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302COMBAT.MSGcrippled his left leg
303COMBAT.MSGcrippled his right leg
304COMBAT.MSGcrippled his left arm
305COMBAT.MSGcrippled his right arm
307COMBAT.MSGwas killed
310COMBAT.MSGon fire
311COMBAT.MSGhad his armor bypassed
312COMBAT.MSGhis weapon exploded
313COMBAT.MSGhis weapon destroyed
314COMBAT.MSGhis weapon dropped
315COMBAT.MSGlost his next turn
316COMBAT.MSGhit himself
317COMBAT.MSGlost the rest of his ammo
318COMBAT.MSGfired a dud shot
319COMBAT.MSGhurt himself
320COMBAT.MSGhit randomly
321COMBAT.MSGcrippled a random limb
322COMBAT.MSGpeppered with fragments
400COMBAT.MSGknocked out
401COMBAT.MSGknocked down
402COMBAT.MSGcrippled her left leg
403COMBAT.MSGcrippled her right leg
404COMBAT.MSGcrippled her left arm
405COMBAT.MSGcrippled her right arm
407COMBAT.MSGwas killed
410COMBAT.MSGon fire
411COMBAT.MSGhad her armor bypassed
412COMBAT.MSGher weapon exploded
413COMBAT.MSGher weapon destroyed
414COMBAT.MSGher weapon dropped
415COMBAT.MSGlost her next turn
416COMBAT.MSGhit herself
417COMBAT.MSGlost the rest of her ammo
418COMBAT.MSGfired a dud shot
419COMBAT.MSGhurt herself
420COMBAT.MSGhit randomly
421COMBAT.MSGcrippled a random limb
422COMBAT.MSGpeppered with fragments
509COMBAT.MSGOops! %s were hit instead of %s!
511COMBAT.MSG%s were critically hit in %s for %d hit points
512COMBAT.MSG%s were hit in %s for %d hit points
513COMBAT.MSG%s were hit for %d hit points
514COMBAT.MSG%s critically missed
515COMBAT.MSG%s missed
520COMBAT.MSG%s were critically hit for %d hit points
521COMBAT.MSG%s were critically hit in %s for 1 hit point
522COMBAT.MSG%s were hit in %s for 1 hit point
523COMBAT.MSG%s were hit for 1 hit point
524COMBAT.MSG%s were critically hit for 1 hit point
525COMBAT.MSG%s were critically hit in %s for no damage
526COMBAT.MSG%s were hit in %s for no damage
527COMBAT.MSG%s were hit for no damage
528COMBAT.MSG%s were critically hit for no damage
533COMBAT.MSG%s critically missed and took 1 hit point
534COMBAT.MSG%s critically missed and took %d hit points
559COMBAT.MSGOops! %s were hit instead of %s!
561COMBAT.MSG%s were critically hit in %s for %d hit points
562COMBAT.MSG%s were hit in %s for %d hit points
563COMBAT.MSG%s were hit for %d hit points
564COMBAT.MSG%s critically missed
565COMBAT.MSG%s missed
570COMBAT.MSG%s were critically hit for %d hit points
571COMBAT.MSG%s were critically hit in %s for 1 hit point
572COMBAT.MSG%s were hit in %s for 1 hit point
573COMBAT.MSG%s were hit for 1 hit point
574COMBAT.MSG%s were critically hit for 1 hit point
575COMBAT.MSG%s were critically hit in %s for no damage
576COMBAT.MSG%s were hit in %s for no damage
577COMBAT.MSG%s were hit for no damage
578COMBAT.MSG%s were critically hit for no damage
583COMBAT.MSG%s critically missed and took 1 hit point
584COMBAT.MSG%s critically missed and took %d hit points
608COMBAT.MSGOops! %s was hit instead of you!
609COMBAT.MSGOops! %s was hit instead of %s!
611COMBAT.MSG%s was critically hit in %s for %d hit points
612COMBAT.MSG%s was hit in %s for %d hit points
613COMBAT.MSG%s was hit for %d hit points
614COMBAT.MSG%s critically missed
615COMBAT.MSG%s missed
620COMBAT.MSG%s was critically hit for %d hit points
621COMBAT.MSG%s was critically hit in %s for 1 hit point
622COMBAT.MSG%s was hit in %s for 1 hit point
623COMBAT.MSG%s was hit for 1 hit point
624COMBAT.MSG%s was critically hit for 1 hit point
625COMBAT.MSG%s was critically hit in %s for no damage
626COMBAT.MSG%s was hit in %s for no damage
627COMBAT.MSG%s was hit for no damage
628COMBAT.MSG%s was critically hit for no damage
633COMBAT.MSG%s critically missed and took 1 hit point
634COMBAT.MSG%s critically missed and took %d hit points
708COMBAT.MSGOops! %s was hit instead of you!
709COMBAT.MSGOops! %s was hit instead of %s!
