Fallout SID Dialogue
100. You see Sid, Beth's assistant.
101. Good morning.
102. Afternoon, sir!
103. Afternoon, ma'am!
104. Good Evening.
105. I know, I know . . . [whisper] she talks an awful lot doesn't she.
106. Welcome to Beth's Weapon Shop & Rumor Mill.
107. Beth, someone's here to see you.
108. Welcome to Beth's Palace of Pleasure.
109. Do you come bearing gifts?
110. [whisper] Don't tell her anything you don't want the whole city to know.
111. Again?
112. Free weapons! Come and get them!
113. Blue light special on aisle three.
114. She's mine, don't even think of it!
115. She likes playing hard to get.
116. Breakfast Break.
117. Lunch break!
118. Good Evening.
119. Nice blue suit, heh. 13 your lucky number?
120. Oh, it's mysterious man!
121. Oh, it's a mysterious woman!
122. Do you read palms?
123. Oh, Beth just loves leather!
124. Hey honey, buy his leather jacket for me.
125. Hey honey, buy her leather jacket for me.
126. Nice spikey armor!
127. It's camouflage, you blend so well. Wait! Where'd you go?
128. Hey that is one sharp looking outfit.
129. Am not!

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