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100 You see Set, the Leader of Necropolis.
101 There'd better be a killer reason for standin' in my shadow. Does 'next on the menu' ring a bell for ya . . . normie.
102 Oh, killer it is, no doubt. Obviously I've found the head, uh, man.
103 Whoa, what happened to your face?
104 Wow, you're pretty smart for a ghoul.
105 Nuh-uh?
106 Simple time. I'm Set. I'm in charge. Get it?
107 According to my info you're just a second rate minion.
108 Got it.
109 Anything else I should know?
110 Good.
111 What can I do for you?
112 What is that? Sucking up? Listen, walker, I don't do the deal with norms, so blowing smoke up the tail ain't going to get you head seat at the table.
113 The smoke will be coming out a lotta holes when I'm through.
114 My apologies. I wanted to make a good impression.
115 Didn't mean nothin'.
116 [Groan] I'm gonna to eat you up and be singing that 'Happy Tummy' song. I got that happy tummy . . .
117 Fact-time, bitch? I'm gonna enjoy squeezing you.
118 Whatever's in your holster better be bigger than your mouth . . . Unlikely as that is.
119 Squeeze this...
120 Nuh-uh?
121 Well. I see some potential here . . . heh . . . I have playmates for you, my sparkling normie. Punish the mutants at the water shed for me. Yeah, yeah, can do . . . yes?
122 Uh, OK.
123 Nuh-uh.
124 Excellent. Teach those mutants the last lesson, then amble back . . . Hmm. If I say to my ghouls to hold off you, the muties might hear and know. So I tell you what, it's favor-time. I keep shut. Got it?
125 Got it.
126 What about the ghouls?
127 Duh, ok!
128 Huh?
129 Avoid my ghouls, if you like your skin on. Any of mine that can't stop a normie deserve last rest. Get by as you need.
130 You eat my time! Cease to be, one way or the other!
131 You have no idea whose shadow you stomp.
132 A second-rate minion. I know your boss. Not happy.
133 Neither do you.
134 Sorry, I have an odd sense of humor.
135 You walk for him? You're his sneak, straight? Here to skin me? Oh, I swear, you'll tombstone too.
136 Whoa, Don't misinterpret. I'm not his. I'm here to help.
137 Try it spaghetti face.
138 It didn't sound it.
139 I understand. He's my problem, too. Talk to me.
140 The Necropolis was mine. Not an all-things-great, but a straight-place for my kind. Then the Master showed. He could've fragged me good, but it was easy for him to just stand some muties and keep an eye on.
141 What can I do, and what will you do for me?
142 Sounds a bit out of my league. I'm outta this.
143 The Mutants at the water shed need dirt-naps. Makes my shadow grow. You slice 'em and rewards run to you. Info, too.
144 Done.
145 Too much trouble. See ya around.
146 You want employ, walker? Show me you can scuffle. Take down the mutants at the water shed. Show 'em the bad time and you're good.
147 I'm on it.
148 No way, spaghetti face.
149 No. More questions?
150 Ahhh, guess not. What can I do for you?
151 Yeah. Do find it difficult to floss?
152 So funny my face hurts. Try again, and my Elites will juice you. Got it?
153 Got it.
154 I'm still a little unclear . . .
155 Your face hurts alright.
156 My name's Set. Yours is World-a-hurt. Take a deal, I change your handle. Listening?
157 Sure. Beats bleeding all over your floor.
158 Naww. Bring on the goons.
159 Uh-huh.
160 Nuh-uh!
161 Stride to the water shed, dirt-nap the mutants there. Do it, you continue a walker. Don't, you rest.
162 You sound a little scared by these guys, want to talk about it?
163 I'm easy. Deal.
164 You look funny, and you talk funny.
165 Well done. You've earned my sight, walker. Follow Garret for your reward. Now. I'm busy.
166 OK. Thanks.
167 That's it! Thanks, now get out?
168 Mom?
169 Look before you squeak. You'll enjoy. Be a shame to anger me, now . . . that I'm happy.
170 I apologize for my outburst, but I'm a little concerned here.
171 Sorry, no problem.
172 Hey, I'm not settling for left-overs
173 [Groan] Yeah, yeah. Follow Garret, and be showing your pearly whites too. And don't fret, I keep a straight-word. The Master runs the twist.
