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100 Hello, what can I do for you?
101 Who are you?
102 Are you the leader of this gang?
103 Never mind.
104 A...Wha?
105 Razor's the name. I'm the closest thing we have to a leader.
106 So you are the leader of this gang?
107 What's the story with the Fenced area to the south?
108 Good to meet you. I'm
109 Good to meet you. But I must be going.
110 Gang? We're hardly a gang. But I am the leader here.
111 If you're not a gang, then what are you?
112 Well, you look like a gang to me.
113 Goodbye
114 That's Adytum. It's a slave labor camp run by a group called the Regulators, but they tell everyone it's a "town". They come here and take our people to work them until they die. Then they come and take more of us.
115 Can't you go in there and free your people?
116 Then what am I talking to you for? Those are the guys I need to hook up with.
117 I'm going to go find out what I can about Adytum. Goodbye.
118 So. What brought you to this corner of the wastes?
119 I'm looking for a Water Chip. Do you know where I can find one?
120 I'm just walking the earth.
121 Just lookin' around. Bye.
122 We are just people tryin' to survive. Adytum put us in this position. They keep us down and use our friends and families like animals. We don't even have a way to defend ourselves.
123 Why don't you fight them?
124 Defend yourselves from who?
125 Well, the people of Adytum are stronger and smarter than you, it's their right to exploit the weak.
126 I'm going to go look around to see what I can find out. Bye
127 I wish we were a gang. At least then we'd have decent weapons to defend our selves with.
128 Defend yourselves from who?
129 Well, you're not foolin' me. You're all just a bunch of degenerates and I think you're up to no good.
130 You all look a lot like a gang to me.
131 Well, I can't help you with that.
132 What's the story with the Fenced area to the south?
133 Are you the leader of this gang?
134 We need better weapons. The Gun Runners, a little ways from here, have weapons, but we can't get to them.
135 Why can't you?
136 I'm going to go find out what I can about the situation.
137 The Regulators . They are the ones that really run Adytum. Not Zimmerman. They come here and drag our people back to Adytum as slaves. They kill us when we try to fight them off. Sometimes they just come and kill a couple of us to bring to Zimmerman , so they can say we tried to break into their town, or some other ridiculous story. Those sons of bitches even killed Zimmerman's son!
138 Zimmerman's son? Why would the they want to kill him?
139 You're saying that you've never done anything against Adytum?
140 There's a Death Claw nest between us and them. We have never even spoken with any of the Gun Runners. The Regulators have the fire power to clear out the Death Claws, but they don't for some reason.
141 Where can I find the Gun Runners located?
142 OK. Goodbye.
143 Josh lived here with me... a... I...I mean us. He knew the truth behind what was going on. The Regulators told him if he ever tried to contact his father or return to Adytum that they would kill him.
144 They killed him? What did he do?
145 I'm going to Adytum to check this out.
146 Late one night he tried to sneak into town to tell his father what was really going on. I was monitoring the Regulators radio transmissions the night that .. they.. he got ...caught. [She looks down and shakes her head slowly.] Here, it's all on this holodisk.
147 Why haven't you given this to Josh's Father?
148 It's not like any of us can even get close to Adytum. We'd be shot dead before we even reached the gates.
149 Why don't I give him the disk?.
150 Why don't you get a large group together and take Adytum by force?
151 You would risk your life to help us?
152 Sure. Anything to help.
153 I might. I need to go check things out before I do anything.
154 Thank you. This really could help us. Good luck. [She hands you the holodisk.]
155 See you later.
156 Very well. I hope you make the right decision.
157 Goodbye.
158 The Gun Runners are over to the east and then north of here. But be careful - Death Claws are not to be taken lightly. I've seen a Death Claw tear a man in half with one swipe.
159 I'm going to go see what I can find out.
160 I'm sorry you feel that way. I think it would be best if you leave.
161 Bye.
162 Can I help you?
163 Are you the leader of this gang?
164 Never mind.
165 A...Wha?
166 Gang? We're hardly a gang. But I am the one they all come to for direction.
167 Zimmerman sent me.
168 Well, you look like a gang to me.
169 Goodbye
170 (Looking a little nervous) What? Did he...
