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0ACBRAHMN.MSGYou see a regular domesticated brahmin.
101ACBRAHMN.MSGThe brahmin's extra head is probably the result of a regular cow being exposed too soon to radiation.
102ACBRAHMN.MSGYou don�t notice anything unusual about the brahmin.
103ACBRAHMN.MSGBrahmin aren't much for conversations.
104ACBRAHMN.MSGDon't you have anything better to do than sit around talking to a two-headed cow?
100ACERIC.MSGYou see your nephew, Feargus, crying about something as usual.
101ACERIC.MSGWahh!!! Please fix the well.
102ACERIC.MSGWahh!!! I'm really thirsty but the well's broken!
103ACERIC.MSGWahh!!! The well really needs fixing.
104ACERIC.MSGHey, thanks for fixing the well!
105ACERIC.MSGBe careful.
106ACERIC.MSGThe well's fixed. You the one!
100ACFIST.MSGYou see Lucas.
101ACFIST.MSGLucas is the chief warrior of your tribe.
102ACFIST.MSGSo there you are, the Chosen One. Hmmmph! How goes your quest?
103ACFIST.MSGPretty well.
104ACFIST.MSGNot so good.
106ACFIST.MSGI must get back to it.
107ACFIST.MSGMaybe you need a warrior's help.
108ACFIST.MSGSure. What can you help me with?
109ACFIST.MSGNope. I am doing fine.
110ACFIST.MSGGood answer, dumb one. Now keep quiet while I practice.
112ACFIST.MSGI know how to fight with fists and feet. Think you can learn that?
113ACFIST.MSGWhat can you teach me?
114ACFIST.MSGMay the wind be at your back, Chosen One.
116ACFIST.MSGHmmm -- spend a day with me and I'll teach you how to punch harder.
117ACFIST.MSGOkay. Let's do it.
118ACFIST.MSGSorry, don't have the time right now.
119ACFIST.MSGYou know all I can teach you, Chosen One. Good luck to you on your quest.
120ACFIST.MSGOh, okay.
121ACFIST.MSGHa! Chosen One, you aren't graceful enough for me to teach you anything.
122ACFIST.MSGOh, okay.
123ACFIST.MSGYou are not quick enough in combat for my training to help you, Chosen One.
124ACFIST.MSGOh, okay.
125ACFIST.MSGYou need to learn more about combat before I can help you, little brother.
126ACFIST.MSGOh, okay.
127ACFIST.MSGI can teach you a more powerful kick. It will take us all of one day.
129ACFIST.MSGI can teach you enough to fight better. It will take us all of one day.
131ACFIST.MSGYou have learned well, Chosen One. May the wind be at your back.
132ACFIST.MSGThanks for your help.
100ACGECKO.MSGThe gecko sneers at you.
100ACJORDAN.MSGYou see Jordan, twirling his spear as usual.
101ACJORDAN.MSGYou see Jordan, twirling his spear as usual.
102ACJORDAN.MSGGood luck! Our village depends on you.
103ACJORDAN.MSGChosen One, the way you use a spear, you'll be meat for the geckos in no time. I can show you a few tricks.
105ACJORDAN.MSGNo, thanks.
106ACJORDAN.MSGThis will take a little while.
107ACJORDAN.MSGYou're a swift student -- it looks like you've learned all I can teach you.
100ACJORDON.MSGYou see Jordan, twirling his spear as usual.
101ACJORDON.MSGYou see Jordan, twirling his spear as usual.
102ACJORDON.MSGGood luck! I must get back to my training.
103ACJORDON.MSGHello Chosen One. I see your in need of a little training. Can I be of help?
106ACJORDON.MSGThis will take a little while.
107ACJORDON.MSGThere you have learned what I can teach you about spears.
100ACKLINT.MSGYou see Klint, a fellow tribesman.
101ACKLINT.MSGYou see Klint.
102ACKLINT.MSGYou see a young man with bulging muscles and a very confident air about him.
103ACKLINT.MSGGood day to you,
104ACKLINT.MSG. You have not completed the trial of the Elder and may not pass.
106ACKLINT.MSGI need to go back to the village.
107ACKLINT.MSGI have some questions of you.
108ACKLINT.MSGAll right, I'm off to take the test.
110ACKLINT.MSG. You go temple. You take test. You not come back here until take test. Obey Elder. Go!
112ACKLINT.MSGForgive me,
113ACKLINT.MSG, but I can not allow you to pass. If you wish to return to the village you may do so only by passing the trial set before you.
114ACKLINT.MSGI see. I guess I'll be going then.
115ACKLINT.MSGCan I ask you some questions then?
116ACKLINT.MSGI could kick your ass and just walk out of here.
117ACKLINT.MSGForgive me, but I have no answers to your questions. Take the trial set before you by the Elder and prove yourself worthy to lead our people.
118ACKLINT.MSGVery well.
119ACKLINT.MSGTwo people working together can move the obelisk that blocks the path. Alone, you would fail. I have no intention of helping you until you pass the trial of the Elder.
120ACKLINT.MSGUh-huh. I get the picture.
121ACKLINT.MSGGreetings, Chosen One! It is good to see you. How may I serve you?
122ACKLINT.MSGMe say hi. That all.
123ACKLINT.MSGJust thought I'd say hello. I'll be leaving on my quest soon.
100ACMORLIS.MSGYou see Morlis, one of your aunts -- the one who never liked you.
101ACMORLIS.MSGWhy do you bother me, nephew? Can't you see I'm busy?
102ACMORLIS.MSGUmm, okay. Sorry.
103ACMORLIS.MSGWhat is it? You know I have a lot to do!
104ACMORLIS.MSGUmmm, Mynoc said...
105ACMORLIS.MSGMynoc said what? Out with it, child!
106ACMORLIS.MSGThat, umm, you might have some flint.
107ACMORLIS.MSGI do. You want some, is that it?
108ACMORLIS.MSGWell, yeah.
109ACMORLIS.MSGWell... I want three doses of healing powder. Bad times are coming and I'm going to be ready. Bring them to me and you can have the flint. Now get to it!
110ACMORLIS.MSGYes, ma'am!
111ACMORLIS.MSGNow don't waste my time. Do you have the powders?
112ACMORLIS.MSGYes, here they are.
113ACMORLIS.MSGUmm, I guess not.
114ACMORLIS.MSGHere is the flint. Now off with you! I don't have time to gossip.
115ACMORLIS.MSGThank you, Aunt Morlis.
116ACMORLIS.MSGAgain you waste my time, worthless nephew! How did you ever become the Chosen One?
117ACMORLIS.MSGYes, Aunt Morlis.
118ACMORLIS.MSGUh, Aunt Morlis, I have three right here.
150ACMORLIS.MSGAunt Morlis, I'm on a perilous quest for the salvation of our village. My chances of success will be greatly enhanced if I keep the healing powders for myself and you give me the flint. Don't you agree?
151ACMORLIS.MSGWhat do you think you are doing, child? This is no way for the Chosen One to act. Now get out of my sight!
152ACMORLIS.MSGIf this flint is so important that you are willing to disgrace the name of the Chosen One, then here. Take the flint and get out of my sight.
153ACMORLIS.MSGYes, Aunt Morlis.
154ACMORLIS.MSGWell... Oh, very well. Here is the flint. I wish you a safe journey, child.
155ACMORLIS.MSGNo, I don't. Now stop wasting my time and get out of here!
156ACMORLIS.MSGYes, Aunt Morlis.
200ACMORLIS.MSGSo you've returned. Did you find the holy Thirteen?
201ACMORLIS.MSGNo, Aunt Morlis, I...
202ACMORLIS.MSGThen get yourself out of here and find it! People are depending on you!
203ACMORLIS.MSGYes, Aunt Morlis.
204ACMORLIS.MSGWell, here you are again. Have you once again failed to complete your quest?
205ACMORLIS.MSGYes, Aunt Morlis, but...
206ACMORLIS.MSGThen get yourself out of here and don't come back until you do! Why waste time coming back here, when you could be using that time to continue your search!?
207ACMORLIS.MSGYes, Aunt Morlis.
208ACMORLIS.MSGThe fact that you are standing here must mean that you have completed your quest. You wouldn't waste precious time returning here empty-handed, would you?
209ACMORLIS.MSGYes, Aunt Morlis. I mean no, Aunt Morlis. Uh, I've got to go, Aunt Morlis.
210ACMORLIS.MSGSo, child. Once again you stand before me. Are you empty-handed yet again?
211ACMORLIS.MSGYes, Aunt Morlis.
213ACMORLIS.MSG. People are dying, cattle are dying, and crops are failing. Everyone is either hungry, sick, or both. Our time draws near. If you do not find the GECK soon, we are doomed. Do you understand me?
214ACMORLIS.MSGYes, Aunt Morlis.
215ACMORLIS.MSGThen get yourself out of here and find the GECK! People are depending on you!
301ACMORLIS.MSGWhy do you bother me, niece? Can't you see I'm busy?
100ACMYNOC.MSGYou see the bridge guard.
101ACMYNOC.MSGYou see Mynoc, the bridge guard.
150ACMYNOC.MSGBefore you stands a large warrior of your village, holding a spear.
152ACMYNOC.MSGHello, Chosen One. Off to find the GECK?
154ACMYNOC.MSGYes. But before I go, I would like to ask you some questions.