711COMBAT.MSG%s was critically hit in %s for %d hit points
712COMBAT.MSG%s was hit in %s for %d hit points
713COMBAT.MSG%s was hit for %d hit points
714COMBAT.MSG%s critically missed
715COMBAT.MSG%s missed
720COMBAT.MSG%s was critically hit for %d hit points
721COMBAT.MSG%s was critically hit in %s for 1 hit point
722COMBAT.MSG%s was hit in %s for 1 hit point
723COMBAT.MSG%s was hit for 1 hit point
724COMBAT.MSG%s was critically hit for 1 hit point
725COMBAT.MSG%s was critically hit in %s for no damage
726COMBAT.MSG%s was hit in %s for no damage
727COMBAT.MSG%s was hit for no damage
728COMBAT.MSG%s was critically hit for no damage
733COMBAT.MSG%s critically missed and took 1 hit point
734COMBAT.MSG%s critically missed and took %d hit points
1110COMBAT.MSGthe head
1111COMBAT.MSGthe left arm
1112COMBAT.MSGthe right arm
1113COMBAT.MSGthe torso
1114COMBAT.MSGthe right leg
1115COMBAT.MSGthe left leg
1116COMBAT.MSGthe eyes
1117COMBAT.MSGthe groin
1150COMBAT.MSGthe head
1151COMBAT.MSGthe left hindleg
1152COMBAT.MSGthe right hindleg
1153COMBAT.MSGthe torso
1154COMBAT.MSGthe right foreleg
1155COMBAT.MSGthe left foreleg
1156COMBAT.MSGthe eyes
1157COMBAT.MSGthe udder
1160COMBAT.MSGthe head
1161COMBAT.MSGthe hindleg
1162COMBAT.MSGthe hindleg
1163COMBAT.MSGthe body
1164COMBAT.MSGthe foreleg
1165COMBAT.MSGthe foreleg
1166COMBAT.MSGthe eyes
1167COMBAT.MSGthe groin
1171COMBAT.MSGthe manipulator
1172COMBAT.MSGthe manipulator
1173COMBAT.MSGthe frame
1174COMBAT.MSGthe motivator
1175COMBAT.MSGthe motivator
1176COMBAT.MSGthe sensors
1177COMBAT.MSGthe regulator
1180COMBAT.MSGthe head
1181COMBAT.MSGthe left arm
1182COMBAT.MSGthe right arm
1183COMBAT.MSGthe torso
1184COMBAT.MSGthe right leg
1185COMBAT.MSGthe left leg
1186COMBAT.MSGthe eyes
1187COMBAT.MSGthe groin
1190COMBAT.MSGthe head
1191COMBAT.MSGthe left paw
1192COMBAT.MSGthe right paw
1193COMBAT.MSGthe body
1194COMBAT.MSGthe right leg
1195COMBAT.MSGthe left leg
1196COMBAT.MSGthe eyes
1197COMBAT.MSGthe groin
1210COMBAT.MSGthe head
1211COMBAT.MSGthe left arm
1212COMBAT.MSGthe right arm
1213COMBAT.MSGthe torso
1214COMBAT.MSGthe right leg
1215COMBAT.MSGthe left leg
1216COMBAT.MSGthe eyes
1217COMBAT.MSGthe groin
1220COMBAT.MSGthe head
1221COMBAT.MSGthe tail
1222COMBAT.MSGthe claw
1223COMBAT.MSGthe carapace
1224COMBAT.MSGthe forelegs
1225COMBAT.MSGthe hindlegs
1226COMBAT.MSGthe eyes
1227COMBAT.MSGthe brain
1230COMBAT.MSGthe head
1231COMBAT.MSGthe mouth
1232COMBAT.MSGthe fore mouth
1233COMBAT.MSGthe body
1234COMBAT.MSGthe float sac
1235COMBAT.MSGthe tail
1236COMBAT.MSGthe ganglion
1237COMBAT.MSGthe ovipositor
1240COMBAT.MSGthe head
1241COMBAT.MSGthe left paw
1242COMBAT.MSGthe right paw
1243COMBAT.MSGthe body
1244COMBAT.MSGthe right leg
1245COMBAT.MSGthe left leg
1246COMBAT.MSGthe eyes
1247COMBAT.MSGthe groin
1250COMBAT.MSGthe head
1251COMBAT.MSGthe left arm
1252COMBAT.MSGthe right arm
1253COMBAT.MSGthe body
1254COMBAT.MSGthe right leg
1255COMBAT.MSGthe left leg
1256COMBAT.MSGthe eyes
1257COMBAT.MSGthe groin
1270COMBAT.MSGthe head
1271COMBAT.MSGthe left arm
1272COMBAT.MSGthe right arm
1273COMBAT.MSGthe torso
1274COMBAT.MSGthe right leg
1275COMBAT.MSGthe left leg
1276COMBAT.MSGthe eyes
1277COMBAT.MSGthe groin
1460COMBAT.MSGthe head
1461COMBAT.MSGthe left arm
1462COMBAT.MSGthe right arm
1463COMBAT.MSGthe torso
1464COMBAT.MSGthe right leg
1465COMBAT.MSGthe left leg
1466COMBAT.MSGthe eyes
1467COMBAT.MSGthe groin
1490COMBAT.MSGthe head
1491COMBAT.MSGthe left arm
1492COMBAT.MSGthe right arm
1493COMBAT.MSGthe torso
1494COMBAT.MSGthe right leg
1495COMBAT.MSGthe left leg
1496COMBAT.MSGthe eyes
1497COMBAT.MSGthe groin
1500COMBAT.MSGthe head
1503COMBAT.MSGthe frame
1506COMBAT.MSGthe eyes
1510COMBAT.MSGthe head
1511COMBAT.MSGthe left arm
1512COMBAT.MSGthe right arm
1513COMBAT.MSGthe torso
1514COMBAT.MSGthe right leg
1515COMBAT.MSGthe left leg
1516COMBAT.MSGthe eyes
1517COMBAT.MSGthe groin
1520COMBAT.MSGthe head
1521COMBAT.MSGthe raptorial leg
1522COMBAT.MSGthe raptorial leg
1523COMBAT.MSGthe abdomen
1524COMBAT.MSGthe legs
1525COMBAT.MSGthe wings
1526COMBAT.MSGthe eyes
1527COMBAT.MSGthe metathorax
1531COMBAT.MSGthe manipulator
1532COMBAT.MSGthe manipulator
1533COMBAT.MSGthe frame
1534COMBAT.MSGthe motivator
1535COMBAT.MSGthe motivator
1536COMBAT.MSGthe sensors
1537COMBAT.MSGthe regulator
1541COMBAT.MSGthe manipulator
1542COMBAT.MSGthe manipulator
1543COMBAT.MSGthe frame
1544COMBAT.MSGthe motivator
1545COMBAT.MSGthe motivator
1546COMBAT.MSGthe sensors
1547COMBAT.MSGthe regulator
1550COMBAT.MSGthe head
1551COMBAT.MSGthe left paw
1552COMBAT.MSGthe right paw
1553COMBAT.MSGthe body
1554COMBAT.MSGthe right leg
1555COMBAT.MSGthe left leg
1556COMBAT.MSGthe eyes
1557COMBAT.MSGthe groin
1580COMBAT.MSGthe shell
1581COMBAT.MSGthe shell
1582COMBAT.MSGthe shell
1583COMBAT.MSGthe shell
1584COMBAT.MSGthe shell
1585COMBAT.MSGthe shell
1586COMBAT.MSGthe shell
1587COMBAT.MSGthe shell
1590COMBAT.MSGthe head
1591COMBAT.MSGthe tail
1592COMBAT.MSGthe claw
1593COMBAT.MSGthe carapace
1594COMBAT.MSGthe forelegs
1595COMBAT.MSGthe hindlegs
1596COMBAT.MSGthe eyes
1597COMBAT.MSGthe brain
1600COMBAT.MSGthe head
1601COMBAT.MSGthe left arm
1602COMBAT.MSGthe right arm
1603COMBAT.MSGthe torso
1604COMBAT.MSGthe right leg
1605COMBAT.MSGthe left leg
1606COMBAT.MSGthe eyes
1607COMBAT.MSGthe groin
1650COMBAT.MSGthe mouth
1651COMBAT.MSGthe stalk
1652COMBAT.MSGthe stalk
1653COMBAT.MSGthe central stalk
1654COMBAT.MSGthe roots
1655COMBAT.MSGthe roots
1656COMBAT.MSGthe sense-tendrils
1657COMBAT.MSGthe base
1660COMBAT.MSGthe head
1661COMBAT.MSGthe missile hand
1662COMBAT.MSGthe gun hand
1663COMBAT.MSGthe body
1664COMBAT.MSGthe right leg
1665COMBAT.MSGthe left leg
1666COMBAT.MSGthe sensors
1667COMBAT.MSGthe lower torso
1670COMBAT.MSGthe head
1671COMBAT.MSGthe left claw
1672COMBAT.MSGthe right claw
1673COMBAT.MSGthe body
1674COMBAT.MSGthe right leg
1675COMBAT.MSGthe left leg
1676COMBAT.MSGthe eyes
1677COMBAT.MSGthe groin
1680COMBAT.MSGthe head
1681COMBAT.MSGthe left claw
1682COMBAT.MSGthe right claw
1683COMBAT.MSGthe body
1684COMBAT.MSGthe right leg
1685COMBAT.MSGthe left leg
1686COMBAT.MSGthe eyes
1687COMBAT.MSGthe groin
1800COMBAT.MSGthe head
1801COMBAT.MSGthe left tentacle
1802COMBAT.MSGthe right tentacle
1803COMBAT.MSGthe body
1804COMBAT.MSGthe right foot
1805COMBAT.MSGthe left foot
1806COMBAT.MSGthe eyes?