171 To put a bullet in your head.
172 To pay you back for killing his son.
174 No, you're the one that's going to hell.
175 Uh...who are you going to send to hell?
176 ... the Regulators. They were the ones that killed Josh! I never would do any thing to hurt Josh. It's the Regulators who are running Adytum, not Zimmerman.
177 This is a pathetic attempt to talk your way out of this.
178 Why would the Regulators kill Zimmerman's son?
179 Josh lived here with me... a... I...I mean us. He knew the truth behind what was going on. The Regulators told him if he ever tried to contact his father or return to Adytum that they would kill him. They laughed at him... they were so sure he couldn't get to his father....
180 They killed him? What did he do?
181 How's our plan coming along?
182 I'm still trying to get everything worked out.
183 A...Wha?
184 I'm not so sure it would help without the threat of violence to back it up. What we really need are some weapons from the Gun Runners.
185 Well, where are these Gun Runners? Why don't you get some weapons from them?
186 Oh, well, I offered. Goodbye.
187 They're a little to the east of here, but there's a Death Claw nest between us and them. We have never even spoken with any of the Gun Runners.
188 Okay, give me the holodisk, and I'll go talk to the Gun Runners before I approach Zimmerman.
189 I hope that you can find a way to help us. Goodbye.
190 What's wrong?
191 They killed Zimmerman!
192 A...Wha?
193 ....Now we have no choice but to get those weapons from the Gun Runners. Will you help us?
194 Yes.
195 No.
196 Thank you. May the Gods be with you on your journey.
197 Thank you for all your help. We're going to invade Adytum, we could use someone like you on our side.
198 No thanks, I've seen enough action this week.
199 Sure, I'd be glad to take the Regulators down.
200 A...Wha?
201 I'd like to talk to Zimmerman first.
202 Well, thanks again for you help. Goodbye.
203 Great. Let's go.
204 I don't think that's a good idea, but you're welcome to try.
205 You (male)Bastard! (female)Bitch! With the Gun Runners gone we will never even have the chance to arm our selves. Get outta here your not welcome here.
206 I'm sorry.
207 Go stuff it.
208 I'm Going to go talk to Zimmerman give him this holodisk disk everything is going to be OK.
209 You know what? I'm going to kill you.
210 A...Wha?
211 Go ahead. It's your funeral. With out those guns we have nothing to back us up.
212 Go Away!
213 Your not welcome here.
214 Get Lost.
215 Thank you.
216 My people are free.
217 Hello.
218 What happened to you did someone shoot you in the head?
219 Hunh?
220 You see Razor, leader of the Blades.
221 You see a very beautiful woman with a sad look in her eyes.
222 Please go away. I'm very busy.
223 Thank you for helping us with the Regulators. Please feel free to stay as long as you want. You might want to check in with Miles and Smitty, they may be able to help you with your further travels.
224 Hi, can I help you?
225 Who are you?
226 Hootzpah!
227 The name is Razor, I am the leader of the people you see here. We live here at the whim of the Regulators of Adytum.
228 Regulators? I've taken care of all of them. Is that a problem?
229 You've killed them all? That's not a problem at all. My people can now live free lives with the people of Adytum
230 I can't believe it. You were able to kill them all. The Blades and I thank you.
231 I have heard that the Regulators still control Adytum. Are you not able to kill them all like you had hoped.
232 Don't worry, I'll take care of it.
233 I don't think I am going to be able to do it.
234 We would go with you, but without weapons the Regulators would kill us all. There might be another possibility [Razor ponders a moment] If you could get the Gun Runners to supply us weapons then a number of us could go with you.
235 Sounds good. I'll go talk to them.
236 I'll try to take the Regulators out myself again.
237 Hello again, I've heard that you have been playing with the Regulators. I wanted to thank you for getting rid of them. My people will be able to live with the people of Adytum in freedom now.
238 I'll just take care of Regulators myself
239 You will? Well if you need help or have done it come back and talk to me.

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