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100 You see Sammael, one of the Scavs from Adytum.
101 You see a grungy man in dark blue clothes.
102 Hey, I don't believe we've met. You are?
103 I'm
104 .
105 Who's asking?
106 Eruh?
107 The pleasure's mine. I'm called Sammael.
108 What do you do here?
109 Nice talking to you.
110 Nobody special. Never mind.
111 I'm a Scav -- a scavenger. My job is to search out all of the Boneyard for useful items and information. Dangerous work.
112 Why is it dangerous?
113 How do you avoid the Deathclaws?
114 Have you scouted out any of the other areas?
115 Thanks, bye.
116 See you around. If you see me. Heh.
117 Well, you got the DeathClaws out there, and then you got the Regulators back here in Adytum. Both ain't the most forgiving types.
118 How do you avoid the Deathclaws?
119 Have you scouted out any of the other areas?
120 Thanks, bye.
121 We only work at night, and we're good at what we do. But I'll admit not everyone always comes back. I sent a guy out last week to look for some parts for Miles, and we haven't heard from him since. The last transmission I got from him was that he'd found the parts, and was on his way back.
122 I've done a little scouting. Who do you want to know about?
123 The Blades.
124 The Deathclaws.
125 The Gun Runners.
126 The Followers of the Apocalypse.
127 The Children of the Cathedral.
128 Nobody, thanks.
129 The Blades are a pretty sorry sight for a group of people. They get by though, and some of them end up here in Adytum if they agree to what the Regulators offer them to do.
130 Well if you haven't seen them before. They're mean as all hell, and like nothing more than to rip a poor Scav's heart out.
131 I've heard there's a nest of them somewhere to the east of the Blades, but I haven't seen it myself.
132 The Gun Runners moved into a big factory up to north-east not long ago. Can't tell you much because they have a moat filled with radioactive sludge, and you gotta get through the Deathclaws to get there.
133 The Followers preach peace and tolerance. Nice idea, but impractical. They live in a big library to the north-west of us.
134 The Children of the Cathedral are based out of a big church a ways to the south of here. There are some strange things going on there. I've seen creatures that can't be human coming in and out of there.
135 And if the stories are right, the church is built over an old Vault, which Adytum's predecessors lived in.
136 Heya. We see each other once more. What's up?
137 What was your job, again?
138 Nothing, thanks.

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