1807COMBAT.MSGthe groin socket
1850COMBAT.MSGthe head
1851COMBAT.MSGthe left arm
1852COMBAT.MSGthe right arm
1853COMBAT.MSGthe torso
1854COMBAT.MSGthe right leg
1855COMBAT.MSGthe left leg
1856COMBAT.MSGthe eyes
1857COMBAT.MSGthe groin
1860COMBAT.MSGthe head
1861COMBAT.MSGthe left tentacle
1862COMBAT.MSGthe right tentacle
1863COMBAT.MSGthe body
1864COMBAT.MSGthe right foot
1865COMBAT.MSGthe left foot
1866COMBAT.MSGthe eyes?
1867COMBAT.MSGthe groin socket
1900COMBAT.MSGthe cpu
1901COMBAT.MSGthe gun servo
1902COMBAT.MSGthe gun servo
1903COMBAT.MSGthe frame
1904COMBAT.MSGthe base servo
1905COMBAT.MSGthe base servo
1906COMBAT.MSGthe sensors
1907COMBAT.MSGthe regulator
1970COMBAT.MSGthe head
1971COMBAT.MSGthe left foreleg
1972COMBAT.MSGthe right foreleg
1973COMBAT.MSGthe abdomen
1974COMBAT.MSGthe right hindleg
1975COMBAT.MSGthe left hindleg
1976COMBAT.MSGthe feelers
1977COMBAT.MSGthe metathorax
1990COMBAT.MSGthe head
1991COMBAT.MSGthe left arm
1992COMBAT.MSGthe right arm
1993COMBAT.MSGthe torso
1994COMBAT.MSGthe right leg
1995COMBAT.MSGthe left leg
1996COMBAT.MSGthe eyes
1997COMBAT.MSGthe groin
2000COMBAT.MSGthe head
2001COMBAT.MSGthe left arm
2002COMBAT.MSGthe right arm
2003COMBAT.MSGthe torso
2004COMBAT.MSGthe right leg
2005COMBAT.MSGthe left leg
2006COMBAT.MSGthe eyes
2007COMBAT.MSGthe groin
2010COMBAT.MSGthe cpu
2011COMBAT.MSGthe gun servo
2012COMBAT.MSGthe gun servo
2013COMBAT.MSGthe frame
2014COMBAT.MSGthe base servo
2015COMBAT.MSGthe base servo
2016COMBAT.MSGthe sensors
2017COMBAT.MSGthe regulator
5000COMBAT.MSGand really hurts
5001COMBAT.MSG. A serious wound is inflicted
5002COMBAT.MSGwith no armor defenses
5003COMBAT.MSG. The damaging attack knocks him unconscious
5004COMBAT.MSG. The blow knocks him to the ground
5005COMBAT.MSG. The strong blow to the head knocks him out
5006COMBAT.MSG. The attack crushes the temple. Good night, Gracie
5007COMBAT.MSG, death is instantaneous
5008COMBAT.MSG, causing severe tennis elbow
5009COMBAT.MSG, pushing the arm out of the way
5010COMBAT.MSG, leaving a big bruise
5011COMBAT.MSG, crippling the left arm
5012COMBAT.MSG, leaving the left arm dangling by the skin
5013COMBAT.MSG. That arm now looks like a bloody stump
5014COMBAT.MSG, leaving a crippled right arm
5015COMBAT.MSG. His right arm is pulverized by this powerful blow
5016COMBAT.MSGin a forceful blow
5017COMBAT.MSGblowing through the armor
5018COMBAT.MSG, inflicting an extra helping of damage
5019COMBAT.MSGwith no armor, knocking the combatant to the ground
5020COMBAT.MSGknocking the air out, he slumps to the ground out of the fight
5021COMBAT.MSG. Unfortunately, his spine is now clearly visible from the front
5022COMBAT.MSGputting a major hurt on his leg
5023COMBAT.MSG, knocking him to the ground like a bowling pin in a league game
5024COMBAT.MSG, bowling him over and crippling that leg
5025COMBAT.MSG, smashing the knee into the next town. He falls
5026COMBAT.MSG. The intense pain of having a leg removed causes him to quit
5027COMBAT.MSGinflicting some extra pain
5028COMBAT.MSGcausing blindness, unluckily for him
5029COMBAT.MSG, and with no protection there, causing serious pain
5030COMBAT.MSG, and blinding him with a stunning blow
5031COMBAT.MSG. The loss of an eye is too much for him, and he falls to the ground
5032COMBAT.MSG, sadly, he is too busy feeling the rush of air on the brain to notice death approaching
5033COMBAT.MSG. Ouch! That had to hurt
5034COMBAT.MSG, and he's not wearing a cup, either
5035COMBAT.MSGand without protection, he falls over, groaning in agony
5036COMBAT.MSG. The pain is too much for him and he collapses like a rag
5037COMBAT.MSG. He mumbles "Mother", as his eyes roll into the back of his head
5100COMBAT.MSGand really hurts
5101COMBAT.MSG. A serious wound is inflicted
5102COMBAT.MSGwith no armor
5103COMBAT.MSG. The damaging attack knocks her unconscious
5104COMBAT.MSG. The blow knocks her to the ground
5105COMBAT.MSG. The strong blow to the head knocks her out
5106COMBAT.MSG. The attack crushes her temple. Good night, Gracie
5107COMBAT.MSG, death is instantaneous
5108COMBAT.MSG, causing severe tennis elbow
5109COMBAT.MSG, pushing the arm out of the way
5110COMBAT.MSG, leaving a big bruise
5111COMBAT.MSG, crippling the left arm
5112COMBAT.MSG. The left arm is barely attached to her shoulder
5113COMBAT.MSG. That arm now looks like a bloody stump
5114COMBAT.MSG, leaving a crippled right arm
5115COMBAT.MSG. Her right arm is turned into hamburger by the blow
5116COMBAT.MSGin a forceful blow
5117COMBAT.MSGpiercing through her defenses
5118COMBAT.MSG, inflicting an extra helping of damage
5119COMBAT.MSGwith no armor, knocking the female fighter to the ground
5120COMBAT.MSGknocking the air out, she slumps to the ground
5121COMBAT.MSG. Unfortunately, her major organs have been exposed to the light
5122COMBAT.MSGputting a major hurt on her leg
5123COMBAT.MSG, knocking her over like a bad blind date
5124COMBAT.MSG, knocking her down and crippling that leg
5125COMBAT.MSG, smashing the knee into the next town. She takes the fast track to the ground
5126COMBAT.MSG. She screams in pain from the broken leg
5127COMBAT.MSGinflicting some extra pain
5128COMBAT.MSGcausing blindness. She grimaces
5129COMBAT.MSG, and with no protection there, causing serious pain
5130COMBAT.MSG. The wound causes severe blindness, as if there is any other kind
5131COMBAT.MSG. She faints from the blinding attack
