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100 You see Morlis, one of your aunts -- the one who never liked you.
101 Why do you bother me, nephew? Can't you see I'm busy?
102 Umm, okay. Sorry.
103 What is it? You know I have a lot to do!
104 Ummm, Mynoc said...
105 Mynoc said what? Out with it, child!
106 That, umm, you might have some flint.
107 I do. You want some, is that it?
108 Well, yeah.
109 Well... I want three doses of healing powder. Bad times are coming and I'm going to be ready. Bring them to me and you can have the flint. Now get to it!
110 Yes, ma'am!
111 Now don't waste my time. Do you have the powders?
112 Yes, here they are.
113 Umm, I guess not.
114 Here is the flint. Now off with you! I don't have time to gossip.
115 Thank you, Aunt Morlis.
116 Again you waste my time, worthless nephew! How did you ever become the Chosen One?
117 Yes, Aunt Morlis.
118 Uh, Aunt Morlis, I have three right here.
150 Aunt Morlis, I'm on a perilous quest for the salvation of our village. My chances of success will be greatly enhanced if I keep the healing powders for myself and you give me the flint. Don't you agree?
151 What do you think you are doing, child? This is no way for the Chosen One to act. Now get out of my sight!
152 If this flint is so important that you are willing to disgrace the name of the Chosen One, then here. Take the flint and get out of my sight.
153 Yes, Aunt Morlis.
154 Well... Oh, very well. Here is the flint. I wish you a safe journey, child.
155 No, I don't. Now stop wasting my time and get out of here!
156 Yes, Aunt Morlis.
200 So you've returned. Did you find the holy Thirteen?
201 No, Aunt Morlis, I...
202 Then get yourself out of here and find it! People are depending on you!
203 Yes, Aunt Morlis.
204 Well, here you are again. Have you once again failed to complete your quest?
205 Yes, Aunt Morlis, but...
206 Then get yourself out of here and don't come back until you do! Why waste time coming back here, when you could be using that time to continue your search!?
207 Yes, Aunt Morlis.
208 The fact that you are standing here must mean that you have completed your quest. You wouldn't waste precious time returning here empty-handed, would you?
209 Yes, Aunt Morlis. I mean no, Aunt Morlis. Uh, I've got to go, Aunt Morlis.
210 So, child. Once again you stand before me. Are you empty-handed yet again?
211 Yes, Aunt Morlis.
212 Listen,
213 . People are dying, cattle are dying, and crops are failing. Everyone is either hungry, sick, or both. Our time draws near. If you do not find the GECK soon, we are doomed. Do you understand me?
214 Yes, Aunt Morlis.
215 Then get yourself out of here and find the GECK! People are depending on you!
301 Why do you bother me, niece? Can't you see I'm busy?

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