155ACMYNOC.MSGNot just yet. I�m going to look around a little bit more.
156ACMYNOC.MSGWell, may the gods watch over you.
157ACMYNOC.MSGThank you, goodbye.
158ACMYNOC.MSGWhat do you want to know?
159ACMYNOC.MSGWhat can you tell me of the men who trade with our village?
160ACMYNOC.MSGWhat can you tell me about this object I have from a vault?
161ACMYNOC.MSGNothing, never mind.
162ACMYNOC.MSGVery well, but don't waste too much time. Without the GECK, we're doomed.
163ACMYNOC.MSGI know, don�t worry -- I�ve got it all under control.
165ACMYNOC.MSGI must be going. Goodbye.
166ACMYNOC.MSGThe traders? They come from Klamath about every two months. There won't be another here for a month or more, but Klamath's only a few days east of here.
167ACMYNOC.MSGThank you. Goodbye.
168ACMYNOC.MSGWhat can you tell me about this object I have from the sacred vault?
169ACMYNOC.MSGLooks like a metal water gourd. Maybe the vault sent it to us as an omen.
170ACMYNOC.MSGCan you tell me who brought this item to our village?
171ACMYNOC.MSGThank you. I must going. Goodbye.
172ACMYNOC.MSGI hope you do.
173ACMYNOC.MSGYour overconfidence makes all of us suffer! Goodbye!
175ACMYNOC.MSGWhy? Look around you -- our village dies. The gardens wither and every day children and old ones collapse. You must bring Eden to us before it is too late!
176ACMYNOC.MSGAnd I will take care of it. Goodbye.
177ACMYNOC.MSGI am the Chosen One -- I "must" do only as I please. Goodbye.
178ACMYNOC.MSGI don't remember his name, just that he was old and loud -- too loud for proper manners -- but he knew many things. He was from Klamath, east like I said.
179ACMYNOC.MSGThank you, goodbye.
180ACMYNOC.MSGAre you still here? You must go find the GECK. Staying here doesn't help us.
181ACMYNOC.MSGThis bridge is all you need to worry about, friend. I can take care of myself.
182ACMYNOC.MSGI was just heading out. Goodbye, my friend.
183ACMYNOC.MSGI will speak to you no longer, insubordinate pig!
184ACMYNOC.MSGI would like to ask you another question.
185ACMYNOC.MSGThat was quick! Have you found the holy Vault 13?
187ACMYNOC.MSGNo, not yet.
188ACMYNOC.MSGYou have? Wonderful! Did you bring back the GECK?
190ACMYNOC.MSGNo. I haven�t spoken to the people of the vault yet.
191ACMYNOC.MSGI don�t believe that�s any business of yours, my friend.
192ACMYNOC.MSGNo? Chosen One, three old ones have died since you left. You must not waste any more time.
193ACMYNOC.MSGI�ll find it, don�t worry.
194ACMYNOC.MSGI�m getting sick of your constant nagging.
195ACMYNOC.MSGWell, why are you talking to me? Talk to them, and get the GECK.
196ACMYNOC.MSGI will -- all in good time, my friend.
197ACMYNOC.MSGI�m getting sick of your constant nagging.
198ACMYNOC.MSGWhat news of the GECK, Chosen One?
199ACMYNOC.MSGI have found the vault!
200ACMYNOC.MSGI have not been able to find Vault 13.
201ACMYNOC.MSGWell, look, it's the Chosen One.
203ACMYNOC.MSGShut up.
204ACMYNOC.MSGCan I ask you a question?
205ACMYNOC.MSGNo, I've no time for you.
206ACMYNOC.MSGWhatever. Good bye.
207ACMYNOC.MSGOh well. See you around.
209ACMYNOC.MSGGreetings, dull one! See bridge? You cross, you be careful. Bridge dangerous. You not want to fall. Okay?
210ACMYNOC.MSGUmm... Hunh?
211ACMYNOC.MSGWretch! You have failed the village!
212ACMYNOC.MSGYou betray us. For that you'll die!
213ACMYNOC.MSGYou are a traitor to your own people.
214ACMYNOC.MSGWhy do you do this?
215ACMYNOC.MSGThe Elder was wrong. You are evil.
300ACMYNOC.MSGMy father taught me how to make stronger blades than most. Get me a piece of flint and I'll fix your spear, too. You'll need it in the wilderness.
301ACMYNOC.MSGWhere would I get some of this flint?
302ACMYNOC.MSGThey say your aunt Morlis has been hoarding a piece. She's so ill-tempered I don't think anyone's asked her. Of course, the witch will want something in return.
303ACMYNOC.MSGThanks. Goodbye.
304ACMYNOC.MSGDid you talk your aunt out of her flint?
305ACMYNOC.MSGYes, I have some right here.
306ACMYNOC.MSGNot yet.
307ACMYNOC.MSGIt's a good piece. Give me your spear.
308ACMYNOC.MSGHere you go.
309ACMYNOC.MSGI guess I don't have one.
310ACMYNOC.MSGNow, you put the pieces like so...
311ACMYNOC.MSGThe Chosen One without a spear? Well, you'll have to take one of mine. Now, let's get to work...
312ACMYNOC.MSGHere is your new spear.
313ACMYNOC.MSGThank you, my friend -- this will help a lot.
314ACMYNOC.MSGYes, but I was wondering about your spear. It looks a little different.
400ACMYNOC.MSGWelcome home, Chosen One! Did you find the vault? Have you returned with the GECK?
401ACMYNOC.MSGMe not find yet.
402ACMYNOC.MSGNo, I haven't found it yet.
403ACMYNOC.MSGI'm not in the mood for your questions. Goodbye.
404ACMYNOC.MSGThings are not going well, Chosen One. The drought is getting worse and our crops are sure to fail. We are trying to salvage what we can to build up our food reserves.
405ACMYNOC.MSGWhy no trade with other village?
406ACMYNOC.MSGMe doing best me can. Me find GECK. Me return.
407ACMYNOC.MSGWhy can't we trade with other villages for the food we need?
408ACMYNOC.MSGI'm doing my best. When I find the GECK I'll return with it.
409ACMYNOC.MSGWe are a simple people and have little to offer in trade. The few towns that we have contacted while you were away have shown no interest in helping us.
412ACMYNOC.MSGYou are our hope, Chosen One. Please do not fail us!
413ACMYNOC.MSGIt is good to see you, Chosen One. How fares your quest?
414ACMYNOC.MSGMe still look.
415ACMYNOC.MSGI'm still looking.
416ACMYNOC.MSGI don't want to talk about it.
417ACMYNOC.MSGYou must hurry. Things are getting worse here at home. Soon there will be little food and the Elder speaks of rationing what we have. I fear for the future of Arroyo.
418ACMYNOC.MSGChosen One! Please tell me that you have completed your quest. Our village is dying, and so are our people.
419ACMYNOC.MSGNo, me still look.
420ACMYNOC.MSGNo, I'm still looking.
421ACMYNOC.MSGHow are things?
422ACMYNOC.MSGI am sorry, Chosen One, but I am beginning to question my faith in you. The very lives of our people are in your hands. Please find the holy Thirteen and return to us with the GECK!
423ACMYNOC.MSGOur crops fail, the brahmin die, everyone goes hungry now. The cries of the children at night allow no one any sleep. We are becoming a desperate people.
424ACMYNOC.MSGMe continue look.
425ACMYNOC.MSGI'll do what I can.
426ACMYNOC.MSGOnce again you return to us, Chosen One. Not empty-handed, I hope?
427ACMYNOC.MSGMe sorry, no find GECK yet.
428ACMYNOC.MSGI'm sorry, I still haven't found the GECK.
429ACMYNOC.MSGI've had enough of this.
430ACMYNOC.MSGPeople are dying here while you stroll about the lands. Perhaps you should be searching elsewhere instead of returning here.
500ACMYNOC.MSGHave you talked to the Elder yet?
1002ACMYNOC.MSGVault Dweller
1006ACMYNOC.MSGChosen One
1009ACMYNOC.MSGHealing Powder
1100ACMYNOC.MSGThe Elder is your mother and our leader.
1101ACMYNOC.MSGOur great ancestor who gave us knowledge.
1102ACMYNOC.MSGThe first to fight and win over chaos.
1103ACMYNOC.MSGThat would be our beautiful village.
1104ACMYNOC.MSGThat�s a trading outpost a few days east of here.
1105ACMYNOC.MSGThe Vault is heaven.
1106ACMYNOC.MSGYou are the Chosen One.
1107ACMYNOC.MSGHe heals us with his herbs and magic. He is in the north part of our village.
1108ACMYNOC.MSGHe heals us with his herbs and magic. He is in the north part of our village.
1109ACMYNOC.MSGIt is a magic powder which will heal you, but will make you sleepy.
1110ACMYNOC.MSGThe Great Bridge exits our village in the south.
100ACNAGOR.MSGYou see your young cousin, Nagor. You don't see his dog, Smoke, anywhere.
101ACNAGOR.MSGYou've known Nagor since he was an infant, and have always helped him when you could.
102ACNAGOR.MSGCousin, am I glad to see you! I need your help.
103ACNAGOR.MSGSorry, but I don't have the time.
104ACNAGOR.MSGWhat do you need help with?
105ACNAGOR.MSGThen I'll go out in the wilds myself!
