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100 You see Peter, leader of the Follower Scouts.
101 What are you doing around here? Can't you see we are busy?
102 Huh?
103 I am sorry. I will go now.
104 Can I help you with anything?
105 Who can I talk to about giving my assistance.
106 Great. I'm busy, and I get a moron tailing me. Go look for Jake if you need someone to talk to.
107 Sure. You can start by getting out of my way.
108 Certainly. Anything else?
109 There must be something more I can do.
110 Do not throw me to the side.
111 Yes. You can get out of here.
112 Fine. It doesn't look like I will get rid of you any other way. It seems that we are having a security problem. You want to help, you find the problem.
113 Okay. Will do.
114 Forget it!
115 Fine. Get out then!
116 Look, we have a breach in security. We need to find this breach and end it.
117 Ok. Will do.
118 Forget it!
119 Do I look like a guide. Go talk to Jake if you are looking for a guide.
120 Leave. i am trying to finish up a little work.
121 We need that spy gone. Hurry up!

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