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12 Results For SEMICOMP.MSG
100 You see a dim glowing computer.
101 There is a trickle of power coming in. Most of the power seems to have been routed to maintain the few systems which are still semi-functioning.
102 You notice nothing unusual.
103 This computer is making a weird humming noise.
104 A monitor connected to this computer is printing the word 'System failure.' over and over.
105 This computer appears to have been attacked by a ghoul.
106 Lights are flashing on this computer but it seems random to you.
107 This computer gives you a harmless shock when you touch it.
108 Upon inspection you notice that this computer has been used as a home by rats.
109 Random numbers are printing across a screen connected to this system.
110 This computer is making the worst noise you have ever heard. The word 'Jared' is displayed on the monitor.
111 Half of this computer is black and charred from an old fire.

The Sheep were easily fooled. They persuaded the Dogs to go away, and that very evening the Wolves had the grandest feast of their lives.

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