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100 You see a man in studded leather armor with an odd assortment of knick-knacks.
101 You see Patrick, the Celt.
102 Greetings, traveler. What brings you out this far?
103 Just wandering.
104 Um, why are you carrying all that junk?
105 I need to find a water purification control chip.
106 I'm killing everybody I can get within shooting distance of. Prepare to die.
107 Lub!
108 I see. Much like myself, then.
109 Oh? You're not from one of the communities out here?
110 Can you direct me to a nearby settlement?
111 So what's your story?
112 Well, see ya.
113 It's not junk! It's trade goods!
114 Uh, right. Bye.
115 Uh huh. So what's your story?
116 Hmm. Haven't seen one of those before. What seems to be the trouble?
117 This chip controls water purification for my Vault. It's blown out, though.
118 It's broken.
119 I wander from place to place, making a living with music and a little bit of tinkering work.
120 What kind of work do you do?
121 What kind of music do you sing?
122 Well, it's good to meet you. Bye.
123 Using the coastline as a referent, you've got Shady Sands about a week inland, and Junktown a few days south of there. Hub's just another couple days south of Junktown. Avoid Necropolis to the east of those, though. Not worth the trouble.
124 What do you know about Shady Sands?
125 What do you know about Junktown?
126 What do you know about the Hub?
127 What do you know about Necropolis?
128 I don't think I could help you with that. I never had much of a chance to study pre-war Vault technology.
129 Mostly a little electrical and mechanical tinkering. I helped Junktown with their lights and showed the people in Shady Sands a better design for their stoves.
130 Really? Think you could fix a water chip?
131 Oh, mostly old folk songs and some Celtic music. It's a change of pace.
132 Would you happen to know "Na Gheala Mbeadh", as I think it's called?
133 I see. What else do you do?
134 Shady Sands is a small, self-sufficient community led by Aradesh, a kind man and strong leader. They are peaceful and hard-working. They are probably the best chance for a new civilization here.
135 Shady Sands is a small farming community. They were led by a good man named Aradesh, but I've heard he's gone. It's a pity. Without him I don't know if they'll survive.
136 Junktown? A small trading city. Strange place until you get used to it. They are run by mayor Killian Darkwater, a hard but fair man.
137 Junktown? A small trading city. Strange place until you get used to it. They are run by Gizmo, a gambling mogul and crime-lord.
138 Junktown? A small trading city. Not too remarkable.
139 The Hub is a major trading center. It's said that you can find anything there, and I'd say that's not too far wrong.
140 Necropolis is the city of the dead. It's inhabited by ghouls, the descendants of humans who sought shelter in a Vault there. Story goes that the Vault failed somehow, so now the only inhabitants are carrion-eating monsters.
141 It was overrun by an army of mutants last I heard. I'd stay away from there, if I were you.
142 Do you suppose that Vault might have parts that I could salvage?
143 Possibly, but I for one wouldn't risk the ghouls. Latest word is they've some sort of powerful new leader.
144 Why, certainly. Would you like to hear it?
145 Sure.
146 Nah.
147 [Patrick sings songs and the two of you reminisce for several hours. You feel invigorated.]
148 Hello again. Can I help you?
149 Yeah, can you give me some directions?

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