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100 You see Therax, a Thinker Nightkin.
101 You see Justin, a Thinker Nightkin.
102 You see Sereine, a Thinker Nightkin.
103 You see Dolkarn, a Thinker Nightkin.
104 You see Hort, a Thinker Nightkin.
105 You see Chris, a Thinker Nightkin.
106 You see Jaunita, a Thinker Nightkin.
107 You see Lesley, a Thinker Nightkin.
108 You see Renfield, a Thinker Nightkin.
109 You see Timothy, a Thinker Nightkin.
110 Welcome Oh Punt One. You are just in time to help us.
111 Huh?
112 Sure. Not a problem
113 Sorry. Much too busy.
114 Why would I wish to assist you?
115 No matter simple one. Come with me, and I shall take you to the job.
116 That was not a request. Your presence will be made.
117 Are you not the one who seeks to bring peace to the wastelands?
118 Yes, however, I don't see how in aiding you how that will happen.
119 No. I prefer mass destruction.
120 We believe that if everyone, mutants and humans, could learn to work together, then a great many problems could be resolved.
121 Sounds promising. Count me in.
122 Forget it.
123 Something doesn't sound right about this.
124 Everything is perfectly fine. Perhaps it is the limited scope of your cranium which deters your advancement in thought.
125 You are probably correct. Count me in.
126 Mayhaps. Let me inspect your skull.
127 If that is your desire, then you shall have your fill.
128 Welcome back. You shall now assist us.

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