Fallout SHARK Dialogue
100. You see Shark.
101. You see a man with filed teeth.
102. You bitch!
103. Hey, fresh bait! So, what brings you in to our territory, chum? Here for a little fun? At your expense, of course.
104. Actually, I'm here to kick butt and chew gum . . . you can guess the rest.
105. What do you do for fun around here?
106. Uh, I was just leaving. Bye.
107. Just stopped by for a drink and some . . . entertainment.
108. Glopf!
109. We beat up posers like you!
110. Not so fast! Nobody just walks into our place without payin' the pain tax.
111. I think you'll do. Boys, grab her.
112. Let me introduce you to the tax man. He's called Mr. Sledgehammer!
113. I don't think so!
114. Well, for this evening's entertainment, we've decided to thrash this place! Heh. Grab what you can carry and let's see some blood run, eh?
115. Think I'll just grab a brew.
116. Smash and grab? Count me in!
117. Not tonight, I have a headache.
118. Nah, I'd rather have something to eat . . . perhaps grilled shark!
119. Ah, you loser. Go run back to your momma.
120. You again? Geez, some people just don't learn!
121. Just stopped in for a quick drink.
122. Just leaving, never mind.
123. Glorpf!
124. Not a bad idea. Think I'll have one myself. Of course, you always have to wash a beer down with some bloodshed!
125. I thought you'd get the picture by now, to beat it. Guess I was wrong. Well, at least it'll be fun to beat you!

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