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100 You see Dan's wife.
100 You see Hightower's Wife.
100 You look distraught. Are you in need of assistance?
101 I'm not supposed to talk to anyone. Please see my husband.
101 Oh, hello. You must be one of my husband's associates.
101 I need healing.
102 I'm sorry, you need to speak with my husband.
102 Hello again.
102 Urrr.
103 You horrible man, why did you do this? You killed my Danny!
103 My God!!! Someone's in the house!!!
103 My husband Razlo can help you . . . ask him.
104 You horrible woman, why did you do this? You killed my Danny!
104 Take what you want! Just leave!
104 I'm sorry but I don't understand you.
105 You see Dan's crying wife.
105 How did you get in?!?
105 You will have to come back in the morning. Please let us sleep in peace.
106 No thanks.

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