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100 You see Richie.
101 You're not supposed to do that. I'm gonna have to stop you!
102 You're not supposed to be here. Do you realize I'm supposed to kill you?
103 Your shift is over. I'm your replacement.
104 Hub vault inspector. I'm here to inspect the vault. Move aside.
105 Kid, fight it. End the cycle of violence now!
106 Who told you that! Mister, if you attack me, it'll be the biggest mistake of your life!
107 Hi kid! What's in the steel vault?
108 Too late, punk. You're dead.
109 Uh� yeah� runk�
110 I'm not supposed to be talking to you! Scram!
111 It's about time! It's hot in here! Boring too! If I didn't need this job to feed my family, I'd tell Lorenzo to stick it. See you tomorrow.
112 I'm not supposed to leave this place and you're not supposed to be here. Get out!
113 You Hub officials make me sick! Inspecting my bosses' vault! What's next, higher taxes? Can't a man earn an honest living anymore without you bureaucrats trying to control everything? One of these days we're going to take a stand. Yeah, one of these days the common man is going to give you fatcats a knee to the balls like you deserve. One of these days we'll get you real good� I can't wait� By the way, it's not meant personal. I know you're just doing your job. I'll get out of your face while you do your inspection. Bye.
114 Don't give me this crap! Get outta here now or I'll have to shoot you!
115 Oh yeah. Well no one pushes around Richie Glowsteader and gets away with it!
116 Oh just about ten thousand Hub Bucks. Hope you weren't thinking of stealing it. I'd have to kill you. I almost killed someone once, so you don't want to mess with me!
117 Man, you're stupid. Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to offend you. Now let's try this again. "Yes" means I blow your head off. "No" means you get your butt out of here. Which is it going to be?
118 Ah . . . yes . . .
119 Uh� no�
120 Runk! Runk!
121 Man, I can't do it! It'd be like shooting a dumb animal. Just get outta here, okay?
122 That's good. Now run along now. I'm sure you might find someone to feed you�
123 Maybe one runk means "yes" and two runks mean "no". Okay, "runk" means I kill you. "Runk, runk" means you leave. Okay?
124 Runk
125 Runk, runk.
126 Runk, runk, runk!

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