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100 You see Talus.
101 Hello, you must be the outsider initiate. Nice to meet you. What can I do for you?
102 Who is the leader of your organization?
103 So, are you in charge around here?
104 How do I get better weapons and equipment?
105 Chagga!
106 That would be the council of elders. More specifically, the High Elder, Maxson. The elders make all the major decisions around here. If you need to speak with them, you'll find them on the fourth floor.
107 So what do you do?
108 No, we are directed by the council of elders. Maxson, the High Elder, would be the person in charge. If you need to speak with him, you'll find him on the fourth floor.
109 I really need some better firepower.
110 I'm the Senior Paladin, Rhombus's right-hand man. We're in charge of the Paladins and Knights. Right now I'm supervising training exercises. We're getting ready . . . for anything.
111 You're getting ready for what?
112 How can I get some weapons and equipment?
113 There are rumors of a large force moving around in the mountains and desert. With the missing caravans and these rumors, we're just playing it safe.
115 Really? Okay, thanks.
116 In a hurry, are we? As an Initiate, you are entitled to a few things. I'll put in a clearance for combat armor and three orders for ammunition, bullets of your choice. Just see Michael in the next room for the supplies.
117 I am very grateful, but do you by any chance have a weapon you can spare that might help my chances of survival out there?
118 Thanks, what about some high-tech weapons?
119 That's it? You've got to be kidding!
120 I understand, but I'm really pressed for time and I really need some better firepower.
121 Great! What do I have to do now? Climb the highest mountain?
122 That sounds great. Why don't you start now.
123 Well, I might be able to make an exception. You obviously have some good training. If you didn't you wouldn't have succeeded in that crazy quest the High Elder sent you on.
124 Sometimes I don't know if he's trying to get help from the outside, or kill off the stupid. No offense. I'll tell you what. I'm sort of in a tight spot because the scouts I sent out a while back never returned.
125 It was my idea, and I'm sort of taking some heat for it. If you can find out what happened to them, I'll make it worth your while.
126 I'll think about it.
127 Excuse me, Initiate. Please don't brandish your weapon. Put it away unless you plan on using it.
128 Holster your weapon, Initiate. You're not in a training exercise, put it away.
129 Would you stop waving your weapon around like that? You should . . . oh, never mind.
130 Hello again, Brother
131 . How can I help you?
132 Who are the important people around here?
133 Could you tell me about those important people again?
134 How can I get some better equipment and weapons?
135 Can I get some more ammo?
136 Nothing, thanks.
137 I can help you with that. As an Initiate, you are entitled to a few things. I'll put in a clearance for combat armor and three orders for ammunition, bullets of your choice.
138 Just see Michael in the next room for the supplies.
139 What about that metal suit you're wearing?
140 Thanks, what about some high-tech weapons?
141 Well, we are all important, but I know who you are referring to.
142 That's not a problem. You should get to know your fellow Brothers well. I know there are a lot of us, and that it can be hard for some to remember us all.
143 There's Rhombus. He's our Head Paladin, also known as the Master Knight. Then there's Vree; she's the Master Scribe. And of course we cannot forget our distinguished High Elder, Maxson.
144 Tell me about Rhombus.
145 Tell me about Vree.
146 Tell me about Maxson.
147 Rhombus is my best friend, mentor, idol, and father figure all combined into one. He's a little rough, but he has to be, to be in the position he's in.
148 If you ever need to talk to him, he is normally in his office . . . I mean room. That's on the other side of this level, across from the guard room.
149 Of course we do. She's on the second level. Next to the learning room.
150 Thanks, bye.
151 Thank you. That's all I wanted to know.
152 Vree is one of the most intelligent people I've ever known. I think she was born with the natural understanding of physics and chemistry.
153 She spends every waking moment doing research or analyzing and reanalyzing anything she can get her hands on. If you ever need to talk to her, she can normally be found in her room, on the third floor.
154 She's on the second level. Just go down to the second floor, make a left. You'll see it just past the learning room. I should get back to work. If you have any other questions just ask.
155 As I said, she's on the second level. You can't miss it. It's the only other major room on the second floor besides the learning room.
156 Okay, see ya.
157 Maxson is one tough old man. He's the great, great grandson . . . or was it great, great, great grandson? Well, anyway. He's the descendant of one of our founding fathers. He, of course, is the High Elder.
158 You've built quite a reputation for yourself. The people I've checked with hold you in high regard. I don't think you need any help, you seem quite capable. However, if you help me with a little problem, I might be able to reward you with something.
159 Thanks a lot, bye.
160 That's it, thanks.
161 You're getting on my nerves, little one. What do you want now?
162 Nothing, just wanted to hear your pleasant voice.
163 Sorry, didn't see you there.
164 Cha Toh Weh Lo!
165 Ug.
166 Stop wasting my time!
167 How did you get in here? Get out of my sight.
168 I can give you a little more ammunition if you really need it. I'll have it authorized by the time you can talk to Michael.