106ACNAGOR.MSGHold on there... what was it you need help with?
107ACNAGOR.MSGYou do that.
108ACNAGOR.MSGSmoke ran off into the hunting grounds and hasn't come back and now Morlis won't let me go find him. She says it's too dangerous and he's just a dog, but I was going to go anyway. But now you're here and you could do it and I wouldn't get in trouble.
109ACNAGOR.MSGSure. But where are the hunting grounds?
110ACNAGOR.MSGSure. I'll find him right now.
111ACNAGOR.MSGForget it, I don't have time for this.
112ACNAGOR.MSGWhat'd you do, get hit in the head with a rock? They're on the far side of Hakunin's tent, north of the village.
113ACNAGOR.MSGI'll be back with him soon.
114ACNAGOR.MSGHave you found Smoke yet?
115ACNAGOR.MSGNo, not yet. Where did you say the hunting grounds were?
116ACNAGOR.MSGNo, not yet.
117ACNAGOR.MSGHave you found Smoke yet?
118ACNAGOR.MSGNo, not yet. I'll be back soon, though.
119ACNAGOR.MSGI am sorry, but he is dead.
120ACNAGOR.MSGYou're just saying that 'cause you don't wanna look! I don't care what Morlis says, I'm going to find him.
121ACNAGOR.MSGNagor, what if something happens to you? Morlis would be alone and that would make her real sad. You don't want to make her sad, do you?
122ACNAGOR.MSGYou do that.
123ACNAGOR.MSGWell... no, I don't want to do that. Okay, I won't go, but it's not fair!
124ACNAGOR.MSGSmoke will be okay. Goodbye.
125ACNAGOR.MSGYou found Smoke! Thanks! Smoke, you're a bad dog!
126ACNAGOR.MSGYou're welcome. Goodbye.
127ACNAGOR.MSGThanks again. I hope you have a really fun trip!
128ACNAGOR.MSGI miss Smoke. Why couldn't you save him? You're the Chosen One.
129ACNAGOR.MSGI'm busy, dumb one. Go play someplace else.
131ACNAGOR.MSGI'm going after Smoke.
200ACNAGOR.MSGHello cousin... uh, I mean Chosen One. I hope you've found the GECK. I've heard a lot of talk about hard times to come.
201ACNAGOR.MSGHello cousin... uh, I mean Chosen One. I hope you've found the GECK. I've heard a lot of talk about hard times to come.
202ACNAGOR.MSGMe still look, Nagor.
203ACNAGOR.MSGI'm still looking, nephew.
204ACNAGOR.MSGWelcome home, cousin. Things are getting a little tight around here. Have you found the holy Thirteen and the GECK?
205ACNAGOR.MSGWelcome home, cousin. Things are getting a little tight around here. Have you found the holy Thirteen and the GECK?
206ACNAGOR.MSGMe not find. Sorry.
207ACNAGOR.MSGI'm sorry, Nagor. I'm still looking.
208ACNAGOR.MSGHello again, cousin. I guess you've noticed that things are really falling apart here. Please find the GECK. We are in desperate need!
209ACNAGOR.MSGHello again, cousin. I guess you've noticed that things are really falling apart here. Please find the GECK. We are in desperate need!
210ACNAGOR.MSGHi, cousin.
211ACNAGOR.MSGHi, cousin.
212ACNAGOR.MSGYou not sound like usual self.
213ACNAGOR.MSGYou don't sound like your usual self.
214ACNAGOR.MSGI'm sorry, cousin. Things have been getting worse and worse since you last left. People are sick, the brahmin are dying and... I... my dog Smoke died - Morlis cooked him. I miss him so much. Sorry, but I can't really talk any more...
215ACNAGOR.MSGI'm sorry, cousin. Things have been getting worse and worse since you last left. People are sick, the brahmin are dying and... I... my dog Smoke died. I miss him so much. Sorry, but I can't really talk any more...
302ACNAGOR.MSGCousin, am I glad to see you! I need your help.
100ACSPORPL.MSGYou see a plant of dark soul.
101ACSPORPL.MSGThese plants aren�t just harmful to the garden. They also have the ability to attack humans and other creatures.
102ACSPORPL.MSGThese plants of dark soul are an odd mutation. It is doubtful that they mutated this way as a result of natural causes.
103ACSPORPL.MSGYou notice nothing extra about these plants - other than the fact that they attack humans.
100ACTEMVIL.MSGYou see Cameron, a fellow tribesman.
101ACTEMVIL.MSGYou see Cameron.
102ACTEMVIL.MSGYou see a young man with bulging muscles and a very confident air about him.
104ACTEMVIL.MSG. I have the honor of being your final challenge. To continue in your quest you must defeat me in unarmed combat. Shall we begin?
105ACTEMVIL.MSGMe got questions.
106ACTEMVIL.MSGOkay, we fight.
107ACTEMVIL.MSGNo, me get ready first.
108ACTEMVIL.MSGI've got some questions for you first.
109ACTEMVIL.MSGSure, let's party.
110ACTEMVIL.MSGI think I need a moment to prepare for this.
111ACTEMVIL.MSGWhat would you like to know?
112ACTEMVIL.MSGWhy we fight?
113ACTEMVIL.MSGWe fight to death?
114ACTEMVIL.MSGWe fight unarmed?
115ACTEMVIL.MSGOkay, we fight now.
116ACTEMVIL.MSGMe need get ready.
117ACTEMVIL.MSGWhy do we have to fight?
118ACTEMVIL.MSGIs this a fight to the death?
119ACTEMVIL.MSGYou say that we are to fight unarmed?
120ACTEMVIL.MSGLet's get this fight over with.
121ACTEMVIL.MSGI need a moment to prepare for the fight.
122ACTEMVIL.MSGThe path of the Chosen One is not an easy trail to walk,
123ACTEMVIL.MSG. You will be faced with many challenges throughout your lifetime, and the most difficult of these will be dealing with your fellow man. There will come a time when diplomacy and tact will prove to be useless and your hand must be raised instead. This challenge prepares you to face another human, look him in the eyes, and know that you may have to kill him.
126ACTEMVIL.MSGNo, my friend, you need only defeat me. When the time comes, we will end the battle.
127ACTEMVIL.MSGMe understand.
128ACTEMVIL.MSGAll right.
129ACTEMVIL.MSGYes. Weapons tend to distance us from battle and desensitize the effects of our actions against others. When you strike another human being with your bare fist, you both see and feel the pain you cause. Battle becomes very personal and all too real then. This is an important lesson for you,
131ACTEMVIL.MSGMe got it.
132ACTEMVIL.MSGI understand.
133ACTEMVIL.MSGVery well. Shall we begin?
134ACTEMVIL.MSGMe ready.
135ACTEMVIL.MSGNo, me get ready first.
136ACTEMVIL.MSGI'm ready.
137ACTEMVIL.MSGNo, I need some time to prepare.
138ACTEMVIL.MSGVery well. Return and tell me when you are ready for your challenge.
139ACTEMVIL.MSGAre you ready for your challenge,
141ACTEMVIL.MSGMe ready.
142ACTEMVIL.MSGMe not ready yet.
143ACTEMVIL.MSGI think so.
144ACTEMVIL.MSGNo, give me a minute.
145ACTEMVIL.MSGExcellent! Your equipment will be kept in the trunk outside of the room. You can get it after the fight. Let the fight begin! Good luck to you
147ACTEMVIL.MSGIt is good to see you again, Chosen One. How may I help you?
148ACTEMVIL.MSGMe want visit temple again.
149ACTEMVIL.MSGWant fight again?
150ACTEMVIL.MSGJust say hello. Me go now.
151ACTEMVIL.MSGI'd like to visit the temple again.
152ACTEMVIL.MSGHello, Cameron. Ready for another fight?
153ACTEMVIL.MSGJust thought I'd say hi. See you later.
154ACTEMVIL.MSGTake the path to my left, Chosen One. It leads to the temple proper. The cave entrance behind me will return you to the last chamber.
155ACTEMVIL.MSGOkay, me go.
156ACTEMVIL.MSGAll right. Thanks
157ACTEMVIL.MSGNo thank you, Chosen One. I still carry the bruises from our last encounter and will need years to recover!
158ACTEMVIL.MSGGo bye, Cameron.
159ACTEMVIL.MSGHa! Good day to you, Cameron.
160ACTEMVIL.MSGChosen One, my ass. I am going to make you the dead one!
161ACTEMVIL.MSGYou have defeated me. You are worthy, Chosen One.
165ACTEMVIL.MSGI disagree with you. I think that a peaceful solution to any problem is possible.
166ACTEMVIL.MSGYou may be correct,
167ACTEMVIL.MSG, but not in our current situation. You must defeat me to succeed in your trial.
168ACTEMVIL.MSGLook, I don't know all of your strengths and weaknesses, and you don't know mine. Accidents do happen, so what if one of us inadvertently kills the other other? Let's just end this now rather than take that chance, okay?
169ACTEMVIL.MSGHmm... I see your point. I wouldn't want to be responsible for killing you when all I meant to do was test your mettle. Very well -- you may pass, Chosen One.
170ACTEMVIL.MSGHmm... I see your point. However, we must still do battle. I will simply take care not to hurt you too much.
171ACTEMVIL.MSGThanks! I'll see you back in the village.
