Fallout SCRIBEB Dialogue
100. Scribe
101. Vree's my idol.
102. Vree is so pretty.
103. Sophia sure is nice.
104. Derek is the bee's knees.
105. Will the universe continue to expand, or will it eventually collapse back in on itself?
106. I love those old books and magazines, but they are so hard to come by.
107. Knowledge is power.
108. The pen is mightier than the sword.
109. Technology must be preserved.
110. Science is so much fun.
111. I've seen an alien space ship before.
112. Did you know that the sun is actually a big nuclear reaction? Similar to what ended the old world, except it's fission, no fusion.
113. Did you know that a black hole is actually an opening to another universe? I have it all worked out on paper. Too bad there won't be any more space travel until long after I'm dead.
114. Did you know that the hydrogen atom is 99.9843425% empty space?

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