169 I just gave you some. You should learn to be more conservative with your ammunition.
170 Sorry, you've had more than your share for this week. You'll have to make do with what you have. We don't have an endless supply of ammunition.
171 I've heard about some of the things you've done and we don't take kindly to child killers. The Elders seem to think that there's something you can offer but I don't want to have anything to do with you.
172 I only killed one.
173 You don't know the whole story.
174 I don't have to answer to you.
175 You've built quite a reputation for yourself. I don't think you need any help, you seem quite capable. However, there is something I need looking into, and I might be able to help you if you can help me.
176 Sure. What's the problem?
177 No thanks and thanks for nothing.
178 Sorry, I can't. Thanks for the Armor, though.
179 Since you were able to survive the wasteland alone, I think you're probably quite capable. However, I do have a problem that I could use some help with and I might be able to reward you for your help.
180 No. I think you should leave.
181 I sent one of our Initiates out to the Hub a short while back and we haven't heard back from him. If you can find out what happened to him I'd be very grateful.
182 I'll check it out.
183 I'll try but I can't promise anything.
184 I told you to leave.
185 Only? I don't think our order will be able to help you. Good day.
186 I don't need to know the whole story. Good day.
187 Thank you. I'll remember this and when I've seen that you've gained enough experience I might be able to give you something special from our order.
188 Really? What?
189 Give it to me now!
190 Sounds good. Bye.
191 I shouldn't say, but it's not a weapon. It's something that only the elite in our order can have, but since you are from the outside and are in greater need of it, I might be able to make an exception.
192 Can't you tell me?
193 Okay, bye.
194 I think you probably already have an idea. Let's leave it at that.
195 No, I'm not and I think you should leave, 'initiate'.
196 Only Paladins wear Power Armor, someday you may earn the right to wear it.
197 Thanks, what about some high-tech weapons?
198 Well I see we have a bright new addition to our order after all... [Talus leers at you.] Don't get cocky with me, Initiate. I'm not in the mood nor have I the patience!
199 I thought you were smarter than that. I don't have to give you anything. You're lucky I don't kick you out of here, right now. I think you should leave, before I change my mind.
200 That's okay. Anything you might find would be helpful.
201 Brother
202 ! I've received word from Brother Jonathan. Thank you for rescuing him.
203 I understand Decker's dead, you're more talented than I thought, and that's saying a lot.
204 We'll make Decker pay for what he's done, you have my word on that.
205 You're welcome.
206 Lup?
207 Hello stranger! I heard you're the one to thank for the safe return of my missing Initiate.
208 I also understand that Decker's dead, you're quite an asset to our Brotherhood.
209 We don't tolerate chem users around here. I suggest you see the doctor and clean yourself up.
210 As for your reward, I'll give you the choice of one of the following:
211 So which would you prefer?
212 Rocket Launcher.
213 Laser Pistol.
214 Super Sledgehammer.
215 Let me think about it.
216 I'll key your authorization in right now. Go pick it up from Michael.
217 , it is time you wore your own suit of Power Armor. This is a very special privilege for one so new to our order. Wear our Power Armor as a symbol of hope as you walk the wasteland, for someday when the world is ready we will surface and restore our battered Earth. Congratulations, you have made us all very proud. I'll send Michael the authorization.
218 I see someone else already gave you your Power Suit. I was hoping to give it to you myself, but that's all right. I hope it helps you in your quest.
219 Watch your form!
220 Pay attention, people.
221 No slacking off!
222 Behave over there, or you'll find yourself on night perimeter patrol.
223 Quiet, don't make me bring Rhombus in here. He'll whup all your asses.
300 Please, if you need something see me in the morning.
301 I'll be in the training hall come morning. Talk to me then.
302 What are you doing in her. These aren't your quarters.
303 Good night Initiate, talk to me in the morning. It can't be that urgent.
304 I'm tired and I want to go to bed, please leave.
305 Do you normally bother people in there living quarters.
400 You can always... wait a minute. Look me straight in the eyes... I thought so. You should lay off the chems, they can really mess you up. If you don't watch it you'll end up like the Skags at the Hub. So what was it you needed?
401 Do you have a doctor? I'm hurt.
402 Do you have a doctor?
403 I'm done climbing that mountain.
404 Where's your doctor located?
406 Hmmm, I don't know. You may have proven yourself to be an initiate but that doesn't mean we start handing over weapons to someone that might not be qualified, especially an outsider, no offense.
407 Power Armor.
408 You gain
409 experience points for rescuing the initiate.

Good news: I figured out what that thing you just incinerated did.

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