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100 You see a cheery man with close-cropped hair.
101 You see the town's trader, Tine.
102 We don't get many strangers around here. What do you want?
103 Hello, stranger! What can I do for you today?
104 My name's
105 .
106 Can I ask you about the Hub merchants?
107 I'd like to do some trading.
108 What's your take on Adytum?
109 Nuthin'.
110 Yeah, I trade with 'em.
111 I do some trading with them from time to time. Mostly I sell bullets in exchange for food.
112 I'm Tine. You have some business to conduct?
113 Pleasure to meet you. I'm Tine.
114 Great doin' business with you. Come again.
115 Whatever.
116 Keep in touch!
117 What?
118 Hello again! What can I help you with?
119 It's a good town. Might be a little happier if the Regulators didn't keep such a tight grip on things. But hey, that's their style.

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