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100 You see Sinthia, the seductive sellbaby.
101 You see a pouty, shapely woman.
102 Hey, darling, how you doing?
103 Okay. Bye.
104 Just fine, but I could be better.
105 Uhh.
106 Oh, baby, I understand. You gotta run home to momma. Well, come back here when you need some luvin'!
107 Yeah, sweets, same to you.
108 You'll find whatever, or whoever, you're looking for, honey, and that'll make you all better, I'm sure.
109 Maybe I can help you with that.
110 Maybe you can. How much to you charge?
111 I wouldn't let my dog touch you.
112 Oh, baby, if you got to ask . . . more than you can afford. Maybe next time, sugar. See you around.
113 Oh, sugar, that's just plain disgusting.
114 Oh, gawd, please help me.
115 Please don't let him kill me.
116 I'm too young to die.
117 Oh, gawd, I'm too pretty to die.
118 Thank you for what you did. No one ever took care of me like that before.
119 I can really take care of you later.
120 You're welcome.
121 Unh.
122 Thanks again.
123 Is that all you can think about? Geez. Some people.
124 I mean, my boss didn't even send some of his goons to help. You'd think for all the cash I make for that loser, he would at least live up to his part of the bargain.
125 Who's your boss?
126 What bargain?
127 Gizmo, of course. He runs all the sin in this town. Killian sure as hell wouldn't put up with me or my kind. If it wasn't for the fact that I make Giz a whole hell of a lot of money, I'd have to do other things to him.
128 And, honey, those thoughts just don't do my stomach a whole lot of good.
129 What else does Gizmo control?
130 You should just hang it up and move on with your life.
131 You're telling me. But what else can I do? It seems like my life has been designed by someone else. Oh, well. A girl has to make a living.
132 But sugar, this one's for free.
133 Thanks again, honey. We women gotta stick together.
134 Just about every bad thing a person could do in this town. He owns the Casino. He runs me and some of the other gals, even some little kids. I hear he is trying to take over the bar.
135 You stay away from him, okay? Take it from me, he is not the kind of patron he wants to make you think he is. Stay away.
136 Giz wants to take care of Killian, if you get my meaning.
137 Why, honey, I take care of men, and they take care of me in return. Gizmo gets 25% and I supposedly get his protection. You saw how well that went, huh?"
138 What else does Gizmo control?
139 You feel like paying another visit to Sinthia.
140 Maybe Sinthia would like some company . . .
141 You shit! You killed him! Why did you have to kill him? You bastard! I can't believe you killed him. All he wanted was someone to talk to. You don't care about human life, do you?
142 You shit! You killed him! Why did you have to kill him? You bitch! I can't believe you killed him. All he wanted was someone to talk to. You don't care about human life, do you?
143 Just get the hell out of my room!
144 You killed him! I can't believe you killed him. All he wanted was someone to talk to . . .
145 He ain't dead. He's just gonna have a hurt head when he wakes up.
146 Hnnn.
147 Yeah, whatever. Get the hell out of my room!
148 Oh, sorry. I though he was dead. I though you killed him. He's not such a bad guy, after all. Just a little lonely.
149 No problem.
150 You again. What can I help you with this time?
151 Just stopping by to see how you are doing.
152 I've got $40, if you got ten minutes.
153 I need some more info on your boss.
154 Ah, honey, I don't think so. Imagine how the children would turn out.
155 Doing fine, thanks to you, sugar.
156 What do you want to know, but make it short, honey, I'm on the clock.
157 How many guards does he have?
158 Where does he stash the money?
159 Does he have any weaknesses?
160 Thanks, doll, but I don't need to know anything else.
161 Hmm. I know about eight, personally, if you get my meaning. I think he has another ten or so.
162 Money? How would I know? He only takes my money, he doesn't show me his. I would guess that it's in his bedroom, but for all I know, he could keep it where the sun doesn't shine. And for Giz, that's a big place.
163 Only that he thinks he doesn't have any. Well, that and he's a fat slob, who can't move for a damn. He's got to have his guards help him move around. Even then, they gotta use a little tricycle. Heh heh.
164 Sugar, you got a date.
165 Sure, honey, for you.
166 I'll show you a good time.
167 Honey, you need some more money. I like you and all, but a girl has to make a living.
168 I reserve the right to refuse admittance, and honey, you ain't getting nowhere near me!
169 Sinthia is asleep.
170 Sinthia is busy.
171 Sinthia refuses to speak with you.
172 Sorry, honey, I don't do freaks.
173 Take your cash, your attitude, and your small prick somewhere else!
174 Oh, gawd, somebody help me!
175 You gain
176 experience for successfully rescuing Sinthia.

Remember when the platform was sliding into the fire pit and I said Goodbye and you were like no way and then I was all we pretended we were going to murder you? That was great!

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