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0 {100}{}{The guard does not respond to you.}
100 You see one of Shady Sands' guards.
101 Hey, I think you'd better be leaving. We don't want your kind here.
102 I can't believe that Tandi has disappeared. I hope you are going to find her. It would really hurt Aradesh if something bad happened to her.
103 Thanks for returning Tandi. It's a good sign for the future, don't you think?
104 That's a damn shame about Tandi. I hope Aradesh will be ok.
105 Welcome, stranger. We don't see your kind often.
106 Uh, thanks. Bye.
107 Why not?
108 Hnnng!
109 Not so fast! This is a small community. We don't see strangers often, and we don't really need them if you get my meaning. If you don't have a good reason to be here, you'd better just keep moving.
110 Hey, I ain't gonna hurt anybody.
111 Uh.
112 I wasn't saying that you was gonna. You'd just better leave us alone.
113 I'll try not to make trouble.
114 I'm sick and tired of your trash. Prepare to meet your maker.
115 Look, Shady Sands don't need your kind from the Hub, or Junktown, or wherever you come from. We do pretty good by ourselves.
116 The last trader from the Hub sold us a malfunctioning irrigation pump. We've had it with your dirty deals.
117 You got it all wrong. I'm not like that.
118 Yeah, right. So you say. Just don't get into any trouble, Ok?
119 No problem.
120 Yeah, whatever.
121 Well, maybe you aren't. You do seem a little different to me. I'll tell you what. You should go talk to Aradesh. He is in the center of town.
122 We don't want your kind here. Go back to wherever you came from.
123 Hey, no need for weapons. We don't look too kindly on those around here.
124 Hey, you didn't turn out to be such a bad person after all. Have a nice day.
125 I really wish you would just leave town.

They warned her, don't go there There's creatures who are Hiding in the dark Then something came creeping It told her

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