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0ACBRAHMN.MSGYou see a regular domesticated brahmin.
101ACBRAHMN.MSGThe brahmin's extra head is probably the result of a regular cow being exposed too soon to radiation.
102ACBRAHMN.MSGYou dont notice anything unusual about the brahmin.
103ACBRAHMN.MSGBrahmin aren't much for conversations.
104ACBRAHMN.MSGDon't you have anything better to do than sit around talking to a two-headed cow?
100ACERIC.MSGYou see your nephew, Feargus, crying about something as usual.
101ACERIC.MSGWahh!!! Please fix the well.
102ACERIC.MSGWahh!!! I'm really thirsty but the well's broken!
103ACERIC.MSGWahh!!! The well really needs fixing.
104ACERIC.MSGHey, thanks for fixing the well!
105ACERIC.MSGBe careful.
106ACERIC.MSGThe well's fixed. You the one!
100ACFIST.MSGYou see Lucas.
101ACFIST.MSGLucas is the chief warrior of your tribe.
102ACFIST.MSGSo there you are, the Chosen One. Hmmmph! How goes your quest?
103ACFIST.MSGPretty well.
104ACFIST.MSGNot so good.
106ACFIST.MSGI must get back to it.
107ACFIST.MSGMaybe you need a warrior's help.
108ACFIST.MSGSure. What can you help me with?
109ACFIST.MSGNope. I am doing fine.
110ACFIST.MSGGood answer, dumb one. Now keep quiet while I practice.
112ACFIST.MSGI know how to fight with fists and feet. Think you can learn that?
113ACFIST.MSGWhat can you teach me?
114ACFIST.MSGMay the wind be at your back, Chosen One.
116ACFIST.MSGHmmm -- spend a day with me and I'll teach you how to punch harder.
117ACFIST.MSGOkay. Let's do it.
118ACFIST.MSGSorry, don't have the time right now.
119ACFIST.MSGYou know all I can teach you, Chosen One. Good luck to you on your quest.
120ACFIST.MSGOh, okay.
121ACFIST.MSGHa! Chosen One, you aren't graceful enough for me to teach you anything.
122ACFIST.MSGOh, okay.
123ACFIST.MSGYou are not quick enough in combat for my training to help you, Chosen One.
124ACFIST.MSGOh, okay.
125ACFIST.MSGYou need to learn more about combat before I can help you, little brother.
126ACFIST.MSGOh, okay.
127ACFIST.MSGI can teach you a more powerful kick. It will take us all of one day.
129ACFIST.MSGI can teach you enough to fight better. It will take us all of one day.
131ACFIST.MSGYou have learned well, Chosen One. May the wind be at your back.
132ACFIST.MSGThanks for your help.
100ACGECKO.MSGThe gecko sneers at you.
100ACJORDAN.MSGYou see Jordan, twirling his spear as usual.
101ACJORDAN.MSGYou see Jordan, twirling his spear as usual.
102ACJORDAN.MSGGood luck! Our village depends on you.
103ACJORDAN.MSGChosen One, the way you use a spear, you'll be meat for the geckos in no time. I can show you a few tricks.
105ACJORDAN.MSGNo, thanks.
106ACJORDAN.MSGThis will take a little while.
107ACJORDAN.MSGYou're a swift student -- it looks like you've learned all I can teach you.
100ACJORDON.MSGYou see Jordan, twirling his spear as usual.
101ACJORDON.MSGYou see Jordan, twirling his spear as usual.
102ACJORDON.MSGGood luck! I must get back to my training.
103ACJORDON.MSGHello Chosen One. I see your in need of a little training. Can I be of help?
106ACJORDON.MSGThis will take a little while.
107ACJORDON.MSGThere you have learned what I can teach you about spears.
100ACKLINT.MSGYou see Klint, a fellow tribesman.
101ACKLINT.MSGYou see Klint.
102ACKLINT.MSGYou see a young man with bulging muscles and a very confident air about him.
103ACKLINT.MSGGood day to you,
104ACKLINT.MSG. You have not completed the trial of the Elder and may not pass.
106ACKLINT.MSGI need to go back to the village.
107ACKLINT.MSGI have some questions of you.
108ACKLINT.MSGAll right, I'm off to take the test.
110ACKLINT.MSG. You go temple. You take test. You not come back here until take test. Obey Elder. Go!