5132COMBAT.MSG, sadly, she doesn't get to pray to her gods before she meets them
5133COMBAT.MSG. She takes it like a man. That is to say, it hurts
5134COMBAT.MSG, knocking her to the ground
5135COMBAT.MSG. Her childbearing days are in trouble as she collapses in a limp heap
5200COMBAT.MSG. The little kid starts to cry
5201COMBAT.MSG. Unconscious, the small child falls over
5202COMBAT.MSG. Ouchie!
5203COMBAT.MSG. The blow is true, and the child is knocked unconscious
5204COMBAT.MSG, smashing the small child around like a limp rag
5205COMBAT.MSG. The left arm of this kid now has an owie
5206COMBAT.MSG, throwing the small child off balance
5207COMBAT.MSG, breaking that arm with a loud snap. Some serious tears start to flow
5208COMBAT.MSG, easily snapping that arm like a small piece of candy
5209COMBAT.MSG. The right arm starts to swell, like a balloon
5210COMBAT.MSG, and starts to cry
5211COMBAT.MSGin a sensitive spot
5212COMBAT.MSG. The attack to a vital organ knocks the kid over
5213COMBAT.MSG, knocking the little kid over like a toy
5214COMBAT.MSG. Now this young child will never really experience life
5215COMBAT.MSG, inflicting a deep cut
5216COMBAT.MSG. The attack bowls the child over, and breaks the leg
5217COMBAT.MSG, inflicting great harm to the small child
5218COMBAT.MSG. The young child looks up and starts to cry
5219COMBAT.MSG, which blinds the youth
5220COMBAT.MSG, bashing in the youthful looking nose
5221COMBAT.MSG. A cut appears above the eyes and the blood starts to flow freely
5222COMBAT.MSG, which opens an eye like an exploding grape. The child looks bewildered
5223COMBAT.MSGcausing blindness. The young child drops to the ground
5224COMBAT.MSG, the blow continues into the small brain
5225COMBAT.MSG. The child looks confused and shaken
5226COMBAT.MSG, knocking this young target to the ground
5300COMBAT.MSG, hurting the mighty mutant
5301COMBAT.MSG, striking a vital spot
5302COMBAT.MSG, striking a vital spot and knocking the giant to the ground
5303COMBAT.MSG. The giant mutant looks around for a moment, and then slumps to the ground
5304COMBAT.MSG. The head explodes like a giant, bloody watermelon
5305COMBAT.MSG, severely hurting the mighty mutant
5306COMBAT.MSG, causing the giant to spend a moment cursing the universe
5307COMBAT.MSG, striking a nerve and forcing the giant to grab his arm in pain
5308COMBAT.MSG. The blow breaks the elbow and probably didn't feel too good
5309COMBAT.MSG, breaking the thick arm and spewing mutant blood over the ground
5310COMBAT.MSG, causing the giant to stumble for a moment and then collapse like a felled tree
5311COMBAT.MSG, and gallons of viscera splurt to the ground
5312COMBAT.MSG, sending the giant flying to the floor
5313COMBAT.MSG. The mutant stumbles and falls, his leg barely able to support him
5314COMBAT.MSG, striking a vital location. The mutant crumples under a broken leg
5315COMBAT.MSG. The pain of a broken leg overwhelms the mighty giant
5316COMBAT.MSG, nearly blinding the mutant
5317COMBAT.MSG, blinding the now-furious mutant
5318COMBAT.MSG, nearly blinding the mutant but throwing him off balance
5319COMBAT.MSG. The blinded mutant stumbles back, unprepared for the next attack
5320COMBAT.MSG, blinding the now-unconscious mutant
5321COMBAT.MSG. The eyes of the mutant glow for a moment, and then the light fades - permanently
5400COMBAT.MSG. The ghoul is surprised, and fails to defend against this attack
5401COMBAT.MSG. This blow buries this ghoul
5402COMBAT.MSG. The stunned ghoul's hand flies open
5403COMBAT.MSG, sneaking through his armor and striking a critical joint
5404COMBAT.MSG, sneaking through his armor and lopping the arm off
5405COMBAT.MSG. The ghoul moves the wrong way at the wrong moment, and loses an eye
5406COMBAT.MSG. The ghoul is wearing no armor there
5407COMBAT.MSG, and without armor, the ghoul is blinded
5408COMBAT.MSG, causing the ghoul to look bewildered in his final moments
5500COMBAT.MSG, knocking the big beast to the ground
5501COMBAT.MSG, stunning both brains and felling the giant animal
5502COMBAT.MSG. The mutant cow gives a loud, startled cry
5503COMBAT.MSG, breaking one of the Brahmin's legs
5504COMBAT.MSG, seriously hurting the mutant cow
5505COMBAT.MSG, easily penetrating the thick hide of the giant beast
5506COMBAT.MSG, penetrating straight through both hearts of the mutant cow
5507COMBAT.MSG, blinding both sets of eyes with a single blow
5508COMBAT.MSG, blinding both heads and stunning the mutant cow
5509COMBAT.MSG, completely blinding the Brahmin and knocking it out
5510COMBAT.MSG, the large mutant bovine stumbles for a moment
5511COMBAT.MSG. The Brahmin shakes with rage
5512COMBAT.MSG. The Brahmin snorts with pain
5513COMBAT.MSG. The Brahmin is most upset with this udderly devastating attack
5600COMBAT.MSG, sending the Radscorpion flying on it's back
5601COMBAT.MSG, separating the head from the carapace
5602COMBAT.MSG, seriously damaging the tail
5603COMBAT.MSG, putting a major hurt on it's claws
5604COMBAT.MSG. The blow slips between the cracks of the Radscorpion's tough carapace
5605COMBAT.MSG, striking through the tough carapace without pausing
5606COMBAT.MSG, passing through the natural armor and knocking the Radscorpion over
5607COMBAT.MSG. The Radscorpion cannot cope with a new sensation, like missing internal organs
5608COMBAT.MSG, sending the 'scorpion flying and crippling some of it's legs
5609COMBAT.MSG. The attack cuts through an unprotected joint on the leg, severing it
