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100 You see Vasquez, the mercenary desperado.
101 You see a seedy-looking gunman.
102 What do you want?
103 Who are you?
104 Hnn.
105 I do not work for the weak of mind. You leave now.
106 You have not heard of me? I am hurt! My name is Vasquez Villanova Hernandez Ortega. I am a famous desperado, my friend. And, if you have need, I am a gun for hire.
107 Really? How much do you cost?
108 See you around, maybe . . . good luck. Heh.
109 Ahh, straight to the point, my friend. Excellent. I will help you around town for a measly $500 a week. My services are not cheap, but then again, I am worth it.
110 Great, I'll hire you. Here's $500.
111 Sorry to bother you, but I don't think I need your services.
112 I am sorry, my friend, but I do not work for imaginary money. I need cold, hard cash.
113 Excellent. I am yours. Let us go, this place bores me.
114 Lead on, I am yours to command!
115 Let us get something to drink!
116 Where shall we go first?
117 As long as you stay in Junktown, I am yours. I do not like leaving this town.
118 Did you know that I have a bounty on my head? It is too small, however.
119 Ah, my friend. It is good to see you again.
120 I want to hire you for a week.
121 Nice meeting you again.
122 Hnn.
123 Well, maybe it is not so good to see you again. Have a good day.
124 Of course you do. My bill is small, and my worth is so large. $500, please.
125 Here you go.

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