112ACKLINT.MSGForgive me,
113ACKLINT.MSG, but I can not allow you to pass. If you wish to return to the village you may do so only by passing the trial set before you.
114ACKLINT.MSGI see. I guess I'll be going then.
115ACKLINT.MSGCan I ask you some questions then?
116ACKLINT.MSGI could kick your ass and just walk out of here.
117ACKLINT.MSGForgive me, but I have no answers to your questions. Take the trial set before you by the Elder and prove yourself worthy to lead our people.
118ACKLINT.MSGVery well.
119ACKLINT.MSGTwo people working together can move the obelisk that blocks the path. Alone, you would fail. I have no intention of helping you until you pass the trial of the Elder.
120ACKLINT.MSGUh-huh. I get the picture.
121ACKLINT.MSGGreetings, Chosen One! It is good to see you. How may I serve you?
122ACKLINT.MSGMe say hi. That all.
123ACKLINT.MSGJust thought I'd say hello. I'll be leaving on my quest soon.
100ACMORLIS.MSGYou see Morlis, one of your aunts -- the one who never liked you.
101ACMORLIS.MSGWhy do you bother me, nephew? Can't you see I'm busy?
301ACMORLIS.MSGWhy do you bother me, niece? Can't you see I'm busy?
102ACMORLIS.MSGUmm, okay. Sorry.
103ACMORLIS.MSGWhat is it? You know I have a lot to do!
104ACMORLIS.MSGUmmm, Mynoc said...
105ACMORLIS.MSGMynoc said what? Out with it, child!
106ACMORLIS.MSGThat, umm, you might have some flint.
107ACMORLIS.MSGI do. You want some, is that it?
108ACMORLIS.MSGWell, yeah.
109ACMORLIS.MSGWell... I want three doses of healing powder. Bad times are coming and I'm going to be ready. Bring them to me and you can have the flint. Now get to it!
110ACMORLIS.MSGYes, ma'am!
111ACMORLIS.MSGNow don't waste my time. Do you have the powders?
112ACMORLIS.MSGYes, here they are.
113ACMORLIS.MSGUmm, I guess not.
114ACMORLIS.MSGHere is the flint. Now off with you! I don't have time to gossip.
115ACMORLIS.MSGThank you, Aunt Morlis.
116ACMORLIS.MSGAgain you waste my time, worthless nephew! How did you ever become the Chosen One?
117ACMORLIS.MSGYes, Aunt Morlis.
118ACMORLIS.MSGUh, Aunt Morlis, I have three right here.
150ACMORLIS.MSGAunt Morlis, I'm on a perilous quest for the salvation of our village. My chances of success will be greatly enhanced if I keep the healing powders for myself and you give me the flint. Don't you agree?
151ACMORLIS.MSGWhat do you think you are doing, child? This is no way for the Chosen One to act. Now get out of my sight!
152ACMORLIS.MSGIf this flint is so important that you are willing to disgrace the name of the Chosen One, then here. Take the flint and get out of my sight.
153ACMORLIS.MSGYes, Aunt Morlis.
154ACMORLIS.MSGWell... Oh, very well. Here is the flint. I wish you a safe journey, child.
155ACMORLIS.MSGNo, I don't. Now stop wasting my time and get out of here!
156ACMORLIS.MSGYes, Aunt Morlis.
200ACMORLIS.MSGSo you've returned. Did you find the holy Thirteen?
201ACMORLIS.MSGNo, Aunt Morlis, I...
202ACMORLIS.MSGThen get yourself out of here and find it! People are depending on you!
203ACMORLIS.MSGYes, Aunt Morlis.
204ACMORLIS.MSGWell, here you are again. Have you once again failed to complete your quest?
205ACMORLIS.MSGYes, Aunt Morlis, but...
206ACMORLIS.MSGThen get yourself out of here and don't come back until you do! Why waste time coming back here, when you could be using that time to continue your search!?
207ACMORLIS.MSGYes, Aunt Morlis.
208ACMORLIS.MSGThe fact that you are standing here must mean that you have completed your quest. You wouldn't waste precious time returning here empty-handed, would you?
209ACMORLIS.MSGYes, Aunt Morlis. I mean no, Aunt Morlis. Uh, I've got to go, Aunt Morlis.
210ACMORLIS.MSGSo, child. Once again you stand before me. Are you empty-handed yet again?
211ACMORLIS.MSGYes, Aunt Morlis.