5610COMBAT.MSG, seriously wounding and blinding the mutant creature
5611COMBAT.MSG, penetrating almost to the brain. Talk about squashing a bug
5612COMBAT.MSG, almost penetrating to the brain, but blinding the creature instead
5613COMBAT.MSG. The attack is fiendish, and far too sophisticated for this simple creature
5614COMBAT.MSG. If it was human, you would swear it's pretty pissed off
5615COMBAT.MSG, knocking the poor creature senseless
5616COMBAT.MSG, spiking the brain to the floor
5700COMBAT.MSG. The rodent's skull makes several unhealthy sounds
5701COMBAT.MSG, squashing the rodent's skull like a wet paper bag
5702COMBAT.MSG, and the left paw now looks a little flat
5703COMBAT.MSG. The left paw of the rat is blown off
5704COMBAT.MSG. The right paw is heavily damaged
5705COMBAT.MSG, blowing the right paw off
5706COMBAT.MSG. The rat is seriously wounded by this attack
5707COMBAT.MSG, seriously wounding the rat and knocking it around
5708COMBAT.MSG, splattering the rat across the floor
5709COMBAT.MSG, crippling the right leg
5710COMBAT.MSG, putting a big hole in the left leg
5711COMBAT.MSG, doing some extra damage due to the sensitive location
5712COMBAT.MSG, summoning this creature to the great ratcatcher in the sky
5800COMBAT.MSG, the floater drops to the ground
5801COMBAT.MSG, the floater falls to the ground, seemingly lifeless
5802COMBAT.MSG, with serious consequences to the creatures continued existance
5803COMBAT.MSG, stunning the foul creature
5804COMBAT.MSG, hitting a sensitive spot there and stunning the floater
5805COMBAT.MSG. The blow causes the floater to shudder violently in a spray of crimson
5806COMBAT.MSG, the blow causing some sort of violent reaction in the creature
5807COMBAT.MSG. The floater suddenly bursts into flames
5808COMBAT.MSGthen it jerks wildly and quivers like a pudding surprise
5809COMBAT.MSG, with the blow hitting a sensitive spot
5810COMBAT.MSG. The creature is obviously agitated
5900COMBAT.MSG, pushed like a bad habit, the centaur falls over and is stunned
5901COMBAT.MSGas the blow strikes a critical spot
5902COMBAT.MSG, causing a massive neurological failure
5903COMBAT.MSG, stunning it with your violent attack
5904COMBAT.MSG, crippling the arm
5905COMBAT.MSGstriking a critical spot, and crippling the arm
5906COMBAT.MSG, knocking the creature over and crippling the leg
5907COMBAT.MSG, stunning the centaur as it is knocked over with a crippled leg
5908COMBAT.MSG, blinding a head
5909COMBAT.MSG, surprising the centaur. It blindly stumbles for a moment
5910COMBAT.MSG, surprising the centaur. It collapses in a heap
5911COMBAT.MSG, surprising the centaur. It collapses in a pile of goo
5912COMBAT.MSG. The attack was not as effective as it could have been
6000COMBAT.MSG, inflicting some structural damage
6001COMBAT.MSG, sparks fly and the robot goes momentarily out of control
6002COMBAT.MSG, hitting a critical component and forcing the robot out of control
6003COMBAT.MSG, hitting a critical component and causing a massive malfunction
6004COMBAT.MSG. The robot attempts to compensate
6005COMBAT.MSG. The robot strains to compensate
6006COMBAT.MSG, hitting some key part and causing heavy damage
6007COMBAT.MSG, inflicting heavy structural damage
6008COMBAT.MSG, hitting a critical component and causing severe damage
6009COMBAT.MSG. The robot shudders under this intense attack
6010COMBAT.MSG, dismantling the robot
6011COMBAT.MSG. The robot attempts to compensate, but fails, falling to the ground
6012COMBAT.MSG. The robot strains under the pressure, falling to the ground
6013COMBAT.MSG, breaking the sensor lenses
6100COMBAT.MSG, knocking the pooch to the ground
6101COMBAT.MSG, right across the snout
6102COMBAT.MSG. The dog falls over, but it is still breathing
6103COMBAT.MSG, the animal coughs up a splurt of blood
6104COMBAT.MSG, crippling the leg
6105COMBAT.MSG, crippling the leg. The animal tries to remain standing, but fails
6106COMBAT.MSG. The blinded animal howls in pain
6107COMBAT.MSG, neutering the poor animal
6200COMBAT.MSG, knocking down this mutated insect
6201COMBAT.MSG, which collapses
6202COMBAT.MSG. The manti ponders whether to continue living
6203COMBAT.MSG, crippling the limb
6204COMBAT.MSG, causing the Manti to lick it's wounds. It holds the limb oddly
6205COMBAT.MSG, bypassing the chitinous armor
6206COMBAT.MSG. The manti shrieks and shivers must unhuman like
6207COMBAT.MSG, which causes the manti to fall over. A limb is bent at an odd shape
6208COMBAT.MSG, shredding the wings
6209COMBAT.MSG, bypassing the chitinous armor and throwing the manti around
6210COMBAT.MSG, blinding the insect with an accurate blow
6300COMBAT.MSG. Even this beast seems fazed by that stunning attack
6301COMBAT.MSG, slipping past the huge claws to strike the monster. The Deathclaw shakes and growls
6302COMBAT.MSG. The result is massive damage to the Deathclaw's eyes
6400COMBAT.MSG, breaking past the plant's defenses
6401COMBAT.MSG, tearing some of its leaves off
6402COMBAT.MSG, breaking some of its fronds
6403COMBAT.MSG, damaging its chlorophyll intake
6404COMBAT.MSG, knocking the pollen out of it
6405COMBAT.MSG. almost tipping it over
6406COMBAT.MSG, damaging some of its branches
6500COMBAT.MSG. You'll have a headache tomorrow, if you live that long
6501COMBAT.MSG. Your armor provides no protection from this well-aimed blow
6502COMBAT.MSG. You feel the pain for just a moment, and then darkness takes you..
