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100 You see Lucas.
101 Lucas is the chief warrior of your tribe.
102 So there you are, the Chosen One. Hmmmph! How goes your quest?
103 Pretty well.
104 Not so good.
105 Ugh?!
106 I must get back to it.
107 Maybe you need a warrior's help.
108 Sure. What can you help me with?
109 Nope. I am doing fine.
110 Good answer, dumb one. Now keep quiet while I practice.
111 Uh-kay.
112 I know how to fight with fists and feet. Think you can learn that?
113 What can you teach me?
114 May the wind be at your back, Chosen One.
115 Goodbye.
116 Hmmm -- spend a day with me and I'll teach you how to punch harder.
117 Okay. Let's do it.
118 Sorry, don't have the time right now.
119 You know all I can teach you, Chosen One. Good luck to you on your quest.
120 Oh, okay.
121 Ha! Chosen One, you aren't graceful enough for me to teach you anything.
122 Oh, okay.
123 You are not quick enough in combat for my training to help you, Chosen One.
124 Oh, okay.
125 You need to learn more about combat before I can help you, little brother.
126 Oh, okay.
127 I can teach you a more powerful kick. It will take us all of one day.
128 Okay.
129 I can teach you enough to fight better. It will take us all of one day.
130 Okay.
131 You have learned well, Chosen One. May the wind be at your back.
132 Thanks for your help.

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