have completed your quest. Our village is dying, and so are our people.
419 No, me still look.
420 No, I'm still looking.
421 How are things?
422 I am sorry, Chosen One, but I am beginning to question my faith in you. The very lives of our people are in your hands. Please find the holy Thirteen and return to us with the GECK!
423 Our crops fail, the brahmin die, everyone goes hungry now. The cries of the children at night allow no one any sleep. We are becoming a desperate people.
424 Me continue look.
425 I'll do what I can.
426 Once again you return to us, Chosen One. Not empty-handed, I hope?
427 Me sorry, no find GECK yet.
428 I'm sorry, I still haven't found the GECK.
429 I've had enough of this.
430 People are dying here while you stroll about the lands. Perhaps you should be searching elsewhere instead of returning here.
500 Have you talked to the Elder yet?
1000 Elder
1001 Founder
1002 Vault Dweller
1003 Arroyo
1004 Klamath
1005 Vault
1006 Chosen One
1007 Shaman
1008 Hakunin
1009 Healing Powder
1010 Bridge
1011 Mynoc
1100 The Elder is your mother and our leader.
1101 Our great ancestor who gave us knowledge.
1102 The first to fight and win over chaos.
1103 That would be our beautiful village.
1104 That�s a trading outpost a few days east of here.
1105 The Vault is heaven.
1106 You are the Chosen One.
1107 He heals us with his herbs and magic. He is in the north part of our village.
1108 He heals us with his herbs and magic. He is in the north part of our village.
1109 It is a magic powder which will heal you, but will make you sleepy.
1110 The Great Bridge exits our village in the south.

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