Fallout VANHAG.MSG Dialogue
100. You see a Member of the Children of the Cathedral.
101. I do not speak with heathen souls such as yourself.
102. Your report, VanHagan.
103. The Master is pleased with your progress, but his need is great and time is limited.
104. The Master should know that raw material is limited. We cannot create our soldiers without more stock.
105. He is aware of your problems. He is working on it, as we speak.
106. Tell me of his plans. We will need to coordinate activities, if the Unity is to succeed.
107. The Master has become aware of an undiscovered, and living, Vault. With that much raw material, we can create a great force. According to the prediction software, it will be the numbers we need to succeed.
108. Excellent. This is most fortuitous. Are the inhabitants contaminated?
109. Oh, this is the best part. If their representative is any example, they are clean. Pure-strain.
110. Oh, this is most exciting. What Vault is it that we plunder?
111. Vault-13. And we shall have them soon. Very soon.

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