174 The Master?
175 Ok, thanks.
176 You don't watch your back, you'll wear his knife, he'll wear your skin. His mutants shadow the wasteland, especially south of here.
177 If the Master is so strong, who can challenge him?
178 He doesn't scare me.
179 He should.
180 Children of the Cathedral, cids of the Hub, even us Ghouls. No one can push his shadow now. But our light will be brighter next time. Ho-ho, yes.
181 Good luck.
182 Follow Garret and get out.
183 Right.
184 Frag off.
185 You can be left-overs. Leave now, without your reward, or you're on the table tonight.
186 If that's the way you want it.
187 Frag off.
188 No word runs to my ear about the water shed mutants ceasing to breathe. Major to my plans. Tell me it's a problem buried.
189 Oh, yeah. No big deal, everything's been taken care of. Trust me.
190 Nope, still working on it.
191 Nuh-uh.
192 Ahhh, filling. Follow Garret to your reward.
193 You steal my time with your lies. Leave my shadow before . . . die. Die! Just die!
194 Walk now. Deal with the mutants, and then return. Not before.
195 Caught by mine, huh? I gave you the straight on them. Now you pay. No credit.
196 I am Set. Why do you tread my shadow?
197 I am the bringer of death. Fall to your knees and beg for mercy.
198 I am the bringer of death. Fall to your knees and beg for mercy . . . Or give me a sandwich, I'm pretty hungry.
199 I'm here to see the boss. That you?
200 Whoa, major case of acne!
201 Uhh, ahdunno.
202 Normies. If you caused the trembles in me, would my gates be this open?
203 I've killed ghouls. I've killed mutants. I've killed things that you couldn't even imagine. Nobody gets in my way.
204 How about a face lift . . . It'll look good on my wall.
205 You topped those at the watershed. I find that filling. For that, I'll give words. Then we walk opposite.
206 Why don't we just 'walk opposite' now?
207 Works for me.
208 A warn. The South makes a big dog whimper and tuck tail. If ideas dance in your skull, I make big dogs play dead. On the other, you clean-wiped the shed. Garret will walk you to gratitude.
209 Laughter comes hard here. You clean-wiped the shed?
210 That's the fact.
211 Oh, no. Wasn't me.
212 My wrong, your loss. Work grows, you should walk now.
213 Ah, yes. No tracks in the sand. Good. Filling. Walk with Garret to gratitude.
214 I cast the shadow. If that's the lot, remove yourself.
215 I'm here to collect the bounty for some mutants.
216 Thanks, I think I will be going.
217 It'd be faster if I removed you.
218 Workable. Follow Garret to gratitude, then walk another path.
219 Reasons for aggressions? Walk and mine will stand. Talk and mine will move.
220 Sorry, bad attempt at humor.
221 'Bout time. Getting bored waiting for your face to clear up.
222 Ahh, the thinker-normie. You killed those at the shed, yes? Came for reward?
223 Uh-huh
224 Nuh-uh, me came kick ugly-butt.
225 Now is bad. Walk.
226 I deserve some information.
227 How about I walk on your face?
228 Got it.
229 Nuh-uh?
230 Fine. Fast. What?
231 You wouldn't do the mutants yourself. I ask myself why? Answer, someone has you scared. Why?
232 Why'd you need me to kill the mutants? Why not use your ghouls?
233 How in the hell can you call all this crap a reward?
234 I don't tremble. Use the tools of the time. You're used, you're rewarded, you're walking.
235 You're bluffing.
236 If you say so.
237 I think that's a threat!
238 You don't even read the lines. Unless Necropolis is forever your home to be, walk. I have no time for a foolish blood-bag.
