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100 You see Slappy.
101 Boogie, Boogie, Boogie.
102 It's a bitty spider, smashin', smashin'.
103 Let's play Global Thermo-Nuclear War.
104 Where's my blankie!?!
105 Da... Da... Da...
106 The Moon is out there.
107 Gimme' the Sugar Baby.
108 Oooh, pretty, pretty stuff. Why is the moon?
109 Uh, I talked with Harold. The Deathclaw sounds pretty nasty. What can you tell me about it?
110 Beth told me to talk to you about the Deathclaw.
111 What do you do around here?
112 What's your problem?
113 Moon Big, me like Moon!
114 All bright, it's all bright, the bright comes down, and then we are doomed.
115 Ahh.
116 Deathclaw, Deathclaw, Dah Dah Deathclaw.
117 Come on, what do you know about the Deathclaw?
118 What's your problem?
119 Don't make me pound it out of you!
120 Do, I, do, then you do, then we all do.
121 No really, what do you do.
122 You're a loony.
123 Problems are like Soup Bowls, wide and shallow.
124 That's more like your mind.
125 Deathclaw scary, really scary. Looks neat though. Wanna' see it?
126 You can take me to the Deathclaw?
127 Hell no!
128 Yeah, Deathclaw, Deathclaw, going to see the Deathclaw.
129 Just shut up and take me there.
130 Ah, nevermind. You take care, now.
131 I do this, then I do that. You see Harold? Harold's fun, his hair falls out, falls in the wind. There it goes... wind, wind.
132 Whatever.
133 Pound and Pound, and Pound and Pound.
134 Why is the wind? Why why why why why.
135 Beth, Beth, shoo sha Beth. Like Harold, you talk Harold. Harold tell you story. Slappy help then.

Here's a little trick I learned in prison!

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