200ACTEMVIL.MSGI don't seem to remember our last battle, Chosen One. I will always wonder how you managed to get past me.
201ACTEMVIL.MSGYou have a tongue of purest silver, Chosen One. Your skill with words will open many doors for you.
300ACTEMVIL.MSGAnd to you as well, Chosen One. May the spirits guid you on your quest.
301ACTEMVIL.MSGThanks, Cameron.
302ACTEMVIL.MSGChosen One, I could not help but notice that you lack strong combat skills. It has been my experience that you can not always rely on your wits or words for protection. With your permission I will teach you a few things that I think you will find most useful.
303ACTEMVIL.MSGYes, you teach.
304ACTEMVIL.MSGNo, me not need.
305ACTEMVIL.MSGYes, please teach me all that you can.
306ACTEMVIL.MSGThanks, but I think I can handle myself just fine.
307ACTEMVIL.MSGYou learn well, Chosen One. I think you will be able to handle yourself in a fight now. However, remember that even the strongest of warriors must sometimes retreat. There is no shame in living to fight another day.
308ACTEMVIL.MSGMe thank you, Cameron.
309ACTEMVIL.MSGThanks, Cameron. I will remember your words.
310ACTEMVIL.MSGVery well. Return to me if you change your mind.
311ACTEMVIL.MSGMe thank you, Cameron.
100ACVILLGR.MSGYou see a male villager.
101ACVILLGR.MSGYou see a female villager.
150ACVILLGR.MSGA kindly member of your village.
152ACVILLGR.MSGHello! I hear you are the Chosen One. Now, perhaps, our village can be saved.
153ACVILLGR.MSGCan you tell me where I can find more healing powder?
154ACVILLGR.MSGWhat can you tell me of the traders who trade with us?
155ACVILLGR.MSGIt is good to see you, but I must be going.
156ACVILLGR.MSGGods protect you on your journey.
157ACVILLGR.MSGI do have a question for you.
158ACVILLGR.MSGGoodbye, my friend.
159ACVILLGR.MSGGo see Hakunin in the north corner of the village. He can help you.
160ACVILLGR.MSGThank you. Goodbye.
161ACVILLGR.MSGOh, it's not my place to deal with the traders. Talk to Mynoc, the guardian of the great bridge. He sees them all.
162ACVILLGR.MSGThank you. Goodbye.
163ACVILLGR.MSGCould you tell me where the great bridge is located?
164ACVILLGR.MSGOne more question, if I may.
165ACVILLGR.MSGGood joke, Chosen One! You know where it is. That way -- to the south.
166ACVILLGR.MSGThank you. Goodbye.
167ACVILLGR.MSGOne more question, if I may.
168ACVILLGR.MSGOf course, what is it?
169ACVILLGR.MSGCould you tell me where I can find some healing herbs?
170ACVILLGR.MSGWhat can you tell me of the traders who trade with us?
171ACVILLGR.MSGNever mind.
172ACVILLGR.MSGOh gods -- may the spirit of the Founder guide you. If you're the Chosen One, we're going to need it.
174ACVILLGR.MSGHave a safe journey.
176ACVILLGR.MSGWe're doomed! You have failed your quest.
177ACVILLGR.MSGYou cannot continue like this.
180ACVILLGR.MSGYou are a traitor to your own people.
181ACVILLGR.MSGWhy do you do this?
182ACVILLGR.MSGYou are evil. The Chosen One is evil!
183ACVILLGR.MSGThey come to our village from the east, but their goods are poor.
184ACVILLGR.MSGCould you tell me where I can find some healing herbs?
185ACVILLGR.MSGThank you. Goodbye.
186ACVILLGR.MSGOne more question, if I may.
300ACVILLGR.MSGHello, Chosen One. Nice to see you again. I pray that your holy quest is going well. Is there something I can help you with?
301ACVILLGR.MSGChosen One, our people are dying. You must hurry your search for the holy GECK. What may I do to aid you in this most holy of quests?
302ACVILLGR.MSGWe are running out of time, Chosen One. Please, finish your holy quest soon. We can not afford to wait much longer. If there's anythying I can do to help you to save us, let me know.
303ACVILLGR.MSGChosen One, our village is almost dead... you're our only hope. Is there anything I could tell you that would aide you in our salvation?
1002ACVILLGR.MSGVault Dweller
1006ACVILLGR.MSGChosen One
1009ACVILLGR.MSGHealing Powder
1100ACVILLGR.MSGThe Elder is your mother and our leader.
1101ACVILLGR.MSGOur great ancestor who gave us knowledge.
1102ACVILLGR.MSGThe first to fight and win over chaos.
1103ACVILLGR.MSGThat would be our beautiful village.
1104ACVILLGR.MSGThat�s a trading outpost a few days east of here.
1105ACVILLGR.MSGThe Vault is heaven.
1106ACVILLGR.MSGYou are the Chosen One.
1107ACVILLGR.MSGHe heals us with his herbs and magic. He is in the north part of our village.
1108ACVILLGR.MSGHe heals us with his herbs and magic. He is in the north part of our village.
1109ACVILLGR.MSGIt is a magic powder which will heal you, but will make you sleepy.
1110ACVILLGR.MSGThe Great Bridge exits our village in the south.
100ACWARIOR.MSGYou see a tribesman.
101ACWARIOR.MSGYou see a tribeswoman.
150ACWARIOR.MSGBefore you stands a large warrior of your village, wearing pants fashioned from animal hides.
152ACWARIOR.MSGHello, Chosen One, can I help you in your quest?
153ACWARIOR.MSGI�m just looking around the village one last time before I leave.
154ACWARIOR.MSGWhat can you tell me of the traders who trade with us?
155ACWARIOR.MSGCould you tell me where I can find more healing powder?
156ACWARIOR.MSGGods give you speed to bring back Eden before it is too late.
157ACWARIOR.MSGI do have a question for you.
158ACWARIOR.MSGGoodbye, my friend.
159ACWARIOR.MSGOh, you're testing me. Go see Hakunin in the north corner of the village. He makes our medicines.
160ACWARIOR.MSGThank you. Goodbye.
161ACWARIOR.MSGWell, I've seen them when Mynoc has us guard the bridge, but he does all the dealing. Talk to him at the great bridge.
162ACWARIOR.MSGThank you. Goodbye.
163ACWARIOR.MSGCould tell me where the great bridge is located?
164ACWARIOR.MSGOne more question, if I may.
165ACWARIOR.MSGChosen One? The great bridge is at the south end of the village. You know, you've been there many times.
166ACWARIOR.MSGThank you. Goodbye.
167ACWARIOR.MSGOne more question, if I may.
168ACWARIOR.MSGOf course, what is it?
169ACWARIOR.MSGCould you tell me where I can find some healing herbs?
170ACWARIOR.MSGWhat can you tell me of the traders who trade with us?
171ACWARIOR.MSGNever mind.
172ACWARIOR.MSGAh, dull one. They say you are the Chosen One. I must say the spirit of the Founder works in strange ways.
174ACWARIOR.MSGHave a safe journey, dull one -- for our sake.
176ACWARIOR.MSGYou betray us. You must die.
177ACWARIOR.MSGA traitor to your own people!
178ACWARIOR.MSGWhy do you do this?
179ACWARIOR.MSGDeath to the evil one!
180ACWARIOR.MSGThey are nothing to us! They scavenge the dying corpse of the wastes to live.
181ACWARIOR.MSGCould you tell me where I can find some healing herbs?
182ACWARIOR.MSGThank you. Goodbye.
183ACWARIOR.MSGOne more question, if i may.
300ACWARIOR.MSGHello again, Chosen One. May the warrior spirits protect and guide you.
301ACWARIOR.MSGAre you having difficulites, Chosen One? You must not fail us - please hurry.
302ACWARIOR.MSGWhy do you wait so long? We must have the GECK soon. Chosen One, our village is dying.
303ACWARIOR.MSGChosen One, our village is almost dead. Why have you not brought the holy GECK to us yet?
970ACWARIOR.MSGThat is my name.
971ACWARIOR.MSGYou are talking to me.
972ACWARIOR.MSGWhat a silly question. That's me.
980ACWARIOR.MSGI don't know anything about that.
981ACWARIOR.MSGSorry. No clue.
982ACWARIOR.MSGNever heard of it.
1002ACWARIOR.MSGVault Dweller
1006ACWARIOR.MSGChosen One
1009ACWARIOR.MSGHealing Powder
1100ACWARIOR.MSGThe Elder is your mother and our leader.
1101ACWARIOR.MSGOur great ancestor who gave us knowledge.
1102ACWARIOR.MSGThe first to fight and win over chaos.
1103ACWARIOR.MSGThat would be our beautiful village.
1104ACWARIOR.MSGThat�s a trading outpost a few days east of here.
1105ACWARIOR.MSGThe Vault is heaven.
1106ACWARIOR.MSGYou are the Chosen One.
1107ACWARIOR.MSGHe heals us with his herbs and magic. He is in the north part of our village.
1108ACWARIOR.MSGHe heals us with his herbs and magic. He is in the north part of our village.
1109ACWARIOR.MSGIt is a magic powder which will heal you, but will make you sleepy.
1110ACWARIOR.MSGThe Great Bridge exits our village in the south.
10AFAILED.SVEChosen. The village dies. All of our futures die, too.
100AHELDER.MSGYou see the Elder of your village.
