Fallout ROBCTRL Dialogue
100. This looks like a robot control terminal.
101. There is no response.
102. Reprogramming complete. Initializing voice communication subsystems. Initializing personality subsystem. [Click!] How may this terminal be of service?
103. Hng.
104. Who or what are you?
105. What is your function?
106. Display list of programs.
107. Input error. Command not in set. Please restate.
108. Hng.
109. La-la.
110. Brai!
111. Niggle!
112. End communication subsystem. End process.
113. This terminal is an Artificial Intelligence. This terminal is part of a WLAN matrix network to optimize remote unit operations.
114. Thanks. Uh, end input.
115. What are the remote units that you control?
116. What programs are running?
117. This terminal is responsible for the operation of all General Atomics International industrial robots in this facility.
118. Please be more specific.
119. What programs are running?
120. The style of industrial robots are commonly referred to as 'Robobrain'. [Click!] General Atomics International has the finest industrial robots in the world. Buy two or more GAI robots and save! Special deal on 'Mr. Handy' models! [Click!] Advertising applet terminated.
121. What programs are running?
122. Current applications are: Facility Maintenance v2.1, Movement v4.8b, Repair v0.8a, Pest Control v1.4, Hearts v1.0 and Sensors '76.
123. Terminate Movement.
124. Terminate Sensors.
125. Terminate Pest Control.
126. Terminate Hearts.
127. Thanks. End input.
128. Attempting to terminate. [Click!] System error. Failure to terminate application. Delete rights not available.
129. Hmm, adjust parameters on Movement.
130. Adjust parameters on Sensors.
131. Modify Pest Control.
132. Play Hearts.
133. Thanks. End input.
134. Current application: Movement v4.8b. Current setting: [maximum/half rate/minimum]. Change to: maximum, half rate, or minimum.
135. Maximum movement.
136. Half rate movement.
137. Minimum movement.
138. Current application: Sensors '76. Current setting: [full/minimum]. Change to: full, or minimum.
139. Full sensors.
140. Minimal sensors.
141. Current application: Pest Control v1.4. Current setting: [Click!] unauthorized. Change to: [Click!] all, none, small living, large living, or unauthorized.
142. All pests.
143. No pests.
144. Small living pests.
145. Large living pests.
146. Unauthorized pests.
147. Application Hearts running. User Wins. [Click!] Thank you for the game.
148. Application Hearts running. This terminal wins. [Click!] Thank you for the game.
149. Program parameter changed. Current applications are: Facility Maintenance v2.1, Movement v4.8b, Repair v0.8a, Pest Control v1.4, Hearts v1.0 and Sensors '76.
150. Adjust parameters on Movement.
151. Adjust Sensor parameters.
152. Modify Pest Control.
153. Play Hearts.
154. Thanks. End input.
155. Current applications are: Facility Maintenance v2.1, Movement v4.8b, Repair v0.8a, Pest Control v1.4, Hearts v1.0 and Sensors '76.
156. Adjust parameters on Movement.
157. Adjust Sensor parameters.
158. Modify Pest Control.
159. Play Hearts.
160. Thanks. End input.
161. Initializing voice communication subsystems. Initializing personality subsystems. [Click!] How may this terminal be of service?
162. Hnng.
163. Show me your programs.
164. Shut down all force fields.
165. Do you know what this location is?
166. Initiate emergency shutdown.
167. End input.
168. This terminal cannot perform that function. Request denied.
169. Show me your programs.
170. Do you know what this location is?
171. Initiate emergency shutdown.
172. End input.
173. This is the -- classified [click!] [click!]
174. Abort request. Show programs.
175. Override, continue request.
176. [Click!] This is the FEV production control facility. This terminal online 2074. Final pre-production process 2075. It is currently under final construction, and is due to open 2078. [Click!]
177. Do you know what FEV is?
178. Do you know what date it is?
179. FEV is Forced [click!] Evolutionary Virus, a product of the Livermore/Broansoun Laboratories. It is designed to increase the genetic complexity of a DNA/RNA series in a shorter period of time.
180. Show programs.
181. End input.
182. Affirmative. Terminal date is February 2, 2077.
183. Show programs.
184. End input.
185. That date is incorrect. Please recalibrate.
186. Correcting. [Click!] Error. Attempting self-diagnostics. [Click! CLICK!] ERROR! FATAL SYSTEM ERROR. SYSTEM CORRUPTED, ATTEMPTING RECOMPILATION. [Long pause.]
187. Terminal?
188. [click] Error in recompilation . . . [click]
189. Cannot process request. Terminating dialogue.
190. Confirm emergency codescram.
191. Confirmed.
192. Terminate shutdown procedure.
193. [Click!]
194. Processing request. Terminating dialogue.
195. This computer is not compatible with your radio. It uses a special high- frequency band for robotic use only.
196. You press some buttons but the computer seems to be damaged. It will take some work to operate it.

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