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100 Security Station
101 This terminal, 'Tylier', controls Special Forces Operations. Please present voice authorization.
102 Nuna!
103 Help me. Me got owwie.
104 Let me in.
105 I am
106 . Let me pass.
107 What do you do here?
108 Voice not recognized. Security systems status: armed.
109 I am the security system for Blue Level. All systems armed.
110 Can you disarm the systems?
111 Why are the systems armed when the war has ended?
112 Thank you.
113 I have been programmed to keep the systems armed until authorized personnel have entered the correct voice code.
114 Will you disarm the systems for me?
115 Good bye.
116 Voice override: Gamma Delta Delta. Disarm all systems.
117 You are not authorized. Access denied.
118 Invalid code. Access denied.
119 Voice override: Gamma Omicron Delta. Disarm systems.
120 Voice override: Omicron Delta Delta. Disarm systems.
121 Voice override: Alpha Delta Delta. Disarm systems.
122 Voice override: Delta Omicron Gamma. Disarm systems.
123 Good bye.
124 Voice override confirmed. Disarming security systems.
125 I have not received orders to do otherwise. Network access is unavailable; central processor ZAX has apparently been destroyed.
126 Fine. Voice override: Sigma Alpha Delta. Disarm systems.
127 Good bye.
128 Security systems are currently disarmed.

Good news: I figured out what that thing you just incinerated did.

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