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100 You see Klint, a fellow tribesman.
101 You see Klint.
102 You see a young man with bulging muscles and a very confident air about him.
103 Good day to you,
104 . You have not completed the trial of the Elder and may not pass.
105 Uh...
106 I need to go back to the village.
107 I have some questions of you.
108 All right, I'm off to take the test.
109 (sigh)
110 . You go temple. You take test. You not come back here until take test. Obey Elder. Go!
111 Me go.
112 Forgive me,
113 , but I can not allow you to pass. If you wish to return to the village you may do so only by passing the trial set before you.
114 I see. I guess I'll be going then.
115 Can I ask you some questions then?
116 I could kick your ass and just walk out of here.
117 Forgive me, but I have no answers to your questions. Take the trial set before you by the Elder and prove yourself worthy to lead our people.
118 Very well.
119 Two people working together can move the obelisk that blocks the path. Alone, you would fail. I have no intention of helping you until you pass the trial of the Elder.
120 Uh-huh. I get the picture.
121 Greetings, Chosen One! It is good to see you. How may I serve you?
122 Me say hi. That all.
123 Just thought I'd say hello. I'll be leaving on my quest soon.

And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was DEATH, and Hell followed with him.

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