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100 You see a Knight.
101 You see a Scribe.
102 What are you doing here?
103 Who are you?
104 Haven't I seen you before?
105 This is my room, please leave.
106 Please leave my room.
107 This isn't your room.
108 Initiate rooming is on the second level.
109 Are you lost?
110 I believe your quarters are on level two.
111 I'd appreciate some privacy.
112 Hi there, nice to see you.
113 Hello.
200 Hi
201 Hello
202 Good day
203 Yes?
204 What?
205 Whats up?
206 What do you want?
207 You want something?
209 Go away
210 Stop bothering me
211 Leave me alone
212 You are annoying me
213 He ignores you
214 She ignores you

It also says you were adopted. So that's funny, too.

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