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100 You see Vinnie from the Skulz gang.
101 You see a young man with a tattoo and a bad attitude.
102 I'd like to join you guys.
103 You're on Skulz turf, stranger. You'd better talk quick.
104 Sorry, wrong room.
105 Skulz? Who are you guys?
106 Urgh?
107 Yeah, you bet this is the wrong room!
108 We are the one and only Junktown gang. We have the run of the streets, and we rule the city at night.
109 Oh. Sorry. Bye.
110 You couldn't run the schoolyard, Chromo.
111 I thought this city was run by Gizmo after hours.
112 Get out of here, you moron!
113 That slob can't even stand up by himself. We're the muscle in this town. We take what we want.
114 I see.
115 You have some sort of deal with Killian?
116 What?! You'll pay for that remark!
117 We don't bother Killian and he doesn't bother us as long as we keep it low-key. You get me?
118 Yeah. Bye.
119 I get it, all right. You have to hide out from him.
120 We don't take that from anybody, least of all Killian! Just because he thinks he's a glorified sheriff doesn't mean that he controls the Skulz!
121 Sorry, didn't mean to get you all riled up.
122 So, he cramps your style, eh? Mine, too. In fact, I'm thinking of whacking him. You want in?
123 You want to whack Killian? Man, you're crazy. Man, I don't know . . . all right, I'm in.
124 You loser, you said we were going to whack Killian. Get out of here.
125 C'mon, let's dust Killian.
126 What do you want now?
127 Nothing. Sorry.
128 I'm looking for someone to help me take out Killian. The Skulz seemed like a good prospect.
129 Damn, I didn't think you'd do it! The Skulz rule this town now! Woo!
130 We've been down this road before. You didn't have the balls then, so get the hell out of here!
131 You want to join us, huh? How do we know you're tough enough to be a Skul?
132 I'll show you tough enough, you son of a bitch!
133 Let me prove myself to you.
134 Trust me, I'm tough enough.
135 [Vinnie looks at you and laughs.] I don't think so.
136 I'll prove it to you.
137 That's it. Time for you to die.
138 You're right, I'll be leaving now.
139 What makes the Skulz so tough?
140 [Vinnie thinks for a second.] If you want to prove you belong in the Skulz, I want you to steal that old bastard's wife's ashes. Heh. [Vinnie mumbles] Let's make Neal suffer for his last couple of hours . . .
141 All right, I'll do it.
142 No way.
143 Uh, I don't think I could do that.
144 I already stole it.
145 That won't be as tough as you might think. I already killed the bastard.
146 If you're hard enough to do that, mebbe you'd make a Skul after all. Bring it here once you've got it.
147 I knew you weren't Skulz material. Get the hell out of here.
148 You got it?
149 Yep.
150 No.
151 I had to kill Neal to get it. He cried like a little girl.
152 Ha ha! Let that old cock suffer until we off him tonight - are you in?
153 I decided I'd rather not have anything to do with scabs like you.
154 Let's crush him.
155 I've got some other shit to do before then - I'll meet you there.
156 What are you wasting my time for?
157 That'll show that old fuck. Thanks for taking care of him for us. [Vinnie gets a tear in his eye.] You're a Skul, now.
158 Uh, all right . . . meet us later, but don't take too long.
159 Soon, Neal gets his, huh?
160 We said we'd be back, you old fuck!
161 There's a large collection of people arriving at the bar . . .
162 Fuck you, cop!
163 You gain 400 experience points for stealing Neal's urn. The dead shall never rest in peace.
164 You gain 300 experience points for puttin' a cap in Neal's ass, you Skul.
165 You ready to take out Neal?
166 Yeah, let's ice the bastard.
167 Nah, I got some more stuff to do.
168 No way. I want out.
169 It's too late for that, slick. When you're out, you're way out.
170 We rule this town.

So do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.

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