101AHELDER.MSGIt is the Elder.
102AHELDER.MSGThe Elder is just that - old, older than you can remember. Still, she has the strength and fire to lead the village through these hard times.
103AHELDER.MSGCongratulations, Chosen One, you have survived the Temple of Trials. Are you ready for your quest?
104AHELDER.MSGWhat were you doing - trying to get me killed in the temple?
105AHELDER.MSGOf course.
106AHELDER.MSGI'd like to think about it some more.
107AHELDER.MSGI am proud of you, Chosen. You have overcome much. Now. You must go find Vault 13. Vault 13. Bring the GECK home. GECK. Here is a shiny bottle. Vic gave us this. Vic. He is a trader in Klamath. Klamath. Go to Vic. Find Vault 13. Find GECK. Come home. Do your best, child.
112AHELDER.MSGYou not find vault. Find vault! Vault 13.
114AHELDER.MSGChosen One, do you wish us all dead? You must find the Vault!
115AHELDER.MSGI'm sorry, Elder. I will not fail.
116AHELDER.MSGYeah, yeah. Stop yelling.
117AHELDER.MSGChosen One, why are you here?
118AHELDER.MSGI know where Vault 13 is!
119AHELDER.MSGI am ready for the holy quest.
120AHELDER.MSGI need some more info.
121AHELDER.MSGI'm not going to get myself killed!
122AHELDER.MSGWhat was I supposed to do again?
123AHELDER.MSGI'm going now.
124AHELDER.MSGThat is good news, but not enough to save us. You must come back soon with the GECK or our people will die!
125AHELDER.MSGI need some more info.
126AHELDER.MSGFine, I'm going now.
127AHELDER.MSGYou survived. The Chosen One cannot be weak or we are all doomed. Are you prepared for your quest?
128AHELDER.MSGI've passed the test. Of course, I'm ready.
129AHELDER.MSGI need to think about this.
130AHELDER.MSGI'm not going to get myself killed!
131AHELDER.MSGPay attention. Find the holy Vault 13 and bring back the GECK. Vic, the trader from Klamath, brought us the flask from the holy Thirteen. Start your search with him. The disk will remind you of your task. May the gods of the Vault watch over you.
133AHELDER.MSGBefore I go, I have some questions.
134AHELDER.MSGGoodbye. I will not fail the tribe.
135AHELDER.MSGVery well. See me when you decide - but do not wait too long.
137AHELDER.MSGI cannot help much. So much has been lost from the Long Ago. What wisdom do you seek?
138AHELDER.MSGWhat do you need?
139AHELDER.MSGTell me more about the GECK.
140AHELDER.MSGHow do I get to Klamath?
141AHELDER.MSGWhere is Vault 13?
142AHELDER.MSGOn second thought, I don't need any help now. Goodbye.
143AHELDER.MSGIt is a holy artifact - the Garden of Eden Creation Kit. The disks promise it will make our lands green and our village prosperous. It will save us. More, I do not know.
144AHELDER.MSGThere's more I want to know.
146AHELDER.MSGKlamath is to the east.
147AHELDER.MSGThere are other things I would learn.
148AHELDER.MSGI am ready. Goodbye.
149AHELDER.MSGThe holy Thirteen? I can not help you. Only the Vault Dweller knew. His tales have the sound of a perilous journey.
150AHELDER.MSGI see. There is much I need to know.
151AHELDER.MSGGoodbye, Elder.
152AHELDER.MSGBeing a coward will kill us all! Including you. You passed the Temple Trials. We have faith in you. We need you.
153AHELDER.MSGNot so fast, old woman. I need time to think about this!
154AHELDER.MSGAs you wish, Elder.
155AHELDER.MSGYou've betrayed us. You will perish.
156AHELDER.MSGYou are a traitor!
157AHELDER.MSGWhy do you do this?
158AHELDER.MSGI knew you had the soul of darkness!
159AHELDER.MSGThen take this flask. It is from the holy Vault 13. Vic, a trader in Klamath, brought it to us. He may know where the vault is. You may also need some of what they call money. Here.
160AHELDER.MSGUh� What was my quest again?
161AHELDER.MSGIs there more you can tell me?
162AHELDER.MSGWish me luck, Elder, and I will not fail you.
163AHELDER.MSGFind Vic in Klamath. We are counting on you.
164AHELDER.MSGIt's good to see you again, Child. I don't mean to be abrupt but I see you haven't completed your quest to find the holy Thirteen. Please, let's not waste time talking. The need of our people is great. Go find the Vault!
165AHELDER.MSGMe go now.
166AHELDER.MSGAll right, I'm going.
167AHELDER.MSGI will not fail you elder.
168AHELDER.MSGI'm working on it, Ok?
169AHELDER.MSGOnce again you return without the GECK. Our crops begin to fail us, Chosen. Our need becomes greater with the passage of time. Go find the holy Thirteen!
170AHELDER.MSGOk, me go now.
171AHELDER.MSGYes, Elder.
172AHELDER.MSGI will not fail you or our people, Elder.
173AHELDER.MSGLook. If you think you can do better...
174AHELDER.MSGChosen One, things are not well here. We need the GECK if our village is to survive. Our people grow weak with hunger and our food reserves will not last much longer. Please, find the holy Thirteen and return to us. Go now.
176AHELDER.MSGVery well. I'm on my way.
177AHELDER.MSGI will do my best to find the GECK and save our village.
178AHELDER.MSGDon't push me, old woman. I'm doing my best.
179AHELDER.MSGChild, our need is greater than ever before. Our people sicken, the brahmin are dying, and our food is all but gone. The blight of the land can only be cured with the GECK. Go, find the GECK and save our people.
180AHELDER.MSGMe understand.
181AHELDER.MSGI'm on my way.
182AHELDER.MSGForgive me Elder. I will find the GECK without delay.
183AHELDER.MSGYeah, yeah. You're beginning to sound like a broken disk...
200AHELDER.MSGChosen One! How did you get here?
201AHELDER.MSGUhh� duh?
202AHELDER.MSGI've come to rescue you.
203AHELDER.MSGWhat the hell's going on here?
204AHELDER.MSGYou monster! Have you come to kill me, too?
206AHELDER.MSGNo, it's me, the Chosen One!
207AHELDER.MSGOh, shut up, you old bitch! It's me, your Chosen One.
208AHELDER.MSGOh, gods... Listen - go down. Find machine that makes power. Kill machine. Kill bad men. Kill everybody! You kill, we go home. Also, if you not have GECK then look for GECK here. Must have GECK to save village! Freedom is nothing without home to return to. Understand? Oh, gods.
209AHELDER.MSGUh -huh!
210AHELDER.MSGCareful, do not touch the glow wall. I think the machine that feeds it is beneath us. Destroy it so we may escape. How did you get here?
211AHELDER.MSGI have a ship.
212AHELDER.MSGMen came to our village in flying machines and took us. There were others, too - from the holy Thirteen! I thought we were saved. I thought we were going to heaven. (sigh)
213AHELDER.MSGAnd then?
214AHELDER.MSGThen they brought us here, to hell. They have killed most of us with something they call effeevee. They will kill us all before they are through! Do you know what must be done, Chosen One?
218AHELDER.MSGIf you destroy the machine, we will find the ship. Hurry, there are not many of us left.
219AHELDER.MSGWhat happened?
220AHELDER.MSGI understand.
221AHELDER.MSGYou must destroy the machine and kill the devils in this place. We will meet you outside! And Chosen One, if you have not found the GECK, seek it here. Our freedom is nothing if we can not save our village. Now go!
223AHELDER.MSGI am still the Elder. Remember your place! Apologize or I will not help you anymore.
224AHELDER.MSGSorry, you're not an old bitch. What's going on?
225AHELDER.MSGLike you could help me in there? Fuck off and die.
226AHELDER.MSGGo away. You are no better than these devils. I weep you were named the Chosen One.
227AHELDER.MSGWhy are you here? Every minute you waste another of our people could be killed. And don't forget the GECK! We must have it.
229AHELDER.MSGWhere was I supposed to go?
230AHELDER.MSGJust wanted to annoy you. I'm on it. Don't worry.
231AHELDER.MSG(sigh) Go below. Kill. Smash machines. Go now!
232AHELDER.MSGListen this time! Go to the levels below us. Find the machine that makes power. Stop it and we can escape. The men here are not true to the Vault dream. They are evil. Also, if you have not yet found the GECK, seek it here. Our freedom is nothing if our village can not be saved. Now go!
234AHELDER.MSGThat is what they call it. They stick needles into our skin, like stimpacks, but then terrible things happen. Then... (chokes up)
235AHELDER.MSGThen what?
236AHELDER.MSGThis is going to make me sick, isn't it?
237AHELDER.MSGThen the skin bubbles like maggots beneath it. Boils grow and burst. Blood runs from your ears and your tongue swells. Those who are lucky choke to death. Those who are not�
238AHELDER.MSGThey'll pay.
100AHHAKUN.MSGBefore you stands Hakunin, the village shaman. He appraises you with his crazy eyes from somewhere in the world only he inhabits�..
101AHHAKUN.MSGYou see Hakunin lying on the ground. He's badly wounded.
102AHHAKUN.MSGYou see Hakunin. He's very near death.
103AHHAKUN.MSGHakunin is badly burned. He smells like roast chicken, looks like burnt meatloaf, and you don't know how he's managed to stay alive this long.
