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100 You see the Vats Control Computer.
101 Access denied.
102 Access granted. Command?
103 Display security codes.
104 Search logs.
105 Uplink to medical computers.
106 Set base to alert status.
107 17652-1028-1285362
108 67209-5574-7805564
109 55658-8678-1251533
110 31914-1041-1251514
111 53478-2565-7763929
112 44309-3674-1254730
113 [Attempt to hack the firewall to get more data] Display security code encryption table.
114 Executing 17652-1028-1285362
115 Executing 67209-5574-7805564
116 Executing 55658-8678-1251533
117 Executing 31914-1041-1251514
118 Executing 53478-2565-7763929
119 Executing 44309-3674-1254730
120 [You have successfully hacked into the encryption table.] Command?
121 17652-1028-1285362 initiate 1 minute silent self destruct sequence
122 67209-5574-7805564 initiate 30 second self destruct sequence and set base to alert
123 55658-8678-1251533 set base to alert status
124 31914-1041-1251514 initiate 3 minute silent self-destruct sequence
125 53478-2565-7763929 initiate 3 minute self-destruct sequence and set base to alert
126 44309-3674-1254730 immediate self-destruct
127 Invalid command. End input session.
128 Specify log you would like to review.
129 Grey
130 Boyarsky
131 Maxson
132 Anderson
133 Download log of Richard Grey?
134 Yes.
135 Return to main menu.
136 Download log of Capt. Maxson?
137 Yes.
138 Return to main menu.
139 Unexpected end of line. Bad data encountered. Command?
140 Command?
141 Uplink successful. What is your command?
142 What is the current status of the patients?
143 Current status on patients as follows: FEV batch #23872-A consists of four male units and two female units. All individuals suffering from FEV exposure. Vital signs are within normal parameters. FEV process on all subjects is approxiamtely 50% complete. Expect full FEV transformation within 12 hours.
144 I think something is happening to one of the patients. Is there anything I can do?
145 Patient suffering arrhythmia. Display patient status logs.
146 Available options are:
147 Status report on individual patients.
148 Shut down life support systems.
149 Increase dosage of original DNA strands of subjects to 100%.
150 Log off.
151 Please enter authorization code.
152 Authorization 3578X287A.
153 Z876342BCD
154 Alpha Delta 287 Foxtrot
155 [Attempt to hack the computer]
156 Invalid authorization code. Command?
157 Authorization code accepted. Please stand by. Accessing data. Ready to process request.
158 Terminate life support systems on FEV batch #23872-A.
159 Increase original DNA strand dosage to 100% on all subjects.
160 Access granted. Which patient file would you like to examine?
161 Patient file #23869.
162 Patient file #23870.
163 Patient file #23871.
164 Patient file #23872.
165 Patient file #23869. Subject: Male. Age 25. Radiation count: 40. FEV exposure: 50%. Original DNA strands remaining: 50%. Vital signs are high but within normal parameters.
166 I would like to examine another patient file.
167 Patient file #23870. Subject: Male. Age 23. Radiation count: 15. FEV exposure: 60%. Original DNA strands remaining: 40%. Vital signs are within normal parameters.
168 Patient file #23781. Subject: Female. Age 20. Radiation count: 10. FEV exposure: 55%. Original DNA strands remaining: 45%. Vital signs are within normal parameters.
169 Patient file #23782. Subject: Male. Age 26. Radiation count: 35. FEV exposure: 60%. Original DNA strands remaining: 40%. Vital signs are above normal but within acceptable parameters.
170 Are you sure you wish to terminate the life support systems on FEV batch #23872-A?
171 FEV batch #23872-A terminated. Command?
172 Yes.
173 No.
174 Are you sure you wish to increase the dosage? Auto-correction will be disabled if you do this.
175 Increasing dosage of original DNA to 100%. WARNING: Auto-correction has been disabled.
176 You manage to get an interface screen out of the vats control computer.
177 You try to use the computer, but are unable to get any useful information out of it.
178 You try to use the computer, but the system is too complex for you to understand easily. You'll have to keep trying.
179 The explosion destroys the vat control system. Without regulation, it will certainly cycle out of control in minutes.
180 You slide the security card across the terminal's reader. The terminal clicks and whirrs, and an unencrypted screen comes up.
181 [Exit system]

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