239 How 'bout your own body-bag?
240 Got it.
241 Bite me.
242 With pleasure . . .
243 No bluff, no twist. The Master does not tremble me. Walk. Your welcome has.
244 Thanks for your time.
245 Think smokin' you will bring back my welcome? Works for me.
246 Why send a ghoul for a child's work? Leave me.
247 I'm weary. You're gone.
248 Sow and weep! I want you dead! Dead!
249 I spy your twist and it causes one of us pain. Short-list choice: Remove the mutants or die.
250 I'll get right to it.
251 It's a bigger list. #3 is: What if I twist off your head instead?
252 Still in my shadow? Why do normie tongues waggle and take the movement from their bones? Clear-time, walk now.
253 Your presence means?
254 Not much, just spreading the news that the Master is dead.
255 Ran out of butt to kick and thought of your face.
256 Huh. Master go boom.
257 You mean dead?
258 Uh-huh.
259 Warm. Filling. Your needs are my desires. Name them.
260 Need some info on the Vats.
261 I could use some more weapons and equipment.
262 No Thanks.
263 Need stuff.
264 Naww.
265 Some of mine slipped the bonds. Worked that mutant task.
266 What did they say?
267 Mutants, huh? I'll probably need more guns.
268 Big northwest, far from life. Busy with guards and tricky steering. If that's your path, walk it tight with my thoughts.
269 Garret will pass what's available.
270 You. Vanished our water processor chip. Exchanged it . . . for your life!
271 We both need working chips. Apparently there is only one. Is there another method we haven't thought about?
272 I needed the chip to save my own vault. Sorry.
273 Will sorry do?
274 Want it back?
275 Uhh?
276 A path, perhaps. An alternate pump exists, but not its actions. None of mine can breathe that life.
277 Perhaps I should take a look at the pump.
278 Too bad. Guess you're going thirsty.
279 Garret will walk you. Revive the pump, keep the chip.
280 Thanks.
281 I'll drink from you warm, then take from you cold.
282 I don't have it on me.
283 How 'bout eating dirt instead.
284 Then die before mine!
285 Ideas will not matter to you again.
286 I take it that's a 'no?'
287 Your price is to belong to Necropolis forever.
288 Kind of expensive. How 'bout I remove you from office instead?
289 Nuh-uh!
290 For the chip, you may walk.
291 Gotcha! I don't have it anymore!
292 OK, here it is.
293 I'd rather see you dead.
294 [Set passes the water chip to a ghoul, who runs off with it.] If your shadow touches Necropolis again, it will merge forever.
295 As said . . .
296 Stated before . . .
297 Don't do the deal with normies.
298 Natter to Garret. My time flies.
299 Is your head empty?
300 Yours is the only benefit. This exchange lacks.
301 Thoughts not in my possession
302 The time is wrong. Evening is proper for your shadow.
303 Guards! Seize the norm!
304 Guards, end this annoyance!
305 His meaning has no place here. None.
306 The future. Survival anywhere. We surpass the norms.
307 An error of the world. A blot on my sight. I hate every facet.
308 Where your shadow lies. My home. My rule. A place where strength grows.
309 The beginning. World to ashes, ashes to growth. Our life.
310 Misguided ideals. Nothing to my sight, nothing at all.
311 Many of yours. Some useful, but too many twists.
312 Relics. We surpass, they don't know. Their sight is narrow, only what they believe.
313 Center of the Necropolis water supply. Poisoned by presence of mutants. Makes me empty to think on it.
314 Provides what is needed.
315 Beneath my thoughts.
316 Not in my thoughts.
970 Simple time. I'm Set. I'm in charge. Get it?
980 Thoughts not in my possession
981 Beneath my thoughts.
982 Not in my thoughts.
1000 Master
1001 Ghouls
1002 Mutants
1003 Necropolis
1004 War
1005 Unity
1006 Hub
1007 Brotherhood
1008 Shed
1009 Cathedral
1010 Chip
1011 Hall
1012 Children
1013 Garret
1014 Set
1015 Muties
1016 Brotherhood of Steel
1017 Water Shed
1018 Children of the Cathedral
1019 Children
1020 Watershed
1021 Water
1100 His meaning has no place here. None.
1101 The future. Survival anywhere. We surpass the norms.
1102 An error to the world. A blot on my sight. I hate every facet.
1103 Where your shadow lies. My home. My rule. A place where strength grows.
1104 The beginning. World to ashes, ashes to growth. Our life.
1105 Misguided ideals. Nothing to my sight, nothing at all.
1106 Many of yours. Some useful, but too many twists.

I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

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