104AHHAKUN.MSGGreetings, Chosen. Why does the earth before me warm to the touch of your passing?
106AHHAKUN.MSGI've come to say goodbye. I'm leaving on my holy quest.
107AHHAKUN.MSGI'm heading out. I was hoping just this once you'd talk like a real person.
108AHHAKUN.MSGYou are doing just way too many chems. I'm outta here.
109AHHAKUN.MSGI'm hurt. Can you heal me?
110AHHAKUN.MSGThere were some pretty nasty plants infesting your garden- I've taken care of them for you.
111AHHAKUN.MSGPlease reveal to clouded eyes the purpose of your passage.
113AHHAKUN.MSGI've come to say goodbye. I'm leaving on my holy quest.
114AHHAKUN.MSGI'm heading out. I was hoping just this once you'd talk like a real person.
115AHHAKUN.MSGYou are doing just way too many chems. I'm outta here.
116AHHAKUN.MSGThere were some pretty nasty plants infesting your garden- I've taken care of them for you.
117AHHAKUN.MSGThe Earth sings with the news of a champion upon the land.... Perhaps, before you go, you would bestow a kindness?
118AHHAKUN.MSGSure. What do you need?
119AHHAKUN.MSGIt depends� what'll you give me?
120AHHAKUN.MSGThe views of the world are many - a lesson you will learn soon.... Perhaps, before you reap the experiences of life, you would bestow a kindness?
121AHHAKUN.MSGDid you just ask me to do you a favor? If so, sure, why not?
122AHHAKUN.MSGI'll do something for you, but since I have to work this hard just to understand you, this task will cost.
123AHHAKUN.MSGA blessing on you, for you are truly a child of nature. Would you please use your special talents and rid my garden of the plants of dark soul?
125AHHAKUN.MSGNuh-uh. Youuu. Giv. Hed hurt.
126AHHAKUN.MSGMay your aura grace my presence when you are... Oh, come to my door when you're done and I'll give you something good.
128AHHAKUN.MSGThe plants of dark soul have infested my garden again. Many seasons have touched my bones and I am too frail for that fight which is eternal in nature. I ask that you be my champion.
129AHHAKUN.MSGI don't think so. I need to start my quest right away.
130AHHAKUN.MSGI know you're not a bad guy, but I've got a headache already, so I think I'll have to pass.
131AHHAKUN.MSGForget it. I'm the future leader of this tribe and it would be undignified for me to do your gardening for you.
132AHHAKUN.MSGI'd be honored, holy one.
133AHHAKUN.MSGDid you just ask me to weed your garden? If that's the case, okay.
134AHHAKUN.MSGFor a price.
135AHHAKUN.MSGTo ask payment for a gift will bring you less than the gift itself. I will give you such and add the lesson of your self-disappointment at the receiving.
136AHHAKUN.MSGGood enough. Where's the garden?
137AHHAKUN.MSGYou know, a nice gift would be to SPEAK ENGLISH!
138AHHAKUN.MSGWhat if I give you a lesson in disappointment and leave right now? Bye.
139AHHAKUN.MSGWell, if that's your attitude, I don't think I'm interested. Goodbye.
140AHHAKUN.MSGIf we speak the same words, do we mean the same thing? Do words always carry the same touch of a soul?
141AHHAKUN.MSGOh, yeah. Much better. And the lesson I learned is to shut up and just ask where the garden is.
142AHHAKUN.MSGLet's try the word, "goodbye." It means I'm leaving.
143AHHAKUN.MSGSurely you remember it is to the northeast, foolish one.
144AHHAKUN.MSGThank you for your help.
145AHHAKUN.MSGThanks. I actually understood that.
146AHHAKUN.MSGAre you calling me a fool? I don't think I want to help you, after all.
147AHHAKUN.MSGI'll be back for my payment soon.
148AHHAKUN.MSGThe burden you carry now will grow ever heavier.
149AHHAKUN.MSGMay the gods bless your efforts, Chosen. May your aura grace my presence when the earth breathes clean again.
150AHHAKUN.MSGI take it you want to see me again when I'm done... You could have just said so, you know.
152AHHAKUN.MSGHa! The founder's spirit lives in you. Focus in to fortify the self to expand the greatness to enable such to touch the world. Of course, the rewards will be more than those of the spirit.
153AHHAKUN.MSGSounds good. I'll be back when I'm done.
154AHHAKUN.MSGSo, I'm getting an actual thing in payment. Good enough. See ya later.
155AHHAKUN.MSGI think you've been playing with those plants way too much. To avoid your fate, I'm staying away from the garden.
156AHHAKUN.MSGTime can neither be wasted or saved- it must always be now. The actions create the fabric of your life.
157AHHAKUN.MSGUh, right. Like I said, I've got to go. Goodbye.
158AHHAKUN.MSGYou know, talking to you makes me wonder about that time can't be wasted idea. I'm outta here.
159AHHAKUN.MSGIf only I had your wisdom, wise one. Forgive me- of course I'll take care of it for you.
160AHHAKUN.MSGYou may bear the mantle of the Chosen, but your dark soul cries from within.
161AHHAKUN.MSGI beg your forgiveness, holy one. How can I cleanse my soul?
162AHHAKUN.MSGThat's right, Hakunin, and you'd be a real wise man not to forget it.
163AHHAKUN.MSGMy head aches from within listening to you. I'm gone.
165AHHAKUN.MSGCleanse your soul as you would banish demons from my garden.
166AHHAKUN.MSGIt shall be done, wise one. I will come seek your forgiveness after I have purified your garden.
167AHHAKUN.MSGYou're trying to say that weeding your garden will be good for me, right? Well, okay, I'll give it a try.
168AHHAKUN.MSGI kinda like my soul the way it is. Bye.
169AHHAKUN.MSGI'm not worthy. I'll take my leave now.
170AHHAKUN.MSGChosen, once again the wholeness of your being is like a land blessed.
171AHHAKUN.MSGThank you.
172AHHAKUN.MSGYou mean I'm better, right?
173AHHAKUN.MSGTo make one whole instills a sense of fullness that you would be well to understand, Chosen.
174AHHAKUN.MSGWait, don't tell me. I'm better and you felt good doing it, right? Thanks.
175AHHAKUN.MSGYou are wise and kind, Holy One.
176AHHAKUN.MSGIn what way may I touch the chosen soul, Seed of the Dweller?
177AHHAKUN.MSGUh, where exactly is your garden?
178AHHAKUN.MSGI'm hurt. Can you heal me?
179AHHAKUN.MSGOh, nothing. Goodbye.
180AHHAKUN.MSGAhh. You return the spirit of the Dweller to the world and bring a smile to the soul of an old man in passing. For this, I give you powders of healing. Remember, they fog the mind as they cleanse the body.
181AHHAKUN.MSGThank you.
182AHHAKUN.MSGAnd also, will I mix the broc flower with the xander root together whenever you bring both to me. May your pathways be true and your heart follow suit.
183AHHAKUN.MSGWhere can I find these things?
184AHHAKUN.MSGThank you.
185AHHAKUN.MSGI'm almost sorry to go. I can just about understand you now. Bye.
186AHHAKUN.MSGAh, Chosen, my garden is well- how is yours?
187AHHAKUN.MSGI'm all right.
188AHHAKUN.MSGI need healing.
189AHHAKUN.MSGWhere did you say the plants were?
190AHHAKUN.MSGI don't have a garden- what the hell are you talking about this time?
191AHHAKUN.MSGI'd like you to make some healing powder for me.
192AHHAKUN.MSGOh, never mind. I've got to go.
194AHHAKUN.MSGOoog! Bak!
195AHHAKUN.MSGThe pleasure of these words fills me. Alas, the gods whisper for my ear. Goodbye.
197AHHAKUN.MSGStill mixing the herbs, huh? See you later.
198AHHAKUN.MSGWe all have gardens. May your journeys act as tending. Be well. I must seek audience with the gods now.
200AHHAKUN.MSGI'm betting you carry your audience with you wherever you go. Be well.
201AHHAKUN.MSGLook to the north, Chosen, and the way will be open.
202AHHAKUN.MSGOkay. Thanks.
203AHHAKUN.MSGI am honored to serve the Chosen.
204AHHAKUN.MSGSuch is life. Two creates a third. You will need both xander root and broc flower for the healing powder.
205AHHAKUN.MSGOh. Thanks
207AHHAKUN.MSGMay this be of no use.
208AHHAKUN.MSGOkay. Thanks.
210AHHAKUN.MSGYou are well.
211AHHAKUN.MSGThank you.
212AHHAKUN.MSGNo lessons? No incomprehensible speeches? You sure you're okay?
213AHHAKUN.MSGWelcome, Chosen. Bless us with words that the GECK will be found soon. Our village ails, our need is great, our time, short.
215AHHAKUN.MSGAnd your ability to speak normally, non-existent. I'm still trying.
216AHHAKUN.MSGI'm on it.
217AHHAKUN.MSGGet off my back, old man. I'm doing the best I can.
218AHHAKUN.MSGI'm still looking, holy one. I hope to have the GECK soon.
219AHHAKUN.MSGMay the Earth cushion the steps you must take.
220AHHAKUN.MSGMay the Waters soothe your journey.
