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100 You see Nicole.
101 Tell me a little history behind the Followers.
102 What do you worship?
103 What's around here?
104 I have some information for you.
105 Greetings. Hey! We're very glad you could join us. We hope you have found our humble abode to your satisfaction.
106 Thanks. Can you tell me more about what you worship here?
107 'Humble' is a good word. 'Dump' would be better.
108 I have. Can I ask you a few questions?
109 It's okay, I guess.
110 Nuhh? Uh, nuh, nuh. Huh?
111 We don't worship so much as follow a set of principles. We want to bring peace back to this wasteland. The world tends toward destruction, so we try to make a difference.
112 How?
113 We try to remind people why the Great War happened in the first place. And help insure it won't ever happen again.
114 Have you been successful at all?
115 Sounds like wishful thinking - not very realistic.
116 We never give up hope. We never will, even though most live by the gun these days. And we are concerned with the Children of the Cathedral...
117 What about them?
118 They claim to want peace, like us. But anyone who disagrees with them just disappears. Their Dark God is not what he seems, believe me.
119 How do you know?
120 Don't you think you're being a bit paranoid?
121 'Us?' Is this what all the Followers think or just you?
122 Call it instinct. We've seen Morpheus and the Nightkin and they don't look like peace makers to us. Their hospitals and message of peace make them attractive, but we know there's evil there.
123 Don't you think you're being a little bit paranoid?
124 Do you have any clues?
125 Well, I'll make sure to tell you anything I find out.
126 'We' this and 'we' that. Are you trying to put words in everyone's mouths?
127 Maybe, but it's what kept us alive this long.
128 We are united. If not, we'll perish. Now forgive me if that irritates you.
129 Is there anything else you need to know?
130 Yeah.
131 No, thanks. I'll be going now.
132 Ask, and I'll answer if I can.
133 We don't have time for questions from the likes of you. My assistant will show you out.
134 Hey! I don't appreciate that, but I'll overlook it if you apologize.
135 I'm sorry I ever talked to you.
136 Okay, I'm sorry.
137 Fine. We don't have time to baby-sit. Leave us.
138 Apology accepted. Please remember you are a guest here. Now, is there anything else?
139 Can I ask a few more questions?
140 No, I'll be going now.
141 We wish you the best in the journeys ahead. Please feel free to use our base as much as you like.
142 We know it could be better. But when you're preparing for war...
143 War with who?
144 The Children of the Cathedral. We believe in bringing peace to the land, but there's some things that just can't be helped.
145 What do you mean? What did they do?
146 Why do you believe in peace?
147 Ever since the Children showed up, anyone who doesn't believe in their vision disappears. They say that they are here for peace, but we know differently.
148 How do you know?
149 So what are you going to do about it?
150 Where did the Children come from?
151 All we can do is prepare. But the time will come when we must fight these Children and their Dark God.
152 Sounds dangerous. I'll let you know anything I find out.
153 I thought you said you believed in peace?
154 Good! We could use any information. Now, is there anything else you'd like to ask?
155 Yes, there is.
156 No, thank you.
157 We do believe in peace, but we will defend this land if we have to. If that means the Followers go to war, so be it.
158 Sounds contradictory to me.
159 That's kind of two-faced, isn't it?
160 Okay. Can I ask you a few more questions?
161 Not really. We came to teach peace, but we will defend ourselves, if necessary. That includes our beliefs
162 You would not understand.
163 Hmm, okay. Can I ask you a few more questions?
164 All right. I think it's time for me to go.
165 They showed up around the same time we did, but no one knows how they came about. We've heard rumors that their leader, Morpheus, was part of the Rippers before he was 'enlightened' by their Dark God.
166 Hey, a guy can change.
167 Sounds like he's not a nice fellow.
168 I think I'll check it out.
169 That's a very charitable description. Now, is there anything else?
170 Yes, there is.
171 No, thank you.
172 Be very careful. Of course, we would love to know what's going on over there.
173 Can I ask a few more questions?
174 Thanks, I'll go now.
175 We started this group after seeing that bloodshed still ruled the land. There seemed to be no hope left. Man can't live without hope.
