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100 You see Sid, Beth's assistant.
101 Good morning.
102 Afternoon, sir!
103 Afternoon, ma'am!
104 Good Evening.
105 I know, I know . . . [whisper] she talks an awful lot doesn't she.
106 Welcome to Beth's Weapon Shop & Rumor Mill.
107 Beth, someone's here to see you.
108 Welcome to Beth's Palace of Pleasure.
109 Do you come bearing gifts?
110 [whisper] Don't tell her anything you don't want the whole city to know.
111 Again?
112 Free weapons! Come and get them!
113 Blue light special on aisle three.
114 She's mine, don't even think of it!
115 She likes playing hard to get.
116 Breakfast Break.
117 Lunch break!
118 Good Evening.
119 Nice blue suit, heh. 13 your lucky number?
120 Oh, it's mysterious man!
121 Oh, it's a mysterious woman!
122 Do you read palms?
123 Oh, Beth just loves leather!
124 Hey honey, buy his leather jacket for me.
125 Hey honey, buy her leather jacket for me.
126 Nice spikey armor!
127 It's camouflage, you blend so well. Wait! Where'd you go?
128 Hey that is one sharp looking outfit.
129 Am not!

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