221AHHAKUN.MSGMay the Wind guide you to your goal.
222AHHAKUN.MSGMay the Fire toast your bottom until you get this done.
224AHHAKUN.MSGSay what?!
227AHHAKUN.MSGWelcome back, Chosen. I see by your face the salvation of the GECK is not yet ours. Be tireless as the ant before our reserves run out. You are our last hope.
229AHHAKUN.MSGI'm trying. I'd like to see the ant covering the miles I am.
230AHHAKUN.MSGI'm doing my best.
231AHHAKUN.MSGI'll double my efforts, holy one. I will not let you down.
232AHHAKUN.MSGYeah, yeah. I've heard it all before.
233AHHAKUN.MSGChosen - the village cries in desperation. The children are weak with hunger. Please, we can not hold out much longer.
235AHHAKUN.MSGI'm trying. I'm trying! Give me a break!
236AHHAKUN.MSGI'll find the GECK, holy one. You have my word.
237AHHAKUN.MSGI'll do my best to find the GECK.
238AHHAKUN.MSGChosen, the sands of time are but a few grains. Please. Bring the GECK soon and make the future of the village like the beach of the ocean. Quickly, before the last grain falls.
240AHHAKUN.MSGAll right. I'm off to find it.
241AHHAKUN.MSGLife's a beach, huh?
242AHHAKUN.MSGI will find the GECK, holy one. I will not let our people down.
243AHHAKUN.MSGChosen, the spirits of our ancestors guide me to a world of dreams that I may touch thoughts. Our village suffers without the holy GECK. Your hands hold our lives as a father holds his children.
244AHHAKUN.MSGOnce again my spirit touches you from the void, Chosen. Our crops fail, our reserves are meager. Return to us with the GECK. Your failure is our last light.
245AHHAKUN.MSGChosen. The village weakens. It is harder to touch your dreams. You must hurry or we will all...
246AHHAKUN.MSGChosen? Chosen? Do you hear me? The village dies. All of our futures die, too. We have little left in both time and essence... Hurry. Hurry...
247AHHAKUN.MSGChosen - the shadow of darkness arrived before you.
249AHHAKUN.MSGWhat happened?
250AHHAKUN.MSGYou look bad. Let me help.
251AHHAKUN.MSGChild of Nature, how could we put such a burden on your shoulders? (sigh) Your people have been taken.
253AHHAKUN.MSGYes. Gone. Many dark souls came, riding the metal birds like a flock of hungry chittick bugs, hiding their evil in shiny skins.
254AHHAKUN.MSGOoo! Shiny Purty!
255AHHAKUN.MSGNo! Not shiny pretty! They kidnapped our people and took them to the southwest.
257AHHAKUN.MSGYes. Great sadness and pain. I stand between worlds to tell you, Chosen. Save your people.
259AHHAKUN.MSGChosen, please let my words touch you. Go southwest. South and west. Save our people. Save our people.
261AHHAKUN.MSGThank the ancestors. Now my soul my join the eternal song. Safe journey, Chosen.
264AHHAKUN.MSGBye bye.
265AHHAKUN.MSGDark souls came. They took everyone.
266AHHAKUN.MSGDark souls? What do you mean?
267AHHAKUN.MSGA rush of wind came. On it were great dragonflies that spat flame. Evil men crawled from the beasts' bellies and brought death to our warriors.
268AHHAKUN.MSGOur warriors couldn't stop them?
269AHHAKUN.MSGThe spirit was willing, but the spearheads were weak. The evil ones burned our warriors with the lights of hell.
270AHHAKUN.MSGThey killed everyone?
271AHHAKUN.MSGAll were dead or taken. My spirit returned to flesh only to reveal the truth to the Chosen.
272AHHAKUN.MSGWhat happened to the ones taken?
273AHHAKUN.MSGThe beasts swallowed all, then took to the winds.
274AHHAKUN.MSGUh, which way were the winds that they followed going?
275AHHAKUN.MSGDid you never listen when I taught you the yearly dance of the wind spirits? South, of course.
276AHHAKUN.MSGYour descriptions were so vivid and powerful, great Hakunin, that I was often stricken senseless for the duration of your lessons.
277AHHAKUN.MSGOh, those winds. Of course.
278AHHAKUN.MSGYes, they traveled the wind south. I overheard the dark souls speaking. They planned to rest their beasts at a place named Navarro before crossing the great basin of our earth-mother's tears.
279AHHAKUN.MSGWhat shall I do?
280AHHAKUN.MSGBasin of tears?
281AHHAKUN.MSGFor me, nothing. Chosen, you must seek the fold of the dark ones and rescue our people.
282AHHAKUN.MSGI will try.
283AHHAKUN.MSGYou are the Chosen. You must do.
285AHHAKUN.MSGFirst time I understood what you meant.
286AHHAKUN.MSGAn ocean of tears, cried by a mother for her children.
287AHHAKUN.MSGOh, the ocean. But what shall I do?
288AHHAKUN.MSGA strange mist stole their minds and sent them to the land of Sleep. The evil ones walked among the dreamers, yet did not dream.
289AHHAKUN.MSGAnd then?
290AHHAKUN.MSGToo many seasons and too many wounds, Chosen. Instead, you must listen.
100AICHEST.MSGYou see a simple vase.
101AICHEST.MSGYou see a small chest.
102AICHEST.MSGYou see a sun-baked clay vase.
103AICHEST.MSGYou see a chest for the shaman's herbs.
100AIVASE.MSGYou see a simple vase.
0ARBRIDGE.MSG############################################################# # Message File: ArBridge.msg # # # # Note: Characters within curly braces (like line 100) # # will be read in as a message string. Caution # # should be used when making comments. All comments # # should be prepended with a pound symbol for # # visual ease. This does not comment out the line # # though. # # # # Purpose: This message file contains the dialog for a # # new character from which is used by the # # design tool. It will be updated using the # # the tool. This is just a tool file, and not # # meant to be used in the game. # # # # Log: Please note any changes that have been made to this # # file and comment which lines have changed. # # # # Created: December 04, 1997 # # # # Updated: # ############################################################# ############################################################# # The following lines are for the map script in describing # # what is happening when you first enter the map. # ############################################################# {100}{}{You are are standing at the Great Bridge, passageway from your village to the vast Wasteland.}
0ARCAVES.MSG############################################################# # Message File: ArCaves.msg # # # # Note: Characters within curly braces (like line 100) # # will be read in as a message string. Caution # # should be used when making comments. All comments # # should be prepended with a pound symbol for # # visual ease. This does not comment out the line # # though. # # # # Purpose: This message file contains the dialog for a # # new character from which is used by the # # design tool. It will be updated using the # # the tool. This is just a tool file, and not # # meant to be used in the game. # # # # Log: Please note any changes that have been made to this # # file and comment which lines have changed. # # # # Created: December 04, 1997 # # # # Updated: # ############################################################# ############################################################# # The following lines are for the map script in describing # # what is happening when you first enter the map. # ############################################################# {100}{}{You are in a dark, musty temple. The shadows seem to play tricks with your eyes, and you can hear the faint sound of movement.}
20ARTIMER1.SVEChosen, the spirits of our ancestors guide me to world of dreams
70ARTIMER1.SVEthat I may touch thoughts.
100ARTIMER1.SVEOur village suffers without the holy GECK.
170ARTIMER1.SVEYour hands hold our lives as a father holds his children.
15ARTIMER2.SVEOnce again my spirit touches you from the void.
60ARTIMER2.SVEChosen, our crops fail, our reserves are meager.
140ARTIMER2.SVEReturn to us with the GECK.
175ARTIMER2.SVEYour failure is our lost light.
10ARTIMER3.SVEChosen. The village weakens. It is harder to touch your dreams.
85ARTIMER3.SVEYou must hurry or we will all...
10ARTIMER4.SVEChosen? Chosen? Do you hear me?
90ARTIMER4.SVEThe village dies. All of our futures die, too.
180ARTIMER4.SVEWe have little left in both time and essence.
270ARTIMER4.SVEHurry. Hurry...
0ARVILLAG.MSG############################################################# # Message File: ArVillag.msg # # # # Note: Characters within curly braces (like line 100) # # will be read in as a message string. Caution # # should be used when making comments. All comments # # should be prepended with a pound symbol for # # visual ease. This does not comment out the line # # though. # # # # Purpose: This message file contains the dialog for a # # new character from which is used by the # # design tool. It will be updated using the # # the tool. This is just a tool file, and not # # meant to be used in the game. # # # # Log: Please note any changes that have been made to this # # file and comment which lines have changed. # # # # Created: December 04, 1997 # # # # Updated: # ############################################################# ############################################################# # The following lines are for the map script in describing # # what is happening when you first enter the map. # ############################################################# {100}{}{You are once more in the village of your birth, Arroyo.}
100ASWELL.MSGThe well has not worked in a while. It needs to be repaired.
100BCBILL.MSGYou see a squatter.
101BCBILL.MSGYou see Bill, the squatter.
102BCBILL.MSGYou see a middle aged man wearing worn clothing.
103BCBILL.MSGSorry, stranger. I don't have time to chat with you.
104BCBILL.MSGHey, I said I don't have time to chat. Please go away.
105BCBILL.MSGThanks for helping Rebecca. That was a fine thing you did.
106BCBILL.MSGLeave me alone. I'm no threat to you.
100BCCRISSY.MSGYou see a young woman.
101BCCRISSY.MSGYou see Chrissy, Rebecca's daughter.
102BCCRISSY.MSGYou see a pretty young woman. She looks confident and able to handle herself in a fight.
103BCCRISSY.MSGIf you're here to try and rape me, you're going to be wearing your balls as a bow tie. Get it?
104BCCRISSY.MSGLet me guess. The guys are tired of me kicking them where it hurts, so they sent you in here to do something obscene. Well, I can hurt you just as bad; I just need to kick higher. Get it?
107BCCRISSY.MSGWhat go on here? Who you?
109BCCRISSY.MSGI'd like to know who you are and what is going on here.
110BCCRISSY.MSGYeah. A fancy piece of cloth worn around the neck for decoration. It's like a scarf, but for men. Now, just imagine me kicking you SO hard that you end up wearing your dangly about your neck. Get it?
111BCCRISSY.MSGMe understand. You no hurt me.
112BCCRISSY.MSGI got the picture; please don't hurt me.
113BCCRISSY.MSGOkay, so why are you here?
115BCCRISSY.MSGMe want know what go on here? Who you?
117BCCRISSY.MSGI'd like to know who you are and what is going on here.
118BCCRISSY.MSGReally? Awesome! Let's go.
120BCCRISSY.MSGIn a nutshell, my name is Chrissy and I'm from the Squat. I was out exploring last week when I found that entrance out there. I thought it might be an abandoned mine or something, so I decided to check it out. Well, it's not a mine; it's a secret entrance into Vault 15. The vault is being used as a base for a band of raiders called the Khans. They caught me snooping around and their leader, Darion, had me locked up in here.
121BCCRISSY.MSGOkay. Me take you home.
122BCCRISSY.MSGAll right, I'll take you home.
123BCCRISSY.MSGWell, I'll be damned. Today must be my lucky day. To what do I owe the pleasure of seeing you again?
125BCCRISSY.MSGWhat go on here? Who you?
127BCCRISSY.MSGI'd like to know who you are and what is going on here.
128BCCRISSY.MSGPlease take me to my mother, Rebecca.
129BCCRISSY.MSGMy knight in shining armor returns. Well, it would shine if you'd clean it every once in a while. Oh, and you might want to consider bathing yourself as well. So, what can I do for you?
130BCCRISSY.MSGMe just say hi. Me go now.
131BCCRISSY.MSGJust thought I'd say hello. I'll be going now.
132BCCRISSY.MSGHey, I know I have a smart mouth, but I want you to know that I'm very grateful for you saving my butt. Thanks very much!
133BCCRISSY.MSGYou welcome.
134BCCRISSY.MSGYou're welcome.
135BCCRISSY.MSGThe people of the Squat are protecting these guys by helping them keep the vault a secret, but they don't know what's really going on here. Darion told us that the vault was being repaired so we could have a safe place to live with lots of food and water, but it's all a lie. I've been in there and looked around. The vault is dead, and the food and water machines don't work. Our food and water's been coming from the spoils of raids against caravans.
100BCDALIA.MSGYou see a young woman in tattered clothing.
101BCDALIA.MSGYou see Dalia.
102BCDALIA.MSGYou see a young woman in tattered clothing. She seems very alert, and watches her surroundings carefully.
103BCDALIA.MSGHi. I'm Dalia. What can I help you with?
104BCDALIA.MSGNothing, just say hi.
105BCDALIA.MSGUh, who you?
106BCDALIA.MSGWhat you do here?
107BCDALIA.MSGYou look like guard.
108BCDALIA.MSGMe go now.
109BCDALIA.MSGJust saying hello.
110BCDALIA.MSGWho are you?
111BCDALIA.MSGWhat are you doing?
112BCDALIA.MSGYou look like you're guarding that trail.
113BCDALIA.MSGI'll be going now.
114BCDALIA.MSGWell, hello to you. Now, I'm sorry, but you should go.
115BCDALIA.MSGMe want talk.
116BCDALIA.MSGOk, me go.
117BCDALIA.MSGI want to talk to you.
119BCDALIA.MSGI said I'm Dalia. Look, I don't mean to be rude, but I don't want to talk to anyone right now. Okay?
120BCDALIA.MSGOkay, bye.
121BCDALIA.MSGJust little more.
122BCDALIA.MSGThen I'll leave.
123BCDALIA.MSGI just want to ask you a question.
124BCDALIA.MSGI like the fresh air, I like the trees, so I'm standing here. Do you have a problem with that?
125BCDALIA.MSGSorry, me go.
126BCDALIA.MSGNo, not problem. Me ask you something.
127BCDALIA.MSGI don't have a problem, but I am curious about something.
128BCDALIA.MSGSorry, I'll be going then.
129BCDALIA.MSGNo, I'm not guarding the trail. There's nothing in this hole worth guarding. I told you, I'm enjoying the fresh air. Now go away.
130BCDALIA.MSGYou nice talk to. Me talk more.
131BCDALIA.MSGSorry me bother. Me go.
132BCDALIA.MSGBut we're having such a nice conversation, why stop?
133BCDALIA.MSGI guess it's time to leave.
134BCDALIA.MSGOh no, it's the pest again. Look, I have nothing to say to you. Go away!
137BCDALIA.MSGI have no quarrel with you. Leave me be.
140BCDALIA.MSGHi. I'm Dalia. What can I help you with?
141BCDALIA.MSGPerson go by here? In hurry?
144BCDALIA.MSGDid you see someone go by here in a hurry?
145BCDALIA.MSGI see people go by here every day. I really don't pay much attention to them.
146BCDALIA.MSGMe not have time for you crap.
147BCDALIA.MSGOh, okay.
148BCDALIA.MSGGirl life at stake. Young girl. Someone daughter. You please help?
149BCDALIA.MSGI don't have time for your crap.
150BCDALIA.MSGFine, bye.
151BCDALIA.MSGLook, a young girl's life is at stake here. The daughter of a worried mother. Can you please help me out?
152BCDALIA.MSGI don't give a radrat's ass... I'm sorry. I'm just a gun who was hired to stand here and guard this trail. Other than that, I don't know what's going on around here. I had a daughter once, though, and...yeah, some guy went by here. I let him through because he knew the proper sign...just like the sign you gave me. Go on. I'm outta here.
153BCDALIA.MSGThanks. Me no forget this, Dalia.
154BCDALIA.MSGThanks. I won't forget this, Dalia.
155BCDALIA.MSGThen go the hell away and leave me be!
157BCDALIA.MSGThen go the hell away and leave me be!
100BCDARDOG.MSGYou see a dog.
101BCDARDOG.MSGYou see Darion's dog.
100BCDARGRD.MSGYou see a guard.
101BCDARGRD.MSGYou see one of Darion's personal guards.
100BCDARION.MSGYou see an older man.
101BCDARION.MSGYou see Darion, leader of the New Khans.
102BCDARION.MSGYou see an older man with thin, gray hair. He seems to be in good shape for his age.
103BCDARION.MSGSo, here you are at last. The savior of the downtrodden, the righter of wrongs, the icon of hope for humanity. What a dumb-ass! Well, before you start any boring speeches, I'd just like to say that I'm not fucking interested. Let's just cut to the chase and get this over with. Baddog, kill!
100BCGENGRD.MSGYou see a Khan raider.
101BCGENGRD.MSGYou see a Khan raider.
102BCGENGRD.MSGYou see a tough looking person with armor, weapons, and a bad attitude. It must be a Khan.
103BCGENGRD.MSGWhat the... I don't think I know you. Who the hell are you?
104BCGENGRD.MSGI got my ID right here! Let me show ya.
105BCGENGRD.MSGThe name's... umm... Pat, and I'm new here.
106BCGENGRD.MSGAll right, wise-ass. Take your best shot.
107BCGENGRD.MSGOh yeah. Sorry. Didn't recognize you at first. Go on about your business.
108BCGENGRD.MSGHey, I'm not as stupid as you look.
109BCGENGRD.MSGYou're not dead yet? Shit.
111BCGENGRD.MSGSometimes I sit and think about absolutely nothing.
112BCGENGRD.MSGI generally don't care what anyone else thinks.
113BCGENGRD.MSGIgnorance is bliss... I think.
114BCGENGRD.MSGWhen's the next caravan passing through? I could use some action.
115BCGENGRD.MSGI could use a break.
116BCGENGRD.MSGDamn, I still hurt from that bitch Chrissy kicking me.
117BCGENGRD.MSGHey, we never get any new blood around here.
118BCGENGRD.MSGSo when are we going to get out of this stupid place?
119BCGENGRD.MSGI don't know about you, but I think this sucks.
120BCGENGRD.MSGThere ain't nothin' to kill around here.
121BCGENGRD.MSGWhere's the damn bathroom?
122BCGENGRD.MSGHey, we never get a break around here. Isn't there some law or something?
123BCGENGRD.MSGWe should start up a government like in the old days.
124BCGENGRD.MSGMan, I wonder what it was like to be President back then?
125BCGENGRD.MSGI bet you could do anything you wanted if you were President.
126BCGENGRD.MSGI think my father would be proud of me today. Too bad I killed him.
128BCGENGRD.MSGHey, is that new armor you have on? How do you rate getting new armor?
129BCGENGRD.MSGThis damn vault smells. Don't you hate it?
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