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100 You see a caravan driver.
101 Hi, if you're looking for a job on one of our caravans, you should talk to the Master Merchant. She's in that building to the east.
102 I'm sorry, but you need to talk to the Master Merchant.
103 Good, you got the okay. I knew it wouldn't be a problem. She's so swamped lately, ever since Daren Hightower started hiding in his office. Strange man. We leave just about every five days. That's the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, and the 25th. We currently only go to Junktown and the LA Boneyard.
104 So what's the pay?
105 Um.
106 Our pay's 200 hubbucks. It's not that great, but we go out often and our routes aren't too dangerous and yes, like everyone else, that is for each way, but of course you don't have to go both ways.
107 We leave today. Are you interested?
108 We leave on
109 Empty
111 . Are you interested?
112 I'll still give you a job, even though� never mind. Are you interested?
113 Sure.
114 No.
115 Maybe.
116 Yaya.
117 Tae?
118 Oh, okay. Not a problem. Just let me know if you change your mind.
119 I wish you would make up your mind.
120 Well, just stop by if you decide to work for us. That's the 1st, 5th, and so on. Bye.
121 I'm sorry, but I can't hire you unless you can communicate clearly with the rest of the crew.
122 Please come back when you are feeling better.
123 Uh, are you all right? I think you need to get something to eat, but don't go to Bob's.
124 I said get lost!
125 I'm quite disappointed in you� stealing! Now why did you do that?
126 Cuz I'm a mean green moth'a from outer space, and I'm� �bad'!
127 I didn't want to, but I'm starving and I have kids to feed.
128 I'll carve your heart out with a spoon!
129 (Surrender)
130 (Attack)
131 I tried to help you, but I guess some people are beyond help. Sorry, to say this but we're going to have to do this the violent way.
132 I understand, but that doesn't justify it. I'm still going to have to ask you to leave. We can't hire people who can't control their own temptations.
133 Do you really expect me to fall for that crap? Guards!
134 I'm sorry, but sometimes a little cell time can heal a person. Guards! Try �not' to kill her. Will you surrender to my guards?
135 I'll see you in hell!
136 Yes. I'm sorry.
137 What? Are you going to get into another fight?
138 I'm sorry but you must leave immediately or I will be forced to call the police!
139 Guards! Police!
140 I think you should leave..
141 Sorry, but I'm not allowed to hire you.
142 Please, you're making this difficult on me.
143 Please leave.
144 Intriguing, but you're not my type.
145 Outstanding! The pay will be 200 hubbucks. Which route would you prefer?
146 Fabulous. Please come by on
147 1st
148 5th
149 10th
150 15th
151 20th
152 25th
153 . You'll leave then. As always it will pay 200 hubbucks.
154 Okay.
155 Sorry, can't wait.
156 It's a tragedy. We lost the whole caravan, but you survived? That shouldn't have happened. I don't know what happened out there, but we can't hire you anymore. I'm sorry.
157 Junktown
158 LA Boneyard
159 Um, not right now. Maybe another time.
160 Outstanding, I'll get the rest of the crew.
161 Great.
162 Off you go. Good luck!
163 Try to avoid trouble, don't go looking for it.
164 Be careful, I don't like the looks of the Boneyard. It's creepy.
165 That's good. Those black walkways are really strange, but they're great to travel on.
166 I think there are some gangs down there. I'd be very careful who you talk to.
167 Great. Junktown's a decent place.
168 Oh, say 'hi' to that� Kill.. again? I forget his name, but he's a decent fellow. I wonder how he's doing.
169 Interesting place. I hear they have some evil doctor that animates the dead, or something.
170 Why on earth did you leave that last caravan? Nothing terrible happened to it, but something could have.
171 Can I have another chance?
172 Nothing.
173 I don't give a crap!
174 Ig wa neeka rooola?
175 Lig.
176 I'm sorry, you've failed me again. You don't seem to be very responsible, and that isn't a very good combination for our line of work.
177 Why should I?
178 You shouldn't.
179 Because I'm going to put a hole through your head if you don't.
180 I had better things to do, than hang around some dumb caravan.
181 I didn't know I wasn't allowed to leave. Everything seemed okay.
182 I see� you where on chems. Well, live that life if you wish it.
183 I'm sorry you feel that way.
184 I'm surprised you've never done a caravan before, but I guess no harm came of it� so, sure. I'll give you one more chance.
185 You did a fine job! Would you like another caravan?
186 Sure.
187 No.
188 Maybe.
189 Eeek!
190 Lub.
191 Ready to go? We're leaving today.
192 Yes.
193 No!
194 Ack!
195 Otherwise I'll just give it to someone else, don't worry about it. You're not obligated� until you leave with the caravan, right?
196 You're a little early. The next caravan run isn't until
197 1st
198 5th
199 10th
200 15th
201 20th
202 25th
203 . Come back then if you would still like the job.
204 January
205 February
206 March
207 April
208 May
209 June
210 July
211 August
212 September
213 October
214 November
215 December

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