6503COMBAT.MSG, bypassing your armor. The blow knocks you off your feet
6504COMBAT.MSG, the shock makes your vision go dark. After a moment, you notice that your vision has not returned
6505COMBAT.MSG. You get a nice view of your body as your head sails through the air
6506COMBAT.MSG. Surprisingly, the damage feels no worse than normal
6507COMBAT.MSG, stunning you for a moment
6508COMBAT.MSG. Feel the pain
6509COMBAT.MSG. The attack leaves your arm useless
6510COMBAT.MSG, slipping past your armor. The blow cracks the bones in your arm like deadwood
6511COMBAT.MSG, bypassing your armor. Your arm now hangs limply at your side
6512COMBAT.MSG. The bruise will look nice, and maybe the scars will make good party talk
6513COMBAT.MSG, crushing your internal organs. All you can do is gurgle blood
6514COMBAT.MSG, sending head over heels
6515COMBAT.MSG, sending you flying and breaking your leg
6516COMBAT.MSG, melting through your armor. The blow knocks you over and seriously hurts your knee
6517COMBAT.MSG. The pain from your broken leg sends you into unconsciousness
6518COMBAT.MSG. The painful blow makes you flinch, but does little else
6519COMBAT.MSG. Unlucky for you, it also causes immediate vision loss
6520COMBAT.MSG. It takes you a moment to wipe the blood from your eyes
6521COMBAT.MSG, slipping past your armor. You stand stunned as your realize you cannot see anymore
6522COMBAT.MSG. You feel a strange sensation in your head. You realize it's imminent brain-death
6523COMBAT.MSG, making you cringe
6524COMBAT.MSG. You cup your groin and fall to the floor in pain
6525COMBAT.MSG. The pain is sufficient to knock you out. Ouch
6526COMBAT.MSG. There are not enough words in the universe to describe the pain your are feeling at this moment
6700COMBAT.MSG, breaking past the lizard's defenses
6701COMBAT.MSG, tearing some of its slimy skin off
6702COMBAT.MSG, breaking some of its digits
6703COMBAT.MSG, damaging its breathing ability
6704COMBAT.MSG, knocking the stuffing out of it
6705COMBAT.MSG, almost tipping it over
6706COMBAT.MSG, damaging some of its limbs
6800COMBAT.MSG, sliding past the creature's defenses
6801COMBAT.MSG, smearing some of its slime off
6802COMBAT.MSG, mashing some of its suction-feelers
6803COMBAT.MSG, damaging its air (?) intake
6804COMBAT.MSG, knocking the icky stuff out of it
6805COMBAT.MSG, almost tipping it over
6806COMBAT.MSG, damaging some of its tentacles
6900COMBAT.MSG, breaking past the ant's defenses
6901COMBAT.MSG, ripping some of its antennae off
6902COMBAT.MSG, breaking some of its feelers
6903COMBAT.MSG, damaging its health
6904COMBAT.MSG, knocking it around a bit
6905COMBAT.MSG, almost tipping it over
6906COMBAT.MSG, damaging some of its exoskeleton
7000COMBAT.MSG, breaking past the ant's defenses
7001COMBAT.MSG, ripping some of its antennae off
7002COMBAT.MSG, breaking some of its feelers
7003COMBAT.MSG, damaging its health
7004COMBAT.MSG, knocking it around a bit
7005COMBAT.MSG, almost tipping it over
7006COMBAT.MSG, damaging some of its exoskeleton
7100COMBAT.MSG, blowing past the Bodyguard's armor
7101COMBAT.MSG, bringing the Bodyguard to his knees
7102COMBAT.MSG, destroying his arm control mechanism
7103COMBAT.MSG, destroying his leg rotator mechanism
7104COMBAT.MSG, shattering his bionic eye
7105COMBAT.MSG, causing him to pause and shake of your massive attack
1000COMBATAI.MSGMy face! My face!
1001COMBATAI.MSGOw! That hurt!
1002COMBATAI.MSGOuch! I need some ice for my head
1003COMBATAI.MSGYou've torn off my head! Oh God, my head's gone!
1004COMBATAI.MSGBy doath! Dew tore off by doath!
1005COMBATAI.MSGI've been scalped!
1006COMBATAI.MSGMy face is gone, oh God nooooo!
1007COMBATAI.MSGWhere's my ear?
1008COMBATAI.MSGWhy's everything spinning like that?
1009COMBATAI.MSGNo one will ever be able to look at me again!
1010COMBATAI.MSGOw, my arm
1012COMBATAI.MSGYou broke my arm!
1013COMBATAI.MSGChrist, my arm's been torn off!
1014COMBATAI.MSGOh God, not my arm.
1015COMBATAI.MSGStop, please stop.
1016COMBATAI.MSG(Sob, sob)
1017COMBATAI.MSGMy arm's so broken.
1018COMBATAI.MSGHow will I earn a living now?
1019COMBATAI.MSGYou broke it.
1020COMBATAI.MSGOw, my arm
1022COMBATAI.MSGMy God! My arm!
1023COMBATAI.MSGHow can I support my family now?
1024COMBATAI.MSGBone, so white.
1025COMBATAI.MSGSo much blood.
1026COMBATAI.MSGChrist, just make the pain stop!
1027COMBATAI.MSGNot my fingers, anything but that. Noooooo!
