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100 You see Petrox, a desert bandit.
101 Greetings! I am Petrox. I am one of Garl's lead raiders. Who are you?
102 I'm
103 . What do you do as a raider?
104 My name is unimportant at the moment. Can you tell me something about your camp?
105 Hroo?
106 As a raider, I get to travel to many parts of the wasteland. In my travels, I get supplies for the camp.
107 In other words, you steal from the people you go to.
108 Hey, that's really great of you. I'm sure that Garl is pleased with you.
109 What places have you been to?
110 Well, it's nice that you think that you are so important that you don't need a name to go around here. But, I will at least tell you a little about us. We are the toughest people in the wastelands. No one can stand against us. Not even those wimps from Shady Sands or Junktown.
111 What about Shady Sands?
112 What is Junktown?
113 I am sorry, but I don't have time to waste on those who are slow. Good bye.
114 We never steal. We just take the extra that others have and redistribute it among our hungry people.
115 So, basically, you steal it.
116 That sounds like a really great idea.
117 I've been to many places in the wastelands. The closest places that I've been to are Shady Sands and Junktown. Not much happens in those places, but they are always full of information and supplies.
118 Tell me about Shady Sands.
119 Tell me about Junktown.
120 You are starting to become annoying now. I think I will end that slight problem.
121 Shady Sands is a fertile community. They are happy to, um, share their bounty with us.
122 What can you tell me about Junktown?
123 Junktown is a little bit south of here. They have many good women.
124 Junktown is a little bit south of here. They have many good women. Say . . . I can show you around sometime, maybe we can get to know each other better . . . whaddya say?
125 No thanks, maybe some other time.
126 Sure, maybe later.
127 Well, maybe later.

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