Fallout ROMERO Dialogue
100. You see Romero.
103. You see a member of the Blades.
104. You see a member of the Blades.
105. You think that might be Books.
106. You think that might be Scars.
107. You think that might be Gunner.
108. You think that might be Twitch.
109. You think that might be Hammer.
110. You think that might be Razor.
111. Stand down!
112. What? What do you mean?
113. Never!
114. I'm here to talk about peace.
115. Okay.
116. I ask the questions here. What are you doing here?
117. I'm here looking for a friend.
118. I'm here to talk about peace.
119. I want to end the gang war!
120. I want to drink the blood of the Blades!
121. Then you're looking in the wrong area. Get lost.
122. You must be one of those wimpy little purple robes. Get out of here before we blow you away.
123. Wait! I don't know what you're talking about. I'm here for Adytum. They want me to get everyone to leave them alone.
124. Peace THIS!
125. Sorry. I'll be going now.
126. Hmm. If you are really from Adytum, then you are still a loser. There can never be peace while those Rippers are still around.
127. What do you mean?
128. Uh, sure.
129. Ask Razor. She'll explain about those bloodthirsty inbreds.
130. Get lost!
131. Hey, now that you are a Blade, I need to ask you a favor.
132. Sure.
133. What is it?
134. No way.
135. Great. Take this locket to Julianna. Tell her that I hope to see her soon.
136. It seems that I have fallen for a girl in Adytum. Because of the Regulators shooting us on sight, I can't get close to her.
137. How can I help?
138. Go on.
139. Tough break.
140. If you take this locket to Julianna, I would be in your debt.
141. Sure thing.
142. Find someone else.
143. With allies like you, who needs enemies? Good bye!
144. I think she loves me too, but I don't know. The Blades won't risk letting me try to break into Adytum.
145. Tough break.
146. Okay, I'll help.
147. Thank you! She sent me a note. We are going to meet at the Follower's place and get married.
148. Welcome back.
149. Thank you so much. We will stay here with the Followers now, where we can be happily married.

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