1028COMBATAI.MSGMy arm's been torn off. Oh God, no.
1029COMBATAI.MSGJust don't kill me.
1030COMBATAI.MSGOw! That really hurt!
1031COMBATAI.MSGI think I'm gonna faint
1034COMBATAI.MSGThat hurt!
1035COMBATAI.MSGJust leave me alone!
1036COMBATAI.MSGOhhh, pain!
1037COMBATAI.MSGI'm dying!
1038COMBATAI.MSGOh Christ, that hurt so bad....
1039COMBATAI.MSGI'm bleedin' out.
1040COMBATAI.MSGI'm a gonner.
1041COMBATAI.MSGChrist, why did you have to do that?
1042COMBATAI.MSGWho'll take care of my family?
1043COMBATAI.MSGWhy me? Why?
1044COMBATAI.MSGWhat did I ever do to you?
1045COMBATAI.MSGI never wanted to die like this.
1046COMBATAI.MSGI didn't mean nothin'. Just don't kill me.
1047COMBATAI.MSGArrrgh, my spine.
1048COMBATAI.MSGW'wait, where's my spleen?
1049COMBATAI.MSGSo much, blood.
1050COMBATAI.MSGI'm starting to feel cold and sleepy.
1051COMBATAI.MSGChrist, don't kill me, please!
1052COMBATAI.MSGI won't get in your way, just let me live.
1053COMBATAI.MSGWho'll take care of my family.
1054COMBATAI.MSGDon't hurt me anymore.
1055COMBATAI.MSGYou're killing me!
1056COMBATAI.MSG(Cough, cough) Can't breathe.
1057COMBATAI.MSGFeeling faint, can't keep going.
1058COMBATAI.MSGHelp me,eeeeellp meeeeee!
1059COMBATAI.MSGOh God, oh God, oh God....
1060COMBATAI.MSGOw, my leg
1061COMBATAI.MSGMy knee!
1063COMBATAI.MSGYou tore my leg off.
1064COMBATAI.MSGMy knee's been ripped open!
1065COMBATAI.MSGI can't walk.
1066COMBATAI.MSGWhy does it have to hurt so much?!?
1067COMBATAI.MSGMy toes are missing.
1068COMBATAI.MSGMy foot, where's my foot?
1069COMBATAI.MSGI can't feel my foot!
1070COMBATAI.MSGOw, my leg
1071COMBATAI.MSGMy knee!
1073COMBATAI.MSGI'll never dance again.
1074COMBATAI.MSGI'll never run again.
1075COMBATAI.MSGI can't feel my toes.
1076COMBATAI.MSGBone, so white, pain so great....
1077COMBATAI.MSGSo much's everywhere.
1078COMBATAI.MSGI've been torn open.
1079COMBATAI.MSGIt's a bad one, oh God, why me.
1080COMBATAI.MSGOw!! My eyes!
1081COMBATAI.MSGMy face! My eyes! Arrrrgh!
1082COMBATAI.MSGMy eyes!
1083COMBATAI.MSGOh God, I'm blind!
1084COMBATAI.MSGYou tore my eye out! Oh God, nooooo.
1085COMBATAI.MSGNot my eyes, anything but that.
1086COMBATAI.MSGYou've blinded me, noooooo.
1087COMBATAI.MSGNot my eyes, please not that.
1088COMBATAI.MSGI'm blind, just kill me. (sob, sob)
1089COMBATAI.MSGWhere's my eye, if I could just push it back in....
1090COMBATAI.MSGOoooooooo, my groin! Ooooooo...
1091COMBATAI.MSGOww...It burns!
1093COMBATAI.MSGOoorp! aoooww...
1095COMBATAI.MSGThe pain, the pain...
1096COMBATAI.MSGIt burns, it burns.
1097COMBATAI.MSGI think I need to sit down.
1098COMBATAI.MSGThat wasn't fair.
1099COMBATAI.MSGCow...ard, unh....
1101COMBATAI.MSGMy aching skull
1102COMBATAI.MSGMy face! My face!
1103COMBATAI.MSGI see stars!
1104COMBATAI.MSGWho turned out the lights?
1105COMBATAI.MSGDo smathed by teef out!
1106COMBATAI.MSGHey, I part my hair on the *other* side.
1107COMBATAI.MSGHah, at least you didn't hit anything important.
1108COMBATAI.MSGOooh, my head.
1109COMBATAI.MSGI feel kinda dizzy.
1110COMBATAI.MSGAggghhh! My arm
1112COMBATAI.MSGOh man, that hurts!
1113COMBATAI.MSGMy arm hurts, it's a bad one.
1114COMBATAI.MSGMy arm's all tore up.
1115COMBATAI.MSGMy arm's broken, here...and here....
1116COMBATAI.MSGBone sticking out of arm, arrrrrgghhh.
1117COMBATAI.MSGI can't feel anything, my arm's all numb.
1118COMBATAI.MSGSomeone bend my arm back, pleeeeeaassee?!?
1119COMBATAI.MSGMy thumb's been ripped right off my hand!
1120COMBATAI.MSGAggghhh! My arm
1122COMBATAI.MSGMy hand's almost torn off!
1123COMBATAI.MSGArrrrgh! Help me find my fingers!
1124COMBATAI.MSGI'll never write that novel now.
1125COMBATAI.MSGMy arm's broken!
1126COMBATAI.MSGUnh, you tore my arm backwards.
1127COMBATAI.MSGHoly Christ! I didn't think I could feel this much pain.
1128COMBATAI.MSGNot the arm, why my arm?
1129COMBATAI.MSGIt hurts so bad.
1130COMBATAI.MSGMy legs, I can't feel my legs.
1133COMBATAI.MSGOof! My ribs hurt
1134COMBATAI.MSGUgh! That hurt!
1135COMBATAI.MSGDamn! I spit on you!
1138COMBATAI.MSGOh, my ribs!
1143COMBATAI.MSGIf it don't hurt much is it a bad one?
1144COMBATAI.MSGHeavy weight on chest, gasp, gasp, so thirsty.
1145COMBATAI.MSG*Gasp* Why can't I breathe right?
1146COMBATAI.MSGIt hurts real bad.
1147COMBATAI.MSGI think something's broken inside, I hurt real bad.
1148COMBATAI.MSGAck! Something tore loose inside my chest.
1149COMBATAI.MSGWhy's it have to hurt so damn much?
1150COMBATAI.MSGOh Christ, not a gut wound!
1151COMBATAI.MSGI just keep bleeding, it won't (cough, cough) stop.
