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100 You see a strong, stout man with a bushy beard.
100 You see Rae.
101 You see MacRae.
101 You see a super mutant.
102 Hello Lad, what might you be looking for today?
102 You don't belong here.
103 Hello Lass, what might you be looking for today?
103 (seems confused and sad) I believe I do, but.. why are you here?
104 Ai, What else would you be looking to know?
104 Neither do you.
105 Who are you?
105 Uh.. yes I do. The master is having me scout around in disguise to check our security.
106 What can you tell me about the Blades?
106 Yes I do, I'm here to kill you.
107 Nothing, thanks.
107 Okay, I'm leaving.
108 Well, I'm MacRae. I help the Blades some against the Deathclaws and that Regulator bunch. Teach'em a bit about protectin 'emselves against those nasties.
108 huh.
109 What kind of stuff do you teach them?
109 (sigh) What do you want now?
110 Have you seen the Deathclaws?
110 I'm lost.. can you show me how to get to the master? I need to kill him.
111 What's the deal with the Regulators
111 Nothing. Goodbye.
112 Can I ask you something else?
112 To see what you look like with all your skin ripped off your body, you mutant scum.
113 Well m' specialty is fightin with my fists, and takin a punch or two more than the guy throwin 'em at me.
113 What's wrong with you?
114 Sounds like a dumb idea, I'd rather use a gun.
114 great oogly moogly.
115 Do you think you could teach me anything?
115 I'm here to... contemplate the oneness of the master.
116 Can I ask you something else?
116 Of course. The unity brings peace. May I ask where you are from?
117 Well if that's how you be feeling, you can just turn yourself around and walk away.
117 I am as well. I made the pilgrimage from far away to see the master with my own eyes.
118 You seem to be an alright lad, but me times busy with keeping the Blades schooled. If things were to straighten themselves, I might be havin the time then.
118 I have much to learn. How does one gain an audience with the master?
119 Alright, can I ask you something else?
119 I did that yesterday. Today I'm contemplating what the master would look like if I lit him on fire and roasted marshmallows over his putrid carcass.
120 Thanx for the info.
120 I think the master is insane.
121 Seen em I have. Ran like hell, I did. If yer lookin for 'em, you'll find 'em over there. [MacRae points over to the east]
121 I'm from... somewhere ..else.
122 I was thinkin the Deathclaws were the spawn of an unnatural act, but 'em Regulators are evil. Come once a month or so and they shows their ugly faces and drag a father away from is wee ones.
122 What a coincidence! So am I.
123 Anything I could do to help?
123 Where?
124 Sounds bad, could I ask you another question?
124 I'm from a vault... I'm a pure strain human.
125 Thanks for the info.
125 What, are you an imbecile?
126 You be wantin to talk to Razor. A good lass if there ever was one.
126 Where are you from?
127 A good group of people is what the Blades are. Stuck ere between the damn Regulators and the Deathclaws ain't meant the happiest life for em, but they survive.
127 (whispers) I'm from a vault... I'm a pure strain human.
128 [MacRae claps you on the back] Thanks to you, the Blades are going to live a better life. So, what can an old Scotsman do for ya?
128 I'd rather not say. Goodbye.
129 You had said earlier that if you had some free time, you could teach me a few things.
129 A small village to the north of here.
130 What have you been doing lately?
130 Why should I tell you? You're just a lackey for the 'Man'.
131 What do you do around here?
131 Why would you tell me that? I should take you before the master...
132 Not a problem.
132 But you won't
133 Well it's been a wee bit quiet since the Blades helped out Adytum with the Regulators. Me teaching services haven't been in such demand.
133 You're welcome to try.
134 What do you teach?
134 Well, I should shove my gun down your throat and pull the trigger!
135 Sorry to hear that, hope things get more interesting?
135 Please don't.
136 Could you teach me?
136 I know why you're in so much pain.
137 Sounds interesting, but I gotta get going.
137 I'll be going now.
138 Well I guess I do have the time. Might as well start right now. [MacRae starts showing you some fighting stances, and ways to take punches like a true Scotsman.]
138 You're right... if only I could clear my head. There's something...
139 You be a quick learner. Hope that helps you in your travels.
139 I know why you can't clear your head.
140 Well I used to be helpin the Blades out by teachin them a few things about protectin themselves against the DeathClaws and the Regulators. Now with you takin care of all that, things have been a wee bit on the boring side lately.
140 The master keeps you from thinking clearly. Thinking disturbs the unity.
141 Good seein ya.
141 The master is the reason you are in such pain.
142 Hey, I've got an idea - let's cut open the master and see what's inside!!!
143 Tell me! Please!!
144 You used to be human, too. The master dipped you in the FEV virus and mutated you.
145 Sorry, I can't.
146 Only the master can tell you everything.
147 Only the master can tell you everything. But you'd better talk to him quick, 'cause I'm on my way to kill him.
148 Sorry, got to go.
149 I should kill you for taunting me!
150 I have a better idea - help me destroy the master for doing this to you.
151 No, you should kill the master for doing this to you. I'm on my way to do just that... would you like to join me?
152 Why? I'm not the one who turned you into a mutant!
153 You're welcome to try.
154 No thanks. Bye!
155 Let's twist his head until his eyes pop out.
156 You will never kill the master. He cannot die.
157 You're right. I'd better get out of here.
158 We'll see about that.
159 Hmmm. I wonder how he'll continue to live when his unity is destroyed...
160 That can't be.. the master.. protects... unifies...
161 Well, you're a living example of 'unification', my friend. I know, I've seen the process. I'm here to stop the master from 'unifying' anyone else.
162 How does it feel to be protected and unified?
163 Yeah, he protects himself by controlling everyone else.
164 I've had enough of this. Goodbye.
165 Leave now or I will be forced to deal with you.
166 AAAUGH!!! (Grabs his head in pain and confusion) I.. can't...
167 That's right, your friend the master stripped you of everything you had in this world, including your humanity.
168 You know that it's true... that's why you're so confused. You're fighting the mutation. Help me avenge you by destroying the master!
169 Sure you can. C'mon, let's kill the master, it will be fun.
170 I'd better leave.
171 I'm sorry you're in such pain, but it's the master's fault.
172 I will pull his eye out!! I'll tear his slimy little head from its cables!!!! You, ...get out of here... I'll take care of the master.
173 Great!!
174 Thanks for the offer, but I'd like to do the job myself. Would you like to help?
175 I'm going to stay here. I have some unfinished business.

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