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100 You see Terry.
101 The water ration is passed out at night . . . Hey, you're not a ghoul!
102 That's not important right now. What is important is the location of the boss.
103 No, I'm not.
104 Ngh.
105 I'll take you to him. Here, let me give you a hand.
106 I'd better take you to Harry, he'll know what to do with you.
107 Hey, no talking! It disturbs my thinking.
108 What time of night is it?
109 The mutant ignores you.
1000 Chip
1001 Necropolis
1002 Set
1003 Watershed
1004 Hall
1005 Lou
1006 Ghouls
1007 Normals
1100 I dunno.
1101 Yer standin in it.
1102 He's a wus. We should just wipe out him and his ghouls.
1103 That's here.
1104 I dunno.
1105 He Harry's boss.
1106 Wimpy things.

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