1152COMBATAI.MSGI can't breathe and I keep coughin' up blood, that's bad ain't it?
1153COMBATAI.MSGI've got a hole all the way through me.
1154COMBATAI.MSGI can see my insides, uh oh.
1155COMBATAI.MSGMy insides are on the outside, that can't be good.
1156COMBATAI.MSGMy lungs keep hissing and (cough, cough, gasp) burbling.
1157COMBATAI.MSGI'm feeling kinda warm and sleepy now.
1158COMBATAI.MSGI think I just want to lay down for a while.
1159COMBATAI.MSGIt's getting so dark now.
1160COMBATAI.MSGAggghhh! My leg
1162COMBATAI.MSGThere goes my knee
1163COMBATAI.MSGMy dance career's over.
1164COMBATAI.MSGMy kneecap's just gone man, gone.
1165COMBATAI.MSGWhere's the lower half of my leg? Where is it?!?
1166COMBATAI.MSGIt hurts to move.
1167COMBATAI.MSGI've been hit. I can't feel my leg.
1168COMBATAI.MSGIt hurts, somebody make it stop!
1169COMBATAI.MSGThe pain! Oh, the pain!
1170COMBATAI.MSGAggghhh! My leg
1172COMBATAI.MSGThere goes my knee
1173COMBATAI.MSGI can't feel my leg at all.
1174COMBATAI.MSGI guess I better find myself a parrot and an eyepatch.
1175COMBATAI.MSGJust call me stumpy.
1176COMBATAI.MSGI'll never be able to support my family now.
1177COMBATAI.MSGWho'll hire me now?
1178COMBATAI.MSGI'm no good to anyone as a cripple. (sob, sob)
1179COMBATAI.MSGMy leg, I can't feel it.
1180COMBATAI.MSGAggghhh! I'm blind!
1181COMBATAI.MSGMy eyes! My eyes!
1182COMBATAI.MSGMy eye! You'll pay for that one!
1183COMBATAI.MSGYou tore my eye out.
1184COMBATAI.MSGWho turned out the lights?
1185COMBATAI.MSGMy eye! Aiiieeeee!
1186COMBATAI.MSGI sure wish I could see just one more sunset.
1187COMBATAI.MSGMy eye, I can't see anything!
1188COMBATAI.MSGIt's so dark, and lonely all of a sudden.
1189COMBATAI.MSGI'd give anything to see again.
1190COMBATAI.MSGOooooo, my groin!
1193COMBATAI.MSGErg! Right in the jewels!
1194COMBATAI.MSGThe pain, the pain...
1195COMBATAI.MSGDamn, that hurts!
1196COMBATAI.MSGNo more kids for me.
1197COMBATAI.MSG*unh* low blow.
1199COMBATAI.MSGOh yeah, that hurts.
1200COMBATAI.MSGOw! You son of a...
1201COMBATAI.MSGYou broke my nose!
1202COMBATAI.MSGI'll take your head off!
1203COMBATAI.MSGYou hit my fuckin' skull!
1204COMBATAI.MSGGotta try harder than that, but not much harder.
1205COMBATAI.MSGOuch, that's going to cost you.
1206COMBATAI.MSGOh, look at all the pretty birdies.
1207COMBATAI.MSGThat hurt.
1208COMBATAI.MSGYou fucked up my pretty face.
1209COMBATAI.MSGThat's going to leave a scar.
1210COMBATAI.MSGOw, my arm.
1211COMBATAI.MSGYou just made the biggest mistake of your life.
1213COMBATAI.MSGHah, I'm right handed.
1214COMBATAI.MSGOnly need one arm to kill you.
1215COMBATAI.MSGI don't need those fingers anyway.
1216COMBATAI.MSGI only need one finger for you bub.
1217COMBATAI.MSGDamn, that's gonna take away from my swing.
1218COMBATAI.MSGI can still take you out of the picture.
1219COMBATAI.MSGDamn, snapped my arm right in two.
1220COMBATAI.MSGOw, my arm
1221COMBATAI.MSGYou just made the biggest mistake of your life
1223COMBATAI.MSGI can take you left handed.
1224COMBATAI.MSGHah, I'm a southpaw anyhow.
1225COMBATAI.MSGTrying to disarm me huh?
1226COMBATAI.MSGThat's not going to stop me.
1227COMBATAI.MSGI've still got another hand to use against you.
1228COMBATAI.MSGDamn, that hurt.
1229COMBATAI.MSGMmm, that's going to leave a mark.
1233COMBATAI.MSGYup, that cracked some ribs alright.
1234COMBATAI.MSGUgh! That hurt!
1237COMBATAI.MSGOh, I think you broke a rib!
1238COMBATAI.MSGOw!!! My spleen!
1239COMBATAI.MSGYeah, that just got me started.
1240COMBATAI.MSGNow you've got me pissed off.
1241COMBATAI.MSGI didn't like that at all.
1242COMBATAI.MSGDamn, you popped a goddamn lung.
1243COMBATAI.MSGOnly a worm like you would try for a gut-wound.
1244COMBATAI.MSGI'm going to replace those organs you just holed, with some of yours.
1245COMBATAI.MSGDamn, you're better than you look, 'spose you'd hafta be.
1246COMBATAI.MSGThat's not nice at all. I'm going to have to teach you some manners.
1247COMBATAI.MSGLucky shot that time.
1248COMBATAI.MSGHope you think it's just as funny when I do that to you.
1249COMBATAI.MSGI must be getting old. That actually hurt.
1250COMBATAI.MSGYou'll have to do a lot better than that.
1251COMBATAI.MSGEverything's still workin' well enough to take you out.
1252COMBATAI.MSGJust missed my lung, I think.
1253COMBATAI.MSGI sure do have a lot of blood in me, well I used to anyway.
1254COMBATAI.MSGGoddamn that hurts!
1255COMBATAI.MSGFuck! You bastard!
1256COMBATAI.MSGNobody hits me like that, and lives.
1257COMBATAI.MSGSoon as I catch my breath (cough, cough) I'm coming for you.
1258COMBATAI.MSGYou tore something up inside me.
1259COMBATAI.MSGYou don't know what you just started.
1260COMBATAI.MSGOw, my leg
1261COMBATAI.MSGI don't need to stand to kill you!
1262COMBATAI.MSGMy knee!
1263COMBATAI.MSGMy achilles tendon!
1265COMBATAI.MSGThere goes my foxtrot.
1266COMBATAI.MSGI'll teach you to tear my toes off.
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