Fallout RD1ALLN1 Dialogue
100. You see Mitch, the manager of the All-In-One Store.
101. Looking for something?
102. What're you looking for today?
103. What can I help you with?
104. I've got it all, what's it you need?
105. Need supplies?
106. Looking to buy?
107. What'll it be?
108. Got anything good to trade?
109. What ya got?
110. Make me an offer.
111. I'll cut you a deal.
112. Come again.
113. Thanks, see you again soon.
114. Bye.
115. Watch your purse.
116. If you need anything, just let me know.
117. Watch your step.
118. Find anything good, bring it back.
119. Don't be a stranger.
120. I have all the good stuff.
121. What?
122. Mitch runs this place not me.
123. I'm off to the Falcon when I'm off!
124. Stay out of trouble.
125. Watch it.
126. You lookin' at me?
127. I better not catch you stealing.
128. Welcome to the All-In-One Store.
129. Buy something already!
130. You trying to cause trouble?
131. We're close.

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