Fallout PEASANTC Dialogue
100. Get out of here!
101. I've heard bad things about you, are they true?
102. Hi.
103. This is my place, wanna hang out for a while?
104. Hmm, you look juicy . . .
105. I hope you're not going to kick me out of here.
106. No.
107. That's a strange way to start a conversation.
108. Hnnn.
109. Oh, well, if you want to stay a while, go right ahead. I think we are safe here.
110. Well, you gotta be careful these days. I hope you're having a better life than I am.
111. Well, it's true. After what happened to my friends, I gotta protect my turf. I just hope you're not gonna kill me.
112. No, I won't hurt you. Much.
113. Why do you say that?
114. Gack!
115. No reason. Really.
116. Those 'helpful' healing guys wanted my friend's place, so they took it. I don't know what happened to my friends.
117. And Killian is too busy to help me.
118. Killian is too busy cleaning up Gizmo's mess to help.
119. Gizmo laughed at me when I asked for his help.
120. There's nobody around to help me.
121. Are you safe?
122. That's a shame.
123. I hope so, I really hope so.

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