176 And you give hope?
177 You sound like one of the Children!
178 When did you start this group?
179 We try. We try our best. Most people don't want to listen, but a few do.
180 Well, I hope I can ask another question.
181 It's time for me to leave.
182 I'm sure you'd be bored with the telling of the entire history of the Followers. There a number of books in here with that information.
183 Can I ask a few more questions?
184 Well, thanks. I need to go now.
185 A number of our spies have seen Nightkin coming in and out of the back room of the Children's temple. Something important is back there.
186 Well, I'll report back anything I hear.
187 Can I ask a few more questions?
188 Interesting, but I gotta go.
189 What would you like to know?
190 Where did the Followers start?
191 Who started it?
192 What are your goals?
193 Far to the south, near the Great Glow. The times were hard, but we managed to survive. We realized then the Great War must never happen again.
194 So, you started the Followers of the Apocalypse?
195 What made you come up north?
196 After my parents were killed by a marauders, [sigh] it was time the killing stopped. It's our goal to make this land the way it used to be, before the war.
197 I'm sorry about your parents.
198 So it could happen again? That's stupid!
199 Who were the marauders?
200 What made you bring the Followers up north?
201 We've never found out, although we've heard a group live up north in an old ruined city. We've let it rest.
202 Why not? You could get revenge!
203 Why did you end up bringing the Followers north?
204 We're here to make peace, not kill in hatred.
205 Sounds more like fear.
206 Very noble of you. If it was me I'd kill them all.
207 Why are you up here now?
208 I'm not surprised. The Followers are here to talk sense into people like you.
209 Good luck, it's a tough sell. Is that why you're up north now?
210 And you don't think violence is ever good?
211 Then answering more questions can't hurt, right?
212 Well, I gotta go.
213 [Sigh] You're simply not ready to understand the differences. Okay. So why don't you just think about it, then come back to talk.
214 There aren't many left down south. The radiation has polluted almost everything. Most of the remaining people followed us to start the organization.
215 How did your family survive?
216 It's still that radioactive? After 80 years?
217 We lived on the outskirts of the Great Glow. Sickness had started spreading, so we gathered all the people and we made our way north. [Sigh] That's when my parents were killed.
218 I'm sorry.
219 Why is the area down there still that radioactive after all this time?
220 Thank you, I appreciate that. Now, is there anything else you needed to ask me?
221 Yes, there is.
222 No, I need to run.
223 Well, the rumor is that there was something so important there, that the area was saturated with bombs to insure everything was wiped out.
224 Can I ask a few more questions?
225 Interesting. But I have to go now.
226 Well, the Boneyard is pretty scarce as you can see. Adytum is to the west. The Children of the Cathedral are to the north. I wouldn't advise going too far south into the city, though, the Rippers and the Blades have made it into a battlefield.
227 About what?
228 I know what's behind the Children of the Cathedral.
229 How much are you willing to pay me?
230 Nothing, never mind.
231 Finally! What'd you find out?
232 I'm now the leader of the Children!
233 Morpheus is not the leader of the Children. It's actually run by the Master.
234 You know the Nightkin?
235 Wait a s...the Dark God? You're not telling me he's real.
236 Oh, he's real all right, just not a god. He's a mutant who wants to make everyone a Nightkin, for their own good.
237 Yes, he is! You should fear the all-mighty Dark God!
238 What do the Nightkin have to do with this?
239 They're actually a race of super mutants. The Master is their leader.
240 What do they plan to do?
241 The Master wants to make everyone a Nightkin. He thinks they're superior, and he thinks that turning everyone into them will save humanity!
242 I'm not sure. I just know that the Master is turning people into Nightkin.
243 What should we do?
244 I'm going to talk to the Master.
245 I'm going to take out the Cathedral right now.
246 I've destroyed the place where they make more Super Mutants, but I need help in taking out the Cathedral.
247 We can't let this opportunity pass. You scout the Cathedral. We'll meet you there and help you storm the place.
248 No, not that. Do you know if there's a secret way in?
249 Okay. Meet me there.
250 No! I don't want anyone else to be hurt.
251 No, but I know someone who will. Go to the Cathedral and find a woman named Laura. Tell her 'Red Rider'. We'll create a diversion if we can.
252 Thanks. I hope luck is with us.
253 Luck has nothing to do with it. I have faith in you.
254 Our destiny lies before us. Let us hope we are worthy.
255 What? This is our destiny. The Followers will fight this evil so that the healing of the land can finally begin.
256 No. I forbid it.
257 Okay. Meet me at the Cathedral.
258 [Chuckle] You don't control us. We will attack, with or without your blessing!
259 Talk to him?! Are you crazy?
260 Aren't you the one that preaches peace?
261 No, and you can't stop me.
262 Well, yes, but...
263 I think I can end this without bloodshed. Be ready, though, in case I fail.
264 Obviously, your mind is made up. This might help you. Go to the Cathedral and find a woman named Laura. Say the phrase 'Red Rider'. And please...come back safely.
265 You have a strange sense of humor. Why don't you come back when you have something serious to say.
266 Sorry, it was just a joke. It has to do with the Nightkin.
267 So you're a mercenary. Fine, I'll give you 100 caps.
268 Now, what do you have for me?
269 I know someone is planning to con you out of some money. Thanks.
270 Morpheus is not the leader of the Children. It's actually run by the Master.
271 You know the Nightkin?
272 The Children are controlled by space aliens.
273 Good luck. Now we've got to examine our options.
274 How noble, how impressive. And we thought you were different. Now take your money and leave.
275 Well hi. What can I help you with now?
276 I need to ask a few questions.
277 Sorry, I gotta go.
278 Nuh, nuh, uh?
279 What do you want now?
280 I wanted to say I'm sorry.
281 I just wanted to see you again.
282 Just leave
283 Apology accepted. What can I help you with?
284 Can I ask a few more questions?
285 That was all for now. I gotta go.
286 Please, we're busy. Don't you have things to do?
287 What are you doing? Put that down!
288 Stop!
289 Stop that!
290 Hey! Get out of here!
291 Well, if you say so. Now run along, because we have work to do.
292 Talk to Jake. He knows more about that.
293 As I said...
294 As I mentioned before...
295 I said...
296 Well, as I said...
297 Hi! Are you an idiot?
298 I've told you that numerous times. Maybe you should work on your memory.
299 Morpheus is the leader of the Children of the Cathedral. He is evil, and that fact must be exposed.
300 There's not much to tell.
301 Laura is one of our insiders within the Cathedral. She's extremely loyal to our cause
302 Jake is second in command.
303 In here, you'll find historical texts and philosophical texts...almost anything. Feel free to look around.
304 The Children of the Cathedral worship him. They say he only wants to heal humanity, but that's a lie.
305 I've heard very little about him.
306 They're the personal servants of Morpheus. They're huge, hulking creatures. Ugh!
307 You've probably seen their hospitals around. They preach peace, but there is something wrong with them. We need to find out what.
308 It's a small settlement. You'll find it to the west in the Boneyard.
309 Before the Great War, this was a huge, thriving city. My mother told stories, but there's hardly anything left now. Just ruins and death.
310 They war with the Blades down south. The Rippers are the most ruthless gang in the Boneyard. When we sent people to convert them, the only thing we got back were their heads.
311 The Blades fight the Rippers down south. They're the most agreeable of the two gangs, though that's not saying much. We've converted a few of them.
312 Our history is in the last case, top shelf.
313 Everything was burned, everything destroyed. We try to teach people peace, so that it will never happen again.
314 That's the trading city to the north. We're trying to set up a table there.
315 We're not sure about them. They sell guns, we sell peace. But their motives...
316 We know nothing about that.
317 We've never heard of that.
318 We don't know what you're talking about.
319 What else do you know about the Children of the Cathedral?
320 Can I ask you a few more questions about them?
321 Can I ask you about something else?
322 Do you know who their leader is?
323 Do you have any suspicions about them?
324 Can you help me destroy them?
325 Thanks I can use all the help I can get!
326 Thanks for the information. I'll be going now.
980 We know nothing about that.
981 We've never heard of that.
982 We don't know what you're talking about.
1000 Morpheus
1001 Nicole
1002 Laura
1003 Jake
1004 Library
1005 God
1006 Master
1007 Nightkin
1008 Cathedral
1009 Adytum
1010 Angel's
1012 War
1013 Hub
1014 Brotherhood
1015 Angels
1016 Boneyard
1017 Steel
1100 Morpheus is the leader of the Children of the Cathedral. He is evil, and that fact must be exposed.
1101 There's not much to tell.

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