213ACMORLIS.MSG. People are dying, cattle are dying, and crops are failing. Everyone is either hungry, sick, or both. Our time draws near. If you do not find the GECK soon, we are doomed. Do you understand me?
214ACMORLIS.MSGYes, Aunt Morlis.
215ACMORLIS.MSGThen get yourself out of here and find the GECK! People are depending on you!
100ACMYNOC.MSGYou see the bridge guard.
101ACMYNOC.MSGYou see Mynoc, the bridge guard.
150ACMYNOC.MSGBefore you stands a large warrior of your village, holding a spear.
152ACMYNOC.MSGHello, Chosen One. Off to find the GECK?
154ACMYNOC.MSGYes. But before I go, I would like to ask you some questions.
155ACMYNOC.MSGNot just yet. Im going to look around a little bit more.
156ACMYNOC.MSGWell, may the gods watch over you.
157ACMYNOC.MSGThank you, goodbye.
158ACMYNOC.MSGWhat do you want to know?
159ACMYNOC.MSGWhat can you tell me of the men who trade with our village?
160ACMYNOC.MSGWhat can you tell me about this object I have from a vault?
161ACMYNOC.MSGNothing, never mind.
162ACMYNOC.MSGVery well, but don't waste too much time. Without the GECK, we're doomed.
163ACMYNOC.MSGI know, dont worry -- Ive got it all under control.
165ACMYNOC.MSGI must be going. Goodbye.
166ACMYNOC.MSGThe traders? They come from Klamath about every two months. There won't be another here for a month or more, but Klamath's only a few days east of here.
167ACMYNOC.MSGThank you. Goodbye.
168ACMYNOC.MSGWhat can you tell me about this object I have from the sacred vault?
169ACMYNOC.MSGLooks like a metal water gourd. Maybe the vault sent it to us as an omen.
170ACMYNOC.MSGCan you tell me who brought this item to our village?
171ACMYNOC.MSGThank you. I must going. Goodbye.
172ACMYNOC.MSGI hope you do.
173ACMYNOC.MSGYour overconfidence makes all of us suffer! Goodbye!
175ACMYNOC.MSGWhy? Look around you -- our village dies. The gardens wither and every day children and old ones collapse. You must bring Eden to us before it is too late!
176ACMYNOC.MSGAnd I will take care of it. Goodbye.
177ACMYNOC.MSGI am the Chosen One -- I "must" do only as I please. Goodbye.
178ACMYNOC.MSGI don't remember his name, just that he was old and loud -- too loud for proper manners -- but he knew many things. He was from Klamath, east like I said.
179ACMYNOC.MSGThank you, goodbye.
180ACMYNOC.MSGAre you still here? You must go find the GECK. Staying here doesn't help us.
181ACMYNOC.MSGThis bridge is all you need to worry about, friend. I can take care of myself.
182ACMYNOC.MSGI was just heading out. Goodbye, my friend.
183ACMYNOC.MSGI will speak to you no longer, insubordinate pig!
184ACMYNOC.MSGI would like to ask you another question.
185ACMYNOC.MSGThat was quick! Have you found the holy Vault 13?
187ACMYNOC.MSGNo, not yet.
188ACMYNOC.MSGYou have? Wonderful! Did you bring back the GECK?
190ACMYNOC.MSGNo. I havent spoken to the people of the vault yet.
191ACMYNOC.MSGI dont believe thats any business of yours, my friend.
192ACMYNOC.MSGNo? Chosen One, three old ones have died since you left. You must not waste any more time.
193ACMYNOC.MSGIll find it, dont worry.
194ACMYNOC.MSGIm getting sick of your constant nagging.
195ACMYNOC.MSGWell, why are you talking to me? Talk to them, and get the GECK.
196ACMYNOC.MSGI will -- all in good time, my friend.
197ACMYNOC.MSGIm getting sick of your constant nagging.
198ACMYNOC.MSGWhat news of the GECK, Chosen One?
199ACMYNOC.MSGI have found the vault!
200ACMYNOC.MSGI have not been able to find Vault 13.
201ACMYNOC.MSGWell, look, it's the Chosen One.
203ACMYNOC.MSGShut up.
204ACMYNOC.MSGCan I ask you a question?
205ACMYNOC.MSGNo, I've no time for you.
206ACMYNOC.MSGWhatever. Good bye.
207ACMYNOC.MSGOh well. See you around.
209ACMYNOC.MSGGreetings, dull one! See bridge? You cross, you be careful. Bridge dangerous. You not want to fall. Okay?
210ACMYNOC.MSGUmm... Hunh?
211ACMYNOC.MSGWretch! You have failed the village!
212ACMYNOC.MSGYou betray us. For that you'll die!
213ACMYNOC.MSGYou are a traitor to your own people.
214ACMYNOC.MSGWhy do you do this?
215ACMYNOC.MSGThe Elder was wrong. You are evil.
300ACMYNOC.MSGMy father taught me how to make stronger blades than most. Get me a piece of flint and I'll fix your spear, too. You'll need it in the wilderness.
301ACMYNOC.MSGWhere would I get some of this flint?
302ACMYNOC.MSGThey say your aunt Morlis has been hoarding a piece. She's so ill-tempered I don't think anyone's asked her. Of course, the witch will want something in return.
303ACMYNOC.MSGThanks. Goodbye.
304ACMYNOC.MSGDid you talk your aunt out of her flint?
305ACMYNOC.MSGYes, I have some right here.
306ACMYNOC.MSGNot yet.
307ACMYNOC.MSGIt's a good piece. Give me your spear.
308ACMYNOC.MSGHere you go.
309ACMYNOC.MSGI guess I don't have one.
310ACMYNOC.MSGNow, you put the pieces like so...
311ACMYNOC.MSGThe Chosen One without a spear? Well, you'll have to take one of mine. Now, let's get to work...
312ACMYNOC.MSGHere is your new spear.
313ACMYNOC.MSGThank you, my friend -- this will help a lot.
314ACMYNOC.MSGYes, but I was wondering about your spear. It looks a little different.
400ACMYNOC.MSGWelcome home, Chosen One! Did you find the vault? Have you returned with the GECK?
401ACMYNOC.MSGMe not find yet.
402ACMYNOC.MSGNo, I haven't found it yet.
403ACMYNOC.MSGI'm not in the mood for your questions. Goodbye.
404ACMYNOC.MSGThings are not going well, Chosen One. The drought is getting worse and our crops are sure to fail. We are trying to salvage what we can to build up our food reserves.
405ACMYNOC.MSGWhy no trade with other village?
406ACMYNOC.MSGMe doing best me can. Me find GECK. Me return.
407ACMYNOC.MSGWhy can't we trade with other villages for the food we need?
408ACMYNOC.MSGI'm doing my best. When I find the GECK I'll return with it.
409ACMYNOC.MSGWe are a simple people and have little to offer in trade. The few towns that we have contacted while you were away have shown no interest in helping us.
412ACMYNOC.MSGYou are our hope, Chosen One. Please do not fail us!
413ACMYNOC.MSGIt is good to see you, Chosen One. How fares your quest?
414ACMYNOC.MSGMe still look.
415ACMYNOC.MSGI'm still looking.
416ACMYNOC.MSGI don't want to talk about it.
417ACMYNOC.MSGYou must hurry. Things are getting worse here at home. Soon there will be little food and the Elder speaks of rationing what we have. I fear for the future of Arroyo.
418ACMYNOC.MSGChosen One! Please tell me that you have completed your quest. Our village is dying, and so are our people.
419ACMYNOC.MSGNo, me still look.
420ACMYNOC.MSGNo, I'm still looking.
421ACMYNOC.MSGHow are things?
422ACMYNOC.MSGI am sorry, Chosen One, but I am beginning to question my faith in you. The very lives of our people are in your hands. Please find the holy Thirteen and return to us with the GECK!
423ACMYNOC.MSGOur crops fail, the brahmin die, everyone goes hungry now. The cries of the children at night allow no one any sleep. We are becoming a desperate people.
424ACMYNOC.MSGMe continue look.
425ACMYNOC.MSGI'll do what I can.
426ACMYNOC.MSGOnce again you return to us, Chosen One. Not empty-handed, I hope?
427ACMYNOC.MSGMe sorry, no find GECK yet.
428ACMYNOC.MSGI'm sorry, I still haven't found the GECK.
429ACMYNOC.MSGI've had enough of this.
430ACMYNOC.MSGPeople are dying here while you stroll about the lands. Perhaps you should be searching elsewhere instead of returning here.
500ACMYNOC.MSGHave you talked to the Elder yet?
1002ACMYNOC.MSGVault Dweller

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