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100 You see Brother Thomas.
101 Okay children. Today we will be going over some martial arts.
102 In close combat the technique you use depends on your opponents size, reach, and quickness.
103 If given the opportunity test your opponent.
104 Don't rush the attack.
105 All right my little one, try to hurt poor old gramps.
106 Ah!
107 Uhh.
108 Well that's all for now, so let's review.
109 You see how he lost his balance?
110 Overextending yourself leaves you open for a counter attack.
111 When you attack be sure not to overextend.
112 Why is overextending so bad?
113 If you have the opportunity for a kill, shouldn't you go for it?
114 That's a lot to risk your life over.
115 Overextending leaves your inside vulnerable to a counter attack and puts you off balance.
116 One little shove will land you right on your ass.
117 Okay, let's give another young punk a try at gramps.
118 Let's see if you've learned from the previous example.
119 Not bad, that last move almost got me.
120 Are you sure you want to be a Scribe Initiate?
121 Those talents would be a shame to waste.
122 We'll just keep you in reserve. Okay?
123 I'm just fooling with ya.
124 You may want to reconsider a career as a Knight.
125 Just think about it.
126 Thank you Brother Thomas.
127 I hope you all noticed how Brother Anthony did not overextend himself.
128 He also tried to use my weight and bulkiness against me.
129 Martial arts have their good and bad sides.
130 We will be learning many different styles to better understand their strengths and weaknesses.
131 Okay. Show me what you've got.
132 Very good. You lasted much longer than I thought you would.
133 You can go back to the line.
134 Well, I hope you kids were able to catch what was going on.
135 He's a natural fighter.
136 Let's have one more.
137 Pay close attention...
138 and remember to always punch through your targets.
139 Pretend your target is a few inches beyond were the impact is going to be.
140 Um, Brother Thomas?
141 Yes, my little piece of clay.
142 Shouldn't we do that for kicking too?
143 Of, course.
144 Very good. I think we'll let you live.
145 Just kidding, try to smile once in a while.
146 This isn't a life and death situation.
147 There'll be plenty of time for that later on.
200 Not bad.
201 That was pretty good.
202 Okay, you're learning.
203 Stay focused.
204 Keep your eyes on me.
205 Don't overextend.
206 Never look away from your opponent.
207 Work on your blocks.
208 Keep your center of gravity low.
209 Excellent!
210 Perfect form.
211 I'm impressed.
300 You gain 500 experience points from watching the training.

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