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100 You see Sherry.
101 You see a gang member.
103 Who are you and what are you doing here?
104 I'm
105 . I'm new to this town.
106 None of your business, wench!
107 Puwah?
108 Apparently so, since everyone knows that this is the territory of the Skulz. You'd better beat it before someone decides to hurt you.
109 Bring it on!
110 Sorry, I thought this was the bathroom. Bye.
111 The Skulz? Who're they?
112 Yeah, I knew that. I'm just hangin' out.
113 Take off, you hoser, before one of us decides to tear you up.
114 Sheesh, sorry.
115 Yeah? Bring it on!
116 You sorry thing. You should run along. It's not safe here, especially for someone like you who wouldn't understand.
117 That's us! We're the meanest gang in town. Actually, we're the only gang. But nobody messes with us.
118 So you pretty much have the run of the town, eh?
119 How nice. See ya.
120 Oh. Well, you'd better not. I mean, you're not one of the Skulz, and this is our place. So, you should get lost, before Victor gets itchy.
121 Actually, I think I'll stay.
122 Who's Victor?
123 Fine, I'm out of here.
124 Fine. It's your funeral.
125 Victor's right over there. He's the meanest of us all. He likes torturing iguanas that he catches. I don't really like him, to tell the truth, but he's one of us.
126 Well, there's Victor, and Shark, who hangs out at the Skum Pitt. Vinnie, too, and a couple other guys who stop by from time to time.
127 Where's the Skum Pitt?
128 Oh, the Skum Pitt is a sleazy bar north of here, near Gizmo's casino.
129 You bet! Nobody messes with us! Well, except for Killian, but he's cool and all. He's like the sheriff man. We do whatever we want.
130 We just hang out, and sometimes we play games at Gizmo's or have some fun over at the Skum Pitt. Sometimes we do odd jobs for Gizmo or for some traveler. Victor likes stalking people, too. Come to think of it, you might want to stay away from him.
131 You work for Gizmo? What can you tell me about him?
132 So what is it that you guys do?
133 Who all is in the gang?
134 Why do you hang out with these guys?
135 We're like a family! We take care of each other. Well, except for Shark, who's always breaking things. And Victor, who looks at people funny. But Vinnie is cool. And we do stuff together. You know, we're like friends and stuff.
136 Oh, it's you again! You know, it's probably not healthy to hang out here if you're not one of the Skulz. And you're not.
137 Yeah, well, your Skulz probably couldn't knock over a sleeping Brahmin, much less take on me.
138 What have you been up to lately?
139 Really? We'll see about that! Victor!
140 Not too much, actually. There's not much to do. I mean, Shark has been causing some fights at the Skum Pitt, as usual, but what else is there to do around here?
141 Uh, not much, I guess.
142 You could always try doing something else. You must have some talents or hobbies.
143 Well, I do sort of like to draw. And Vinnie says I'm a pretty good cook. But I mean, hey, we have fun and stuff, you know?
144 I guess that's understandable.
145 But what will you do when you get older? Where will your life go? How will you make money?
146 Um, well, I never gave it much thought. I mean, Vinnie and Victor make some money and Shark occasionally does some bodyguarding for visitors here. I don't know.
147 You should probably get out while you still can.
148 Hey, lay off! You sound like Vinnie's parents used to. We all support each other, okay? So back off.
149 I guess. I never thought about it much.
150 Hi! How are you doing? It's been a while.
151 I'm all right, thanks.
152 I've been better.
153 Okay. How about you?
154 I'm sorry to hear that! Perhaps you should get a room and sleep it off. Talk to Marcelles. Oh, and here, I can fix you something to eat, if you like.
155 That would be swell, thanks.
156 No thanks, but I'll see you around.
157 Oh, I'm doing much better, thanks! I do some cooking now at the Skum Pitt and the Crash House. It gets kind of tiresome on some nights, but I do like to cook, and I get to meet all sorts of interesting people. And I get paid, too. Thanks for your help.
158 There you go. Enjoy. And I'll see you around!
159 He's this huge fat guy who runs the Casino. He wants to run Junktown, but Killian keeps him in line. He pays pretty well, though. Occasionally he hires Vinnie or Victor to deal with people for him, if they've been a problem, like one stranger who showed up here a few weeks ago.
160 You want me to turn in my friends?!?
161 Yes, I need your information.
162 Sorry. Forget I asked.
163 They have been hurting people, and they will go on hurting people unless they're stopped. You changed your life for the better. Now you have a chance to help improve the lives of others, too.
164 Hmm. Well, I mean, they are my friends. But I guess that they shouldn't be allowed to hurt people the way they do. And I guess I trust you since you helped me. All right.
165 No, I can't do that! Those are my friends! I may not be a Skul anymore, but I'm